Python at ALA

Before the preconference


What To Do Next

Wrap up, credits, and next steps


  • Review the morning's material and clarify any points of confusion
  • Apply your knowledge with a hands-on project

CodingBat exercises


Review this morning's lecture with these CodingBat exercises.

Just like the tutorial, these are self-paced. If you need help, ask a friend or staff member. If you finish early, offer to help your neighbors.

If you didn't have time to do the CodingBat exercises this morning and you'd like some review of the concepts from the tutorial, here they are: first set, second set.


Choose one of these three projects to work on over the next hour.


You are filling out a crossword and need a word that fits the pattern E*G****R. What are your options? How many words have all 5 vowels in order? What's the only common English word that ends in 'mt'? Use Python to answer questions like this instantly while practicing manipulating data from a file and regular expressions.

Wordplay project


Program graphical effects for a ColorWall using the Tkinter GUI toolkit. See the ColorWall in action here.

Colorwall project


If you are feeling shaky on this morning's concepts and you'd like a chance to review and ask more in-depth questions, there is a staff member leading a review. This hour is driven by your questions, so fire away.

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