Librarians write short programs to make their lives better. You can, too.

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in-browser text editor

Erin White Virginia Commonwealth University — Web Systems Librarian

html, javascript

ILS reporting

Esther Verreau Skokie Public Library — Web Developer


digital signage content queue

Matt Weaver Westlake Porter Public Library — Web Librarian


staff communication

Hillel Arnold Rockefeller Archive Center — Lead Digital Archivist


simplified FTP workflow

Christine Moulen Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Library Systems Manager


microdata prototype

Mike Giarlo Penn State University — Digital Library Architect


preparing files for repository ingest

Terry Brady Georgetown University — Applications Programmer Analyst


automatically georeferencing images

Sarah Simpkin University of Ottawa — GIS and Geography Librarian

script by Brian Bancroft


faster institutional repository

Esme Cowles UC San Diego Library — Lead Product Developer


organizing LibGuides

Jeremy Darrington Princeton University Library — Politics Librarian


checking file metadata faster

Josh Westgard University of Maryland Libraries — Graduate Assistant, Digital Programs and Initiatives

awk, python

converting MARC21 to BIBFRAME RDF graph

Jeremy Nelson Tutt Library, Colorado College — Metadata and Systems Librarian


visualizing medieval manuscripts

Dot Porter Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania — Curator, Digital Research Services


adds book cover images to Blacklight search results

Chris Fitzpatrick Lyrasis — ArchivesSpace Developer


LOCKSS progress reports

Joe Montibello Dartmouth College — Library Systems Manager


autogenerated accessible alternatives

Rachel Donahue Special Collections, National Agricultural Library — Digital Projects Librarian


super-fast, large-scale content ingest

Scott Turnbull University of Virginia — Lead Software & Systems Engineer


aggregating library social media content

Coral Sheldon-Hess University of Alaska-Anchorage — Web Services Librarian


automatic MARC record creation from patron-driven acquisitions

Becky Yoose Grinnell College — Discovery and Integrated Systems Librarian / Assistant Professor


realtime library data dashboard

John Blyberg Darien Library — Assistant Director for Innovation and User Experience


Serials Solutions statistics

Matthew Reidsma Grand Valley State University — Web Services Librarian

javascript, php, mysql

EZproxy log analysis

Robin Camille Davis John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) — Emerging Technologies & Distance Services Librarian


faster digital forensics workflow

Sibyl Schaefer Rockefeller Archive Center — Assistant Director, Head of Digital Programs


exporting DSpace metadata

nina de jesus York University — Digital Projects Librarian


extracts metadata from Amazon to simplify acquisitions

Ken Irwin


collecting and validating reference statistics

Eric Phetteplace Chesapeake College — Emerging Technologies Librarian


bulk edit ebook MARC records to prepend proxy URL

Eric Phetteplace Chesapeake College — Emerging Technologies Librarian


parsing robots.txt files to find attack bots

Stuart Yeates Victoria University of Wellington — Technical Specialist


automated knowledgebase updates

Owen Stephens Independent Consultant


web database of local archives

Michael Holt Valdosta State University Odum Library —Reference Librarian/Marketing Coordinator

php, mysql, javascript

MARC data migration

Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions — Director of Migrations


finding available children's books faster

Mike Drake Tulare County Library — Deputy Director


automating PDF and METS file creation so users can have archival content

Shaun Ellis Princeton University Library — User Interface Developer


quality control for MARC records

Annie Glerum Florida State University Libraries — Head of Complex Cataloging


comparing ISBNs of potential purchases against holdings

Matthew S. Collins Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary — Director of the Library and Associate Professor


subject access to research databases

Jason Simon Fitchburg State University — Technology & Serials Librarian ; Designing Minds Consulting

php, mysql, xml

adding ContentDM search options

Joel Marchesoni Hunter Library at Western Carolina University — Tech Support Analyst


cleaning up a spreadsheet of metadata

Ruth Szpunar DePauw University — Reference and Instruction Librarian


extracting acquisitions data from ILS into XML for mashup fun

Ron Gilmour Ithaca College Library — Web Services Librarian


autocompletion in database search

Amy Wharton University of Virginia School of Law Library — Research & Emerging Technologies Librarian


improved ILS reporting

Cindy Harper Virginia Theological Seminary — Electronic Services and Serials Librarian


identifying candidates for de-accessioning across a consortium

Sam Kome Claremont Colleges Library — Director, Collection Services and Scholarly Communication


metadata quality control

Misty De Meo Canadian Museum for Human Rights — Digital Collections Technician


low-cost access to research in the developing world

Evviva Weinraub Lajoie Oregon State University Libraries & Press — Director, Emerging Technologies & Services

mysql, php

whitelisting domains

Genny Engel Sonoma County Library — Webmaster


…tools can and should have character; people are more likely to use something that is fun to use and that they can relate to.
Hillel Arnold
Listen to users for examples of tasks that are tedious or error-prone and think of ways to automate a solution.
Terry Brady
Even with reduced staffing, it is possible to achieve both quality and timeliness.
Annie Glerum
I like that coding makes me feel that I'm not helpless, that I can solve some of the problems I face with tools at my disposal.
Jeremy Darrington
…small simple programs can do a lot for the usefulness of a website.
Amy Wharton
The code allows patrons to have nice things…
Shaun Ellis
I learned to program from _why's Poignant Guide to Ruby, and I think this sentence is the very moment it clicked: "You will be writing stories for a machine."
Misty De Meo
I was capable of building something that thousands of people across the world use to access electronic resources, which was really quite powerful and empowering for me [even though] I am not a natural programmer…
Evviva Weinraub Lajoie
Before this script I was largely a "copy this command and paste" type of user. After the script, I understand the linux/unix environment a lot more and feel much, much more comfortable using it to solve problems.
nina de jesus