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First Name Last Name Current Position Type of Library Previous Positions Degrees and Certifications Division Affiliation(s) To which Round Tables do you belong? To which Ethnic Affiliates do you belong? Were/are you a Spectrum Scholar? Were/are you an Emerging Leader? ALA and/or ALA-APA Activites Offices held in the ALA-APA, state, & regional library associations, & other associations Honors and Awards Major Accomplishments Publications Links for Further Information Statement of Professional Concern Member of ALA since State
Ismail Abdullahi Associate Professor, North Carolina Central University, School of Library and Information Sciences, Durham, North Carolina School of Library and Information Sciences Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi, School of Library and Information Sciences Associate Professor, Clark Atlanta University, School of Library and Information Studies, 1992-2005 North Carolina Central University, MLS, 1988, University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D 1989 AASL, ACRL, LLAMA, PLA, YALSA Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) BCALA No No Chair, ALA Committee on Education (COE), 2010-2011 and 2011-2012; Chair, ALA Committee on Diversity (COD) 2008-2009 and 2009-2010; Chair, ALA International Relations Committee (IRC) 2005-2006; Chair, ALA Nominating Committee 2006-2007; Chair; International Relations Subcommittee for Africa, 1994-1996 and 1996-1998, Chair, ALA Bogle Pratt Travel Award Committee, 1992-1994; Councilor-at-Large, 2003-2006; 2007-2010; 2010-2013; 2013-2016; Member Council Planning and Budget Assembly 2014-2015; Delegate, US-China Library Conference, Beijing, China, August 1996; ALA Delegate, World Summit on the Information Society Conference, Alexandria Egypt, November 10-11, 2005; Member , ALA Council Committee on Minority Concerns and Diversity, 1995-1997; Member, Sub-committee for the First Joint American South Asian Librarians Conference, New Delhi, India 1990-1992; Member, ALA President Michael Gorman's Advisory Committee 2005-2006; Member ALA Allied Professional Association Certification Program Committee (CPC), 2005-2009; ALA Advocacy Task Force 2005-2008; Member, ALA Advocacy Council 2010-2012 representing ALA Committee on Education; Faculty Advisor ALA Student Chapter, North Carolina Central University 2006-Present. Chair, Joint ALISE-Euclid Conference, Postdam, Germany July 31-August 1, 2003; Chair, ALISE International Relations Committee (IRC) 2001-2003; Member, IFLA Standing Committee on Education and Training (SET) 2001-2005 and 1991-1995; Member BCALA/ALISE project to examine barriers that hinder the recruitment and retention of minority students, 2000-2002; Convener, ALISE Special Interest Group for Multicultural, Ethnic and Humanistic Concern (SIG) 2003, 2001, and 1993; Convener, ALISE Special Interest Group, Distance Education 2000-2001 and 1996-1997; Member Special Committee on the State Affairs of Ethnic, Multicultural and Humanistic Concerns and Information Science Education Curriculum, 1990-1991; SLA Georgia Chapter, Advisory Board Member 1993-1997. SLA Mississipi Louisiana Chapter, Member, Board of Directors, 1989-1992; Director Minority Rights Group (MRG) 1978-1984, Copenhagen, Denmark; IFLA Convener, LIS Education in Developing Countries Discussion Group 2006-2008; IFLA LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (SIG) 2008-2013. Graduate Assistantship, University of Pittsburgh, 1987 – 1989 Harold Lancour Award for Excellence in International and Comparative Study in Library and Information Science, 1998 The Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights in the United States Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) Leadership Award Clark Atlanta University (CAU) ALA Student Chapter Award Guest of Honor, Association of Indian Teachers of Library and Information Science (AITLIS) Conference, November 23-25, 2006 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence in Internationalization of LIS Education, 2008 Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship, University of Cape Town, South Africa, July 11-26, 2014 School of Library and Information Sciences, North Carolina Central University, Associate Professor 2005-Present; School of Library and Information Studies, Clark Atlanta University, Assistant Professor 1992-1998 and Associate Professor, 1998-2005; School of Library and Information Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Assistant Professor 1989-1992 Ismail Abdullahi, E.J. Josey: An Activist Librarian" Scarecrow Press Inc. 1992 (The Meyers Center Award Winner on the Studies of Human Rights) Ismail Abdullahi "Global Library and Information Science: A text book for students and educators" K.G. Saur Verlag as IFLA Publications 136-137, 2009 Ismail Abdullahi"The Future of LIS Education in Developing Countries: The Road Ahead." Co-editors A.Y. Asundi and C.R. Karisiddappa, (2014) IFLA Publication 165, K.G. Saur. Current library profession is faced with many challenges with the introduction of new technologies, social changes, many structural changes, reduced state funding, and recruitment of librarians. Access to knowledge and information is crucial for the well being of our citizens, for our democracy and freedom. I am strong advocate for adequate funding for all libraries, increased and equal pay for library workers, to strengthen intellectual freedom, freedom expression, and continuing education for library personnel. Libraries should continue to play important role in creating global cooperation for better understanding among communities of the world. 1985 NC
Hilary Albert Reference Librarian / Librarian 2, Mahopac Public Library, Mahopac, New York Public Senior Librarian, Queens Public Library 1993-2004 Librarian, Mahoney Adams & Criser, 1990-1993 Asst. Librarian, Ferguson Library, (Stamford, CT) 1989-1990 Long Island University, Certificate of Library Management, 2008 Pratt Institute, MLIS, 1994 Ithaca College, BFA in Music, 1988 PLA, RUSA Government Documents (GODORT), International Relations (IRRT) No No Committee on Professional ethics, 2011-present, RUSA Program Coordinating Committee, 2014-present, RUSA Best of the best university press books, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, IFRT publications committee, 2007, IFRT By-Laws committee, 2010-2012, IFRT Sessions award committee, 2014, IFRT, Oebler Award Committee, 2015- , IFRT Merritt Award Committee, 2015 - , RUSA AFL-CIO Award committee, 2014-present. IFRT organization and bylaws committee, 2015-, IFRT nominating committee 2015- Sword of Honor Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity, 1987. I feel strongly that small libraries are under-represented and that they need to have more of a voice. While my library isn't rural, it is serving a smaller population and I often feel that the urban libraries have a bigger say in what happens on Council. I am also a strong follower of the Library Bill of Rights and the Code of Ethics. I don't think they are mentioned enough or followed enough as we go through our day to day lives. Intellectual freedom must be allowed in all libraries and for all people. We must stand our ground and fight for it. 2004 NY
Sonia Alcantara-Antoine Public Services Manager, Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach, Virginia Public State Library Resource Center Manager, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD Information Services Manager, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD Special Assistant to the CEO, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD MLS, Florida State University PLA Yes No American Library Association: Advocacy Coordinating Group, 2011-2012 Many Voices, Many Nations Planning Committee, 2006-2009; 2007-2009, Chair Nominating Committee, 2014-2015 PR Assembly, 2007-2011; 2009-2011, Chair Public Awareness Committee, 2008-2014; 2011-2014, Chair Spectrum 10-Year Anniversary Planning Committee, 2006-2007; 2006-2007, Co-Chair Spectrum Advisory Committee, 2007-2009 Spectrum Leadership Institute Planning Committee, 2005-2009 Spectrum Scholar Interest Group, 2005-2007 Spectrum Scholarship Jury, 2009-2011; 2009-2010, Chair Young Librarians Presidential Task Force, 2009-2011 Public Library Association: Board of Directors (Nominated), 2011-2014, Director-at-Large Continuing Education Advisory Group, 2010-2014; 2013-2014, Chair DEMCO New Leaders Travel Grant Jury, 2009-2012;2009-2011, Chair National Conference Program Subcommittee, 2008-2010 Strategic Planning Advisory Group, 2010 American Library Association Spectrum Scholarship, 2004 Libraries are the great equalizers in society, giving many the leg up needed to succeed in life. Libraries are also there to make lives richer, offering escape, entertainment, and opportunities for discovery. While libraries are sacred to those of us in the profession and to our power users, they are sometimes seen as indispensable or less relevant to others in this age of instant gratification. We have to make the case that libraries matter, are relevant, and can make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Having an association that has voice potent enough to speak for libraries is vital. When funding is scarce and libraries must compete for ever shrinking funding, it is ALA that libraries turn to for support and guidance. Council needs fresh voices and perspectives who can guide the association and libraries through the challenges ahead. 2005 VA
Oscar Baeza Librarian/Associate Professor, El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX Academic Public Services Supervisor, El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX, 2001-2009 ESL Adult Education Instructor, Clint Independent School District, El Paso, TX, 2007-2009 Library Clerk, El Paso Community College, El Paso TX, 2000-2001 Texas Woman’s University, Master’s Degree in Library Science, 2007;Park University, Bachelor’s, Social Psychology, 2001; University of Texas at El Paso, Master’s, Business Administration(12 Graduate Credit Courses), 2015. REFORMA No Yes American Library Association Member 2009- 2015; Association of College & Research Libraries, member, 2012-2013; New Member Round Table, member, 2012; ALA Emerging Leader, 2010. Reforma El Paso Chapter, President, 2014- present; National Reforma member, 2009-present, Nominations Chair, 201-2012, Executive Committee, 2012-present; Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE), local chapter Vice President, 2014-present; National TACHE, member, 2012-present; Texas Library Association, member, 2006-2007, 2012-2014; Border Regional Library Association, 2013-present; Literacy Texas Association, member, 2011-present. Texas Faculty Association, member, 2011-present. El Paso Community College Faculty of the Year Candidate, 2015;Dr. Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of the Year Award, 2013;Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL) travel stipend recipient for Literacy Texas Conference, 2011, 2013; Graduate of the Teachership Academy, El Paso Community College, 2011; Certification of Appreciation & Recognition by Texas House of Representative for community involvement, 2010;Graduate of the Emerging Leader Program, American Library Association , 2010;Scholarship Recipient of the Library Leadership Development (GOAL) Program, 2006;Employee of the Month, El Paso Community College, 2003. In 2013 I was given the Dr. Trejo Librarian of the Year award, this year, I was a candidate for faculty of the year at El Paso Community College (EPCC). Another accomplishment was selection and graduation from the American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leader program and EPCC’s Teachership Academy. These are all great accomplishments in which I cherish, however none compare to the book club that I began a couple of years ago at EPCC. The idea of bringing faculty, students and staff together for the enjoyment of reading is a huge highlight. There is nothing better than to see the increase of literacy especially among young students. Today our book club is thriving, we meet once a month and have even included a potluck lunch to go with our event. Students are excited, not only to read, but to discuss what they read with fellow students, staff and faculty members. Many of my colleagues have not only sent their students to our book club, but they have also joined our group. My involvement with American Library Association (ALA) stretches back to 2009 when I applied for the Emerging Leaders Program. In 2010, I was accepted and there is where I learned about the greatness of ALA. ALA is more than a library organization, it is about education, freedom and literacy. It is a champion of the basic human need of knowledge. ALA has given me a sense of direction, research assistance, networking and more important a sense of pride in the profession I love. The appointment of ALA council is an exciting position where serious decisions are made that affect not only the organization, but the profession as well. My experience in leadership on a national and local level have prepared me for such a role. I feel that I can work with my fellow colleagues and the leadership team to continue moving ALA forward. I humbly ask for your support! 2009 TX
Robert Banks Chief Operations Officer, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, Topeka, Kansas Public Emporia State University, MLS, 1994; University of Kansas, BME, Music Education, 1976. ASCLA, LITA, LLAMA, PLA New Members Round Table (NMRT) No No ALA Executive Board, 2012-2016; ALA Council, 2006-2014; ALA Executive Board, Finance & Audit, 2012-2015;ALA Council Orientation Committee, 2008-2010; ALA Council Forum Co-Facilitator, 2008-2010,ALA Committee on Library Advocacy, 2010-2013; ALA Conference Committee 2011-2013; ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team, Chair, 2012-2013; ALA Presidential Task Force on Council Effectiveness, 2010-2011; LLAMA Mentoring Committee, 2010-2012.   Mountain Plains Library Association, President, 2008-2009; Mountain Plains Library Association, Chair Public Library Section, 2001-2003; Kansas Library Association, Governmental Affairs Committee, 2006-2015; Kansas Library Association, By-laws Committee, 2010-2011; Kansas Library Association, Chair, Task Force to Reorganize the Association, 2010; Kansas Public Library Standards Revision Committee, 2004-2005. ALA Pre-conference, Presenter, Snap Shot Day, 2010; Sirsi-Dynix Webinar, Dump the Org Chart, 2007; LLAMA Leadership Institute, 2004; Institute on 21st Century Librarianship, 2001; Kansas Library Operations Association, Keynote Speaker, 1999. Serving on the ALA Executive Board is a highlight of my career. I was selected to serve on the planning and implementation of the Harwood Methods into ALA. This set up ALA to move into the 21st Century and better help the members. ALA is transforming into a more outward turning organization that wants to serve the members’ needs.  I've had the honor to help start this change during my time on Council and the Executive Board.  I will continue to work to make the membership the focus of ALA.  I had the pleasure to serve three terms as the Kansas Chapter Councilor and helped mentor other new councilors during my time.  I enjoy working on council and helping make ALA a vibrant force in the library profession.  Networking, mentoring and constant learning are passions of mine and council provides a great platform to help others find those in ALA.  I ask for your vote to allow me to continue my work with ALA. 1989 KS
Gladys Smiley Bell Rare Book Librarian, Harvey Library/Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia Academic Associate Professor/Reference Librarian, Kent State University, 1990-2000 Coordinator, Database Services/Science Librarian, Case Western Reserve University Head of Circulation/Reference Librarian, Howard University Howard University, BS, Zoology/Allied Sciences (Chemistry and Physics), 1972 Long Island University, Palmer Graduate Library School, Greenvale, MLS, 1973 ACRL BCALA No No ALA: Councilor-at-large, 1999-2001, 2004-present; Committee on Library Advocacy, 2013-2015; Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM), chair, 2012-2013; Intellectual Freedom Committee, 2011-2013; APA Certification Committee, 2006-2009; Committee on Committees, 2008-2009; Committee on Organization, 2003-2005; OTIP Subcommittee on Telecommunications, 2000-2002; Diversity Council, 2001-2004; Spectrum Initiative Scholarship Jury, 1999/2000, 2002/2003; OLOS Assembly, 2001-2003. ACRL: Outstanding Books For The College Bound, ACRL liaison, 2013-2014; Professional Development Scholarships Committee, chair, 2010-2012; AFAS Section, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary and Member-at-large, 1994-2001; Newsletter Committee, 1994-2000; Publications Committee, 1993-1997. Freedom to Read Foundation, member, 2012-present. BCALA: Past President and Executive Board member, 1992-2014; Literary Awards, Chair, 2004-present; NAACP Image Awards, Literary Sub-committee, reviewer, 2006-present. JCLC: 2006 conference co-chair and Steering Committee, 2012 and 2019; IMLS, Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program, Review Panel, 2011, 2115. Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) Chair, Human Diversity Committee, 1998 - 2000; Chair, Bibliographic Instruction Interest Group (BIIG), 1997 - 1998; Chair, Human Diversity Interest Group (HDIG), 1995 - 1997. ALA Equality Award, 2007; BCALA Distinguished and Excellent Service to the Profession Award(s), 2008-2012. Gladys Smiley Bell: Editor. Proceedings of the BCALA 7th National Conference of African American Librarians, Birmingham, AL, 2010, Lancaster, PA: Nxtbook Media, LLC, 2012; Editor. Proceedings of the First National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC), Dallas, Texas, October 11-15, 2006. Lancaster, PA: Nxtbook Media, LLC, 2008. Gladys Smiley Bell, et. al.: "African Americans, the information age, and ALA goal 2000," in Equal voices, many choices: Ethnic Library Organizations respond to ALA's Goal 2000, edited by Patricia Tarin, 17-21. Chicago: American Library Association, 1997. My primary concerns are library advocacy, diversity and intellectual freedom. All libraries need ALA’s leadership and support in maintaining and improving the position of libraries and librarians (especially during today’s economic times). The recruitment and retention of a diverse library workforce is paramount to a richer library climate, attracting academic and professional endeavors, and strengthening the ability to have an impact on the next generation of leaders. Freedoms (intellectual, reading, access, etc.) are one of the most important aspects of librarianship and should be ardently advocated. 1984 VA
Jennifer C. Boettcher Reference Librarian, Georgetown University, Washington, DC Academic Business Reference Librarian, Texas A&M, 1994-1997 Adjunct Professor, Catholic University of America, 2003-2008 Head of Reference, National Small Business Development Center Library, 1992-1994 M.B.A., Georgetown University, Washington, District of Columbia, 2005. M.L.S., State University of New York, Albany, New York, 1992. B.A., University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire, 1987. Major: Art History Minor: Psychology Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM), KM Institute, Vienna, Virginia, 2006. ACRL, RUSA Government Documents (GODORT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Library Research (LRRT) No No American Library Association, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) RUSA Councilor, 2012-2015 RUSA Executive Board, 2012-2015 Organization, 2007-2011 Nominating, 2006-2011 Task Force on Membership Recruitment and Retention, 2005-2008. RUSA Board, 2005-2006 Planning and Finance, 2004-2005 Professional Development Committee (member, 2000-2005) (Chair, 2003-2004) American Library Association, Business Reference and Adult Services Section (BRASS) Membership, Co-Chair, 2013-present Nominating, Chair, 2008- 2011 Development, Chair, 2006- 2011 Executive, 2004- 2010 Marketing (ad hoc), 2005-2010 2006 Program Planning, 2004-2006 Section Evaluation (ad hoc), 2002-2004 BRASS Representative to SLA 2002-2004 2001 Joint BRASS/GODORT Program Planning, Chair 1999-2001 Discussion Group Leader, 1998-2000 Education, 1997-2000 Nominating, 1997-2000 Disclosure Student Awards, Chair 1997-1999 1997 San Francisco Program Planning - Publicity, 1995-1997 Publication Sub-Committee, 1995-1997 1995 Chicago Program Planning, 1993-1995 Business Information Finders (Washington, D.C.) Event coordinator 1999-2006, 2009-2014 Listserv owner 1999-present Fonder 1999 Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship Editorial Review Board 1996-2013 Capital District Business Librarians (Albany, New York) Program Planning Committee- Publicity 1993-1994 National: Elected RUSA Councilor, Term 2012-2015 Gale Cengage Learning Award for Excellence in Business Librarianship 2010 Elected Chair-Elect for ALA/RUSA/BRASS- Term 2004-2006 Elected Member-at-Large for ALA/RUSA/BRASS- Term 2001-2003 Local: Lauinger Library Award, 2011 For the work of an individual to recognize significant accomplishments that had a positive impact on divisional goals and objectives Lauinger Library Staff Excellence Award, 2005 For outstanding leadership in the profession and in the University Library Elected Georgetown University Faculty Senate, 2005-Present Working with great librarians at the national and local level, as seen above. Jennifer C. Boettcher and Leonard M. Gains. Industry Research Using the Economic Census. Greenwood Press: Phoenix, AZ. 2004. Steven W. Staninger, Susan Riehm Goshorn, and Jennifer C. Boettcher. Key Business Sources of the U.S. Government. BRASS/RUSA:Chicago, IL. 1998. David Gibbs, Jennifer Boettcher, Jill Hollingsworth, Healther Slania. "Assessing the Research Needs of Graduate Students at Georgetown University," Journal of Academic Librarianship, Available online 14 August, 2012. See some of my work at See some of my scholarship at If you are reading this you care about ALA and it's governance. Thank you, we have a lot in common. I was on ALA Council while being the RUSA Councilor and enjoyed it. While on Council I saw how the Association worked and the dedication we all have to the profession. Last year I ran and lost. I still want to be a part of the Big ALA while remaining active in RUSA. I want to hear your ideas and be your voice. Please vote for me. 1992 DC
Polly D Boruff-Jones Dean of the Library, Indiana University Kokomo, Kokomo, Indiana Academic Director of Library and Information Services, Olin Library, Drury University, 2010-2013 Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning & Research, University Library, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 2006-2010 Business Librarian, Electronic Resources Coordinator & Team Leader, University Library, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 1999-2006 Indiana University, MPA, Nonprofit Management, 2010; Indiana University, MLS, 1996; Indiana University, BA, Political Science and Environmental Studies. ACRL, LLAMA No No ACRL Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication Working Group, 2012-13; ACRL Information Literacy Coordinating Committee, 2011-12; AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy, 2009-13; ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Executive Committee, Information Literacy Student Surveys Task Force, 2004-10; ACRL Instruction Section, Past-Chair, 2011-2012; ACRL Instruction Section, Chair, 2010-2011; ACRL Instruction Section, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, 2009-2010; ACRL Instruction Section, Executive Committee, 2009-2012; ACRL College Libraries Section, Executive Committee, Member-at-Large, 2012-14; LLAMA Library Organization and Management Section, Organizational Theory and Practice Committee, 2015- ; LLAMA Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section, Education Committee, 2015- ; ACRL Instruction Section, Nominating Committee, Chair, 2013-14; ACRL Instruction Section, Dudley Award Subcommittee, Chair, 2011-12; ACRL College Libraries Section, Nominating Committee, 2013-14; ACRL College Libraries Section, Research for College Librarianship Committee, 2012-14; ACRL Instruction Section, 2008 Annual Conference Planning Committee, 2006-08; ACRL Instruction Section, Information Literacy Best Practices Committee, 2006-09; ACRL Instruction Section, Research and Scholarship Committee, 2004-06; ACRL Instruction Section, 2004 Annual Conference Planning Committee, 2003-04; RUSA Business Reference and Services Section, Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee, 2002-04 Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) Board of Directors, 2015- ; Missouri Libraries Network Corporation (MLNC) Board of Directors, 2011-12; Indianapolis Foundation Library Partners Steering Committee, 2004-06; Indiana Library Federation (ILF) Bibliographic Instruction/User Education Section Steering Committee, Chair, 2001-04; BI/UE Program Planning ILF Annual Conference, Co-Chair, 2002-03; Chair, 2003-04; BI/UE Preconference Planning ILF Annual Conference, Chair, 2001-02; ILF District IV Officer, 2001-03; Special Libraries Association Indiana Chapter (InSLA) Board of Directors, 1999-2001 Indiana University Kokomo Grant-in-Aid of Faculty Research Award, 2015; Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2009; Minde Browning Professional Development Grant, Indianapolis Foundation, Library Partners, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2009 My significant professional accomplishments are in the areas of organizational management and personnel development. To be a more effective director and dean, I completed the MPA in Nonprofit Management applying that classroom learning to develop expertise in strategic and short-term planning, fund development and human resources. In each of the management and leadership roles I have held, professional and career development of faculty and staff has been a priority. My focus on mentoring and coaching extends to professional service where I strive to guide colleagues who are newer to the organization, its processes and procedures, to be productive collaborators and future leaders. My broad experience at the division and section levels of ALA provides a strong foundation for service as an ALA Councilor-at-Large. In this role, I will apply my professional experience and expertise to the effective governance of ALA and to growing future leaders for the organization and the profession. Baker, S. S. & Boruff-Jones, P. D.: "Information Literacy" Radiologic Technology (American Society of Radiologic Technologists), Volume 80, Number 4, 2009. Kuh, G. D., Boruff-Jones, P. D., & Mark, A. E.: "Engaging Students in the First College Year: Why Academic Librarians Matter" In L. Hardesty (Ed.), The Role of the Library in the First College Year (University of South Carolina, National Resource Center on the First-Year Experience and Transition), Monograph No. 45, 2007. Mark, A. E. & Boruff-Jones, P. D.: "Information Literacy and Student Engagement: What the National Survey of Student Engagement Reveals about Your Campus" College & Research Libraries (American Library Association), Volume 64, Number 6, 2003. By providing guidelines, standards, and best practices, ALA plays a crucial role supporting all types of libraries and all aspects of librarianship. Committees composed of ALA members accomplish much of the organization’s work but there are a relatively small number of members who directly engage with and contribute to the development of the guiding principles and standards of the profession. Since 2009, ALA membership has been declining steadily. The organization now has 10,000 fewer members than a decade ago; our current membership is lower than it was in 1992. If elected Councilor-at-Large, I will work with the Council to investigate the different factors that have contributed to our declining membership. Additionally, I will work to improve the transparency and inclusivity of the organization’s governance structure and volunteer processes so that we can foster a more diverse membership and provide additional opportunities for more members to participate in ALA’s important work. 2001 IN
Steve Brantley Associate Professor and Head, Reference and Instruction Services, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois Academic Associate Professor and Assistant Reference Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011-2013 Assistant Professor and Assistant Reference Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003-2011 Visiting Assistant Professor and Visiting Assistant Reference Librarian, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2002-2003 Indiana University, MLS, 2000; Indiana University, MA Communication and Culture (Media Studies), 2000; University of Iowa, BA English, 1991 ACRL, RUSA Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), Video Round Table (VRT) No No Divisions: RUSA Reference Services Section (RSS), 2011- Management of Reference Committee 2014-16 (member) Virtual Reference Services (Joint Committee with MARS) 2014- (member) RUSA Emerging Technologies in Reference (MARS) 2013- (member) ACRL University Libraries Section, Current Topics Discussion Group, 2013-(member) Round Tables: Library Instruction Round Table 2014- Top Twenty Committee 2015 (member) Video Round Table, 2011-2013, Communications Committee, (webmaster) Video Round Table, 2010-2013, Bylaws Committee, (chair) Video Round Table, 2006-2009 Executive Committee, (chair) Video Round Table, 2005-2006, Program Committee, (chair) Video Round Table, 2002-2006, “Notable Videos for Adults” award committee, (member) New Member Round Table, 2002-2004, Web Committee, (member) New Member Round Table 2004-2006, Web Committee, (chair) Illinois Library Association Awards Committee (2015-) Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Conference Planning Committee (2015-2016) Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Conference Program Planning Subcommittee Co-Chair (2015-2016) Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Conference Planning Committee (2013-2014) Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Conference Program Planning Subcommittee (2013-2014) Achievement and Contribution Award in the Service Category 2015. An Eastern Illinois University award. In terms of documented accomplishments I would point you to my publications and grant projects, including The ERIAL Project. However, I feel that my greatest impact is on the students I reach when performing reference work or teaching information literacy. It is during these face-to-face and occasionally remote or asynchronous interactions that I am making the most difference to a student's education. These are mostly impacts and accomplishments that cannot be measured, yet they are nonetheless vital to my success and to the student whose mind is challenged and whose eyes are opened. Brantley, Steve, Todd Bruns, and Kirstin Duffin. (2015) "Leveraging OA, the IR, and Cross Department Collaboration for Sustainability: Ensuring Library Centrality in the Scholarly Communication Discourse on Campus" ACRL Proceedings 2015. Available at: Brantley, Steve, Todd Bruns and Kirstin Duffin. "Scholarly Communication Coaching: Liaison Librarians' Shifting Roles" The 21st Century Library: Partnerships and New Roles. Ed. Brad Eden. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. Available at: Djenno, Mireille, Glenda Insua, Gwen M. Gregory, and John S. Brantley. (2014). Discovering usability : Comparing two discovery systems at one academic library. Journal of Web Librarianship. 8(3) 263-285. On Twitter @brantles and @boothreference EIU faculty Profile: Also on and Researchgate Libraries across the country are facing budgetary crises for several reasons, some of which are listed below. I believe legislative advocacy and the application of economic pressure are the best ways to counteract the detrimental effects on our services, staff and resources. We must speak out and recruit our communities to speak out with us! Political trends toward government service cut-backs disproportionately impact social programs like education and libraries. Stagnant budgets are further compacted by inflation. We can't retain access to the same amount of information, thereby reducing the public's and higher education's access to publicly funded research. Widely accepted public perception that "everything is available on the internet" has undermined the role of libraries and librarians as information stewards, facilitators, and managers of information. 1999 IL
Ty R. Burns School Library & Children's/ YA Literature Consultant, TyRB Library & Literature Services, Pearland, Texas Library Consultant after retiring Director of Library Media Services, Clear Creek ISD, TX, July 2005-June 2015 Part-time Adult Reference & Children's Librarian, Lone Star College/Harris Co. Branch Library, Sept. 2000 - July 2005 Secondary School Librarian, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, TX, July 1994-June 2005 Sam Houston State University, MLS, 1994 Houston Baptist University, BA, Elementary Education and English Literature, 1984 AASL, ALSC, YALSA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No ALA representative, United States Board on Books for Young People Board Member 2007-2009; American Association of School Librarians: Chair of the AASL Students to AASL Presidential Task Force 2013, Bi-annual Conference Co-Chair 2011, Legislative Committee, 2006 - 2007, Affiliate Assembly - Secretary 2005, Texas Representative 2004 - 2007, Supervisors Section member Association for Library Service to Children: Robert F. Sibert Award Committee 2011, John Newbery Medal Committee 2016 Young Adult Library Services Association: Co-chair of 2007 Annual Pre-conference committee 2007, Teen Read Week Committee 2005-2007, Best of the Best Pre-conference group leader 2005, Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Committee 2002-2006 - Committee Chair 2004, Administrative Assistant 2006 Texas Library Association: 2016 Annual Conference Local Arrangements Committee in charge of Author Signings, 2012 Annual Conference Steering Committee and Local Arrangements Co-chair, TLA Council 2005-2008, Task Force for School Library Funding 2005, Texas Association of School Librarians Councilor 2004 - 2007, Public Relations Committee 2001-2003, TLA District VIII Chair 2003-2004, Intellectual Freedom Committee 1999-2001, Children’s Round Table member, Young Adult Round Table member Texas Association of School Library Administrators member since 2006 Vice President of Finance & Membership, CCISD Friends of the Library, a 501(c)3, organization I help create to raise money to support the school district library programs. May 2012, Outstanding Alumnus Award, Sam Houston State University Department of Library Science Secondary School Publishing Advisory Board, Lerner Publishing, Minneapolis, MN, 2005-2006; Publishing Advisory Board, Scholastic Library Publishing, Danbury, CT, 2004; Reference Advisory Board, Salem Press, Pasadena, CA, 1999 Author: "Brain Trust Editorial," Teacher / Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals, February, 2012. ALA is a large organization that continues to lead and inspire all kinds of library workers. My experience working in school, public, and college libraries gives me an advantage to work and understand issues from all divisions of ALA. My last ten years working as the Library Director for a large Texas school district gave me valuable training in leadership and collaboration which is important when working with the different groups and interests on Council. I have served in various capacities at the state and national level, but now I think it is my turn to step up and help with the governance of the organization as we continue to advocate for libraries of all kinds in our communities and educational institutions.. 2001 TX
Nick Buron Vice President, Public Library Services, Queens Library, New York, NY Public Director, Community Library Services, Queens Library, 2012-2013 Asssist/Associate Director, Central Library and Community Library Services, Queens Library, 2007-2012 Coordinator, Young Adult Services, Queens Library, 1999-2007 University of New York at Buffalo, MLS, 1993; University of New York at Albany, BA, 1988 LLAMA, PLA,YALSA Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) No No ALA Council: Councilor-at-Large/Division Councilor 2005-2008, 2009-2015 ALA Committees: Ken Haycock Award for Promoting Librarianship, jury member, 2015-present Committee on Legislation, Federal Legislative Advocacy Group Sub-Committee, member, 2015-present Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 2012-2014; chair 2013-2014 Planning and Budget Assembly, member, 2013-2015 Nominating Committee, member, 2012-2013 Publishing Committee, member, 2003-2007 Graphics Advisory Committee, member, 2002-2005 Major League Baseball@your Library Committee, member, 2002 ALA Division/Committee: YALSA 2014 Governance Nominating Committee, member, 2012-2013 Board of Directors, Director, 2005-2008, 2009-2012 Councilor to ALA Council, Division Councilor, 2009-2012 Organization and By-laws committee, member, 2008-2009 Teen Read Week Committee, member, 2003-2005 President’s Program 2003, member, 2003 Best Books for Young Adults, member, 2001-2002 LLAMA Organizational Theory and Practice Committee, member, 2008-2010 Special Conferences and Programs, member, 1998 – 2002 Nominating Committee, System and Services Section, member, 2001 Programming Committee, System and Services Section, 1998 – 2000; co-chair 1999-2000 PLA ALA Membership Promotion Task Force, liaison, 2008-2010 IFLA Conference/Metropolitan Libraries, Conference Chair, May 16-20, 2011 Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science Advisory Board, Co-Chair, 2011 New York City School Library Council, 2001-2006; co-chair 2002-2004, chair 2004-2006 Archons of Colophon, induction, 20011 Stanford-California State Library, Institute on 21st Century Librarianship, 2000 Bring communities in touch with needed resources has been one of my professional mantras. Be that at my day job overseeing library service to the most diverse county in the nation or within ALA with new members and established members not yet engaged. It is an ongoing struggle to maximize our resources (be it time, money or energy) and allocate for greatest impact in any setting but I have succeeded by working in concert with dedicated team members. That is how I view working on ALA Council - a team approach for the betterment of our profession and the people we serve. Buron, Nicolas and Amy Alessio. “Measuring the Impact of Dedicated Teen Service in the Public Library,” Young Adult Library Services (YALS), spring 2006, page 47-51. Buron, Nicolas. “Mentoring New York City’s Future Librarians,” Voice of Youth Advocates, December 2001, page 342-344. The words "professional concerns" always gives me pause.  There are plenty of challenges we face in a variety of libraries.  Lack of funding and support, increase pressure to meet basic needs, maintaining a well trained work force, accessibility of materials are indeed challenges.  However, my experience have shown that we as an ALA institution have adapted and provided support (sometimes a little too slowly) to meet the needs of our members and greater community.  I look forward to working on ALA Council and collaboratively overcoming our professional challenges with creatively, hard work and optimism. 1992 NY
Melissa I. Cardenas-Dow Reference & Instruction Librarian, University of California, Riverside, Riverside, California Academic Outreach/Behavioral Sciences Librarian, University of Redlands, 2009-2014 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, CAS in Digital Libraries, 2016; San Jose State University, MLIS, 2008; San Francisco State University, BA in Anthropology, minor in Asian American Studies, 1996. ACRL, ASCLA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange RT (EMIERT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) APALA, BCALA, REFORMA No Yes Task Force on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, APALA Representative, 2014-2016; Diversity Membership Initiative Group, Chair, 2014-2016; Advocacy Coordinating Group, APALA Representative, 2013-2015; Spectrum Advisory Committee, Member, 2013-2015; ACRL-WGSS, Blog Co-Editor, 2013-2016; SRRT, Newsletter Editor, 2014-2017; NMRT, MPDR Committee Chair, 2012-2014; APALA, Member-at-Large, 2014-2016; APALA, Communications Coordinator, 2014-Present; APALA, Newsletter & Publications Co-Chair, 2014-Present. APALA, Web Content Subcommittee Chair, 2012-Present. LAUC-R (Librarians Association of the University of California, Riverside), Chair and System-wide Representative, Diversity Committee, 2015-2016. California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL), Member, Diversity in Research Libraries (DIAL), 2014-Present. United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association (USETDA), Member, Conference Planning Committee, 2011-2013. North America Serials Interest Group (NASIG), Member, Continuing Education Committee, 2010-2013. LAUC (Librarians Association of the University of California) Presentation Grant, 2015. ACRL/LLAMA President's Program Leadership Moment Essay Contest Winner, 2013. Phi Beta Kappa, 1996. Developed grant proposal and outreach and events program for ALA/NEH Latino Americans: 500 Years of History grant on behalf of University of California Riverside Library, 2015. Received and directed projects for ALA/NEH Bridging Cultures: Muslim Journeys Bookshelf grant, 2013-2014. Received and directed projects for ALA/NEH Let's Talk About It: Muslim Journeys grant, 2013-2014. Developed and implemented programs and curriculum for Knowledge Alliance Essential Information Workshop-Los Angeles, 2014. Launched and developed APALA's Web Content Subcommittee, 2012. Participated in ALA Emerging Leaders, 2011. Co-author: "Leading With LLAMA: Emerging Leaders 2011," Library Leadership & Management, Volume 26, Number 2, 2012. MiscEtcetera (personal blog): As ALA Councilor, I will work on behalf of diversity by increasing our shared capacity to think about and strive for common ground. Deep, dynamic self-assessment required of cultural competency and social justice is the heart of my work in diversity, equity, and inclusion. I see my work as an academic reference and instruction librarian for undergraduates as mediating the gaps between bodies of knowledge and the information seeker. Modeling and nurturing a habit of mind that is self-aware of its own information seeking needs and behaviors is, to me, paramount. I take the same approach in my work within the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA), the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (TFEDI), and the ALA Diversity Member Initiated Group (MIG). While it is important to have actions, goals, and outcomes, the deeper work of collectively reflecting on social inequities and differences must be prioritized. 2004 CA
Kathy Carroll Library Media Specialist, Westwood High School, Blythewood, SC School Library Media Specialist, Ridge View High School, 2007-2012 English Instructor, Ridge View High School, 1995-2007 University of South Carolina, MLIS, Master of Library and Information Science University of South Carolina, MAT, Master of Art in Teaching University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Arts/English AASL Yes No ALA Division/Committee Offices: AASL Board of Directors- 2013-2015 AASL Affiliate Assembly Region IV Director- 2013-2015 AASL Affiliate Assembly Region IV Director-elect- 2010-2013 AASL Spectrum Scholar-2008 AASL Spectrum Jury- 2013-2015 AASL Leadership Development Committee- liaison -2014-2015 AASL/RUSA American Presses Book Selection- liaison- 2014-2015 AASL American Presses Book Selection-liaison- 2013-2015 AASL Emerging Leaders Committee-member-2013 South Carolina Association of School Librarians- Board of Directors- 2011-2012 South Carolina Association of School Librarians- Standards and Guidelines Committee- Chairperson- 2011-2012 Pi Lambda Theta International Honors Society and Professional Association in Education- 2008 Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Board of Examiners (BOE) National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Library Media Standards Committee NBPTS Teacher Leader Competency Framework Committee NBPTS Certification in Adolescence and Young Adulthood/English Language Arts (Initial and Renewal) Toyota International Teacher Program- South Africa Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program- Tokyo, Japan Cambridge University; Oxford, England National Endowment of the Humanities Summer Institute (NEHSI) Churchill and the Anglo-American Relationship Oxford University; Oxford, England Bread Loaf School of English @whs_llc I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the ALA Council. School librarians often feel that they are relegated to their specific niche; consequently, they often do not seek opportunities to interact with other branches of our organization. Yet school librarians are vital members of the American Library Association and need to have strong voices on the ALA Council. With so many challenges, changes, and new opportunities facing our profession, ALA is needed more than ever before. Yet for the Council to remain effective, it must be a microcosm of the profession. It must include members from diverse backgrounds and divisions so the Council will remain a governing body that truly represents all ALA members. I feel that my diverse background, experience working on national organizations, and experience with AASL will enable me to work with Council members to accomplish the goals of ALA. 2006 SC
Maria Taesil Hudson Carpenter Director of Libraries, Santa Monica Public Library, Santa Monica, CA Public Director of Libraries, Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA, 2011-2014 Director of Advancement, Marketing & Communication, Northeastern University Libraries, 2005-2011 Library Advancement Program Manager, Northeastern University Libraries, 2002-2005 University of Pittsburgh, MLIS, 2001; Ohio Wesleyan University, BA, Theatre, 1995 PLA APALA Yes No ALA Council 2013-2016; ALA Diversity Councilors 2013-2016; ALA Committee on Committees 2015-2016; ALA Roberta Steven's Presidential Initiatives Advisory Committee 2010-2012; ALA Jim Rettig's Presidential Advisory Committee 2007-2009; Chair, Allied Professional Association Fundraising and Promotion Committee 2008-2009; Chair, ALA Spectrum Scholar Interest Group 2006-2007; ALA Spectrum Institute Planning Committee 2004-2006. California Library Association Leadership Development Committee 2016; California Library Association Program Committee - Sponsorships Team 2016; Co-Chair, Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association Marketing Committee 2007-2008; Co-Chair Academic Library and Advancement Network Conference Program Committee 2007; Association of College & Research Libraries Spectrum Scholars Mentors Committee 2003-2005. Best Service Provider for Women (organization award), Somerville Commission for Women 2013; First place, MA Library Association PR Awards 2009; Star Award Northeastern University 2009; Partner Award, Northeastern University Asian American Center 2007; Phi Beta Delta 2006; Northeastern University Aspiration Team Award 2002; Jay Daily Award, University of Pittsburgh 2001; Thomas C. Fichandler Management Training Award 1996; Allen Lee Hughes Fellow, Arena Stage, 1995-1996. As Director of Libraries in Santa Monica, recently led a community-focused strategic planning effort, which included 11 community forums with 2000 participants that resulted in four strategic priorities: the Library as Vibrant Learning Center; Wellbeing Cultivator; Dynamic Third Place; and Community & Cultural Connector Based on community feedback, led a process to abolish a non-resident fee and keep level funding. This was approved by City Council in January 2016. Also raised funds and opened a Teen Space at the Somerville Public Library. Co-Author, Employee Onboarding: Identification of Best Practices in ACRL Libraries, March 2013, Library Management. Co-Author, Envisioning the Library's Role in Scholarly Communication in the Year 2025, April 2013, portal: Libraries and the Academy. Author, Cheerleader, Opportunity Seeker, and Master Strategist: ARL Directors as Entrepreneurial Leaders, January 2012, College & Research Libraries. I have learned a great deal since becoming an ALA Councilor in 2013. At first it was overwhelming-- lots of procedures, many opinions. I have come to quite appreciate the contributions of fellow councilmembers, the importance of policy-making and oversight, and representation within a diverse and complex member organization. If re-elected I will continue to learn, hear and contribute toward the strategic aims of ALA-- advocacy, information policy & leadership development and serve to the best of my ability on Council and as a Diversity Councilor. I believe in the power of library staff to help: prepare youth for school success, adults learn new skills and share in the knowledge and creation economy, and to foster community connections and build community assets. I believe library staff can create a more tolerant, equitable, open and just world--- program by program, resource by resource, community connection by community connection. 2000 CA
Rachael Clukey Reference Librarian, Delaware County District Library, Delaware, OH Public Children's Librarian, Dayton Metro Library, Dayton, OH, 6/13-3/14 Youth Librarian, Akron-Summit County Public Library, Akron, OH, 4/09/6/13 Library Assistant, Upper Arlington Public Library, Upper Arlington, OH, 8/08-4/09 Kent State University, MLIS, 2008; Shawnee State University, Bachelor's in Business Administration, 2004 New Members Round Table (NMRT) No No NMRT/Web Committee member: 2015 - present Ohio Library Council, Central Chapter Action Council, 2015 - present page 21 2015 OH
James D. Cooper Director, Salt Lake County Library Services, West Jordan, Utah Public B.S. Environmental Sciences PLA No No PLA Gordon M. Conable Award Jury, PLA 2010 National Conference Program Subcommittee, PLA National Conference Committee, PLA eBook Working Group, PLA Leadership Development Committee, PLA Continuing Education Committee Various positions with the Utah Library Association during the past several years, including Executive Board, Board Member-at-Large, Legislative Committee and Public Library Section Chair. I have had the privilege of serving as the Director of Salt Lake County Library Services for the past 14 years. The system serves more than 800,000 residents with 22 libraries and 580 staff members. In 2015 circulation will surpass 15.5 million with 4.5 million visitors coming through our doors. Both circulation and library visits doubled during the past decade, which has provided opportunities for staff innovation in programming and new technologies to manage our growth. During my tenure the library has pioneered library services inside jails and health clinics as well as expanded services for refugees, at-risk youth and special needs populations. I have overseen planning and construction of 11 libraries including six new LEED-certified buildings. We’ve substantially renovated all other branches, moved our headquarters and data center operations, and opened a new 25,000 square-foot event center and amphitheater. Where appropriate, we have co-located libraries with other County service agencies. I am especially proud of the West Jordan Library and Viridian Event Center that has quickly become a popular new library-centered meeting and program venue for our community. Prior to becoming a Director I served as a Library Board Trustee from 1994 to 2001, with several terms as chair. In my previous career managing public lands and natural resources, I represented Utah in negotiations with the U.S. Department of the Interior that resulted in the creation of the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument. The success of libraries and the impact we have on communities depends upon a diverse community of dedicated professionals and paraprofessionals—and an association that supports us. We share a passion for engaging with and meeting the needs of our constituents and ALA provides a safe environment to challenge and support each other with innovative ideas and best practices, a place to embrace change and celebrate achievement. Similar to our libraries, ALA is continually challenged to demonstrate its worth. I believe that our association must continue to deliver value to its membership with peer networking, leadership development, continuing education, and assistance with local library issues, advocacy and a top-notch conference experience. Every group needs dedicated and visionary leadership to thrive and I’m honored to offer my experience in support of ALA members. 2001 UT
Amber Creger Youth Department Director, Schaumburg Township District Library, Schaumburg, IL Public Adjunct Professor, Dominican University, January 2014 - present Youth Services Manager, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, July 2012 - September 2015 Assistant Branch Manager, Chicago Public Library - Richard M. Daley Branch, May 2011 - June 2012 Dominican University, MLIS, 2005; New York University, MA Studio Arts, 2000; Michigan State University, BFA in Painting, 1993. ALSC, PLA, YALSA Games & Gaming (GAMERT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) No Yes ALSC, Chair, School Age Programs and Services Committee, 2014-2016. ALSC, Member, Newbery Award Committee, 2012-2014.ALSC, Chair, Children and Technology Committee, 2009-2011. YALSA, Member, Strategic Planning Committee, 2014-2016. YALSA, Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, 2012-2013. YALSA, Chair, Partnerships Advocating for Teens Committee, 2008-2010.GMRT, Board of Directors, 2013-2015. Illinois Library Association, Member, Awards Committee, 2015-2016. Illinois Library Association, Member, Conference Planning Committee, 2015.Illinois Library Association, Manager, Young Adult Forum, 2013 - 2015.Illinois Library Association, Chair, iREAD Committee, 2009-2012.Illinois State Library, Member, ILEAD USA Steering Committee, 2015.LACONI YSS Division, Board of Directors, 2013 - 2017.Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award, Nomination Committee, 2013 - 2016. Abe Lincoln Award, Reader, Selection Committee, 2015 - 2017. Illinois State Library, ILEAD U Mentor, 2011 & 2015.ALSC Bill Morris Seminar Participant, 2010.ALA Emerging Leaders, 2008.Synergy: the Illinois Library Leadership Initiative, 2007.Illinois State Library Training Grant, 2002. Finishing a marathon and learning to play the guitar. Creger, Amber. "Young Adult Summer Reading Programs, " ILA Reporter, April 2009. Creger, Amber. "Mediatech Builds Community: a Gaming Center and So Much More, " School Library Journal, June 2008. Libraries are rapidly adapting to our ever changing world in a myriad of ways to meet the needs of our customers. While times of change can be challenging, they are also invigorating and scary. The best way for us to stay relevant is through advocacy and constant vigilance to offer unparalleled customer services and programming. As a profession, we can’t continue to work under the guise of “we’ve always done it that way” and be ok with it. Instead we need to be proactive, nimble, and willing to embrace the unknown by cutting through the bureaucracy and long winded meetings to actuate an enlighten vision of our field; one that would energize and engage colleagues in the conversation of possibility and how we can make our profession awesome. 2005 IL
Jeremy Darrington Politics Librarian, 2011–present, Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ Academic Social Sciences Librarian & Interim Politics Selector, Princeton University Library, 2010 – 2011 Librarian, Boise Public Library Collister Branch, Boise, Idaho, 2007 – 2010 University of Washington, MLIS, 2010 University of California at Berkeley, PhD (all but dissertation), Political Science, 2006 University of California at Berkeley, MA, Political Science, 2003 Brigham Young University, BA, International Studies, 2001 ACRL Government Documents (GODORT) No No Past-chair, Law and Political Science Section (LPSS), ACRL, 2015–2016. Chair, LPSS, ACRL, 2014–2015. Convener, Numeric and Geospatial Data Services in Academic Libraries Interest Group, ACRL, 2014–2015. Vice-chair/chair-elect, LPSS, 2013–2014. Co-chair, 2013 Conference Program Planning Committee, LPSS, 2011–2013. Member, Review and Planning Committee, LPSS, 2011–2013 Koon Family Fellowship, Information School, University of Washington, 2009-2010 McAlpin Endowed Fellowship, Information School, University of Washington, 2008-2009 Hertelendy Fellowship for Hungarian Studies, Institute for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ISEEES), UC Berkeley, 2004–2007 Department of Political Science graduate student fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2002–2003 Brigham Young University full-tuition scholarship, 1995–1996, 1999–2001 Elks National Foundation undergraduate four-year scholarship, 1995 Most accomplishments of any significance involve the contributions of dedicated and supportive colleagues across the profession. With that caveat, here are a few highlights: Provided hundreds of individual research consultations to students and faculty studying politics at Princeton University over the past 5 years Served as Political Science Editor of Resources for College Libraries ( and completed a major taxonomic overhaul of the section Managed the migration of Princeton University Library's large LibGuides system, its integration into a new library website, and the training of scores of guide authors Helped to design and implement PUL's new website, as well as to conduct user testing and contribute to iterative, on-going development Co-chaired a successful program engaging high level representatives of the American Political Science Association and the Social Science Research Network on issues of scholarly communication and open access Helped launch and successfully grow the first neighborhood branch of the Boise Public Library “A Hybrid Approach to Discovery Services: Reflections on Implementing both Primo and Summon.” Reference & User Services Quarterly, vol. 53, no. 4 (Summer 2014): 291-295. “Collecting to the Core—International Relations.” Against the Grain, vol. 26, no. 3 (June 2014): 76-77. "Authority" and "Rationalization" in Mark Bevir, ed., Encyclopedia of Governance (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage 2007). Having been the chair of a section and an interest group in ACRL, I've seen how committed librarians focused on a shared community of practice can accomplish great things. I'm interested in learning more about the entire spectrum of these communities across ALA and how the Association can better support those communities of practice as well as enhance collaborations across division boundaries. I'd also like to see ALA focus more on advancing access to government information, open government data, open access to scholarship, and open educational resources. 2010 NJ
Megan Dazey Library Services Manager, Puyallup Public Library, Puyallup, WA Public Catalog Database Section Head, University of Montana, 2009-2011 Non Book Cataloger, University of Oregon, 2007-2009 William J Bowerman Processing Archivist, University of Oregon, 2006-2007 University of North Texas, MLS and Digital Image Management certificate, 2005University of Oregon, BS History, 1997 ALCTS No No ALA's Human Resource Development Recruitment Advisory Committee, member, 2014-2016.ALA/ALCTS, Public Libraries Technical Services Interest Group, chair, 2012-2013.ALA/ALCTS, Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group, chair-elect/chair, 2010-2012. Washington Library Association, Technology Resources for Information Professionals (TRIP) interest group, co-chair, 2014-current.Northwest Enduser’s Group (ExLibris User's group), chair, 2010-2011.Montana Library Association, Technical Services Interest Group, chair, 2010-2011.Oregon Library Association, Technical Services Round Table, chair-elect/chair, 2008-2010. Acting Director, Puyallup Public Library, February 2015.Implementation of RFID security system at Puyallup Public Library in 2014. Implementation of catalog overlay system at Puyallup Public Library in 2014.Interim Digital Initiatives Coordinator, University of Montana, June 2011-Nov. 2011.Member of Mountain Plains Library Assocation Leadership Institute, 2010.Member of Customers of SirsiDynix User’s Group, Inc, 2012-current. I have worked in both Public and Academic Libraries in Technical Services and management positions. I feel that we are doing a disservice to patrons if they cannot find information in our catalog or on our website. We need to be aware of how patrons and students find information and strive to meet these needs. Libraries have a great wealth of information available, but if you cannot find it, you cannot use it. 2005 WA
Ana Elisa de Campos Salles Adult & Teen Services Librarian, DC Public Library, Washington, DC Public Library Associate, DC Public Library, 2009-2012 Catholic University of America, MS Library and Information Science, 2012; Institute of Archaeology, University College London, MS Forensic Archaeological Science, 2004; Boston College, BA History (Archaeology) and BSc Environmental Geoscience, 2000. ALSC, LITA, PLA, YALSA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) APALA; AILA Yes Yes 2014 - 2016 - Director-at-large, GLBT Round Table Executive Board 2015 - 2016 - ALA Spectrum Scholarship Jury 2013 - 2015 - GLBT Round Table Representative to YALSA 2014 - 2016 - President, Library & Information Science Board of Alumni, CUA 2013 - 2014 - Vice-president, Library & Information Science Board of Alumni, CUA 2012 - 2013 - Director-at-large, Library & Information Science Board of Alumni, CUA Alumni Advisor to the Accreditation Standard One Committee, part of the Catholic University of America's Library & Information Science 2016 accreditation effort. DCLA, Member, 2011 - present. 2013 ALA Emerging Leader 2013 Graduate of the Year, Library and Information Science, Department of Library and Information Science, CUA 2011 ALA Spectrum Scholar 2000 Dorot Foundation Travel Grant 2000 Boston College Theology Department Endowment for Judaic Studies 2014 ALA Annual Poster Session: Know Your Neighborhood: Engaging Communities in Local History. 2013 ALA Annual Poster Session: ALA Emerging Leaders: What Difference Does It Make? My time on the CUA Library & Information Science Board of Alumni has been extremely gratifying, allowing me to foster a greater sense of community while expanding our network and organizing our portfolio for future generations of alumni board members. During my time on the CUA LIS Alumni Board, I have helped organize mentoring events for students and alumni, organized the annual Elizabeth W. Stone Memorial Lecture, the annual CUA LIS holiday party, the annual LIS Alumni Picnic, and happy hours for LIS students and alumni. Accomplishments during my time as Director-at-large on the executive board of the GLBTRT include campaigning for and bringing to a successful vote the co-sponsorship of a social by the GLBTRT and Spectrum Scholars during the 2015 Annual Conference, drafting the charge for the GLBTRT's new advocacy committee, and helping organize the June is GLBT Book Month initiative. LinkedIn: ACRL Insider Member of the Week: GLBT News Member Profile: If elected, I plan to continue advocating for and working toward solutions for issues I am passionate about, particularly diversity in all its forms. GLBTQ rights, intellectual freedom, and the Spectrum Scholarship program are all very close to my heart because they're about breaking down barriers. The executive board of the GLBTRT has given me a great deal of practical experience, working with colleagues and various ALA offices and divisions to make initiatives such as programming and socials a reality while drafting legislation on how we do things. I've also learned a great deal working with my fellow Spectrum Scholars and the Office for Diversity to promote diversity in our field. I hope to bring this experience to Council and work closely with my colleagues on issues and legislation we are passionate about: diversity, and breaking down barriers to information and the profession. 2011 DC
Megan Elizabeth Drake Implementation Consultant, Ex Libris Group, Portland, OR Academic Pacific University, Systems & Applications Librarian, July 2011 - September 2015 Libraries in Clackamas County, Systems Librarian, Customization and Coding Architect. March 2008 - July 2011 Cedar Mill Community Library, Adult Services Reference Librarian. October 2007 - February 2008 Emporia State University, MLS, 2007; Whitworth College, BA Education, 1999. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No ALA Diversity Council, Chair, 2013 – 2015; ALA Diversity Council, GLBTRT representative, 2012 - 2015; LITA Web Committee, Member, 2012-2014 Pacific University, Executive Board Member, Center for Gender Equity, 2012 - 2015 Pacific University, Vice-Chair, Library Faculty, 2013 - 2015 Pacific University, Library Personnel Committee, 2013- 2015 Pacific University, University Technology Committee, 2012 - 2015; Chair, 2014 - 2015 Orbis Cascade Alliance, Member, Acquisitions Working Group, 2012-2013 Orbis Cascade Alliance, Member, Systems Working Group, 2013 - 2015 Orbis Cascade Alliance, Member, Discovery Working Group, 2013 - 2015 Orbis Cascade Alliance, Chair, Discovery & Delivery Team, 2015 In 2011, the Orbis Cascade Alliance chose to migrate to a shared ILS for resource management and discovery. I led the migration at Pacific University from conception until Go Live and have continued my leadership on the project within Pacific University as well as our greater consortium, Orbis Cascade Alliance. As a result of my work on the migration, I was invited to speak at multiple conferences and consortial meetings in the 2013-2014 academic year. In March 2015, I was invited to be part of a plenary session panel discussion at the Ex Libris Users of North America Annual Meeting to discuss the strategic use of technology to better serve students and faculty members within academic libraries. Drake, M. Romaine, S., Spring, K: "How Is That Going to Work?: Rethinking Acquisitions in a Next-Generation ILS" Proceedings of the Charleston Conference, November 2013 The way that ALA treats the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion are vitally important to the future of the organization. I have been actively involved in these issues since I became a member of ALA, chairing Diversity Council and working closely with the Committee on Diversity and the representative members of the Diversity Council. If elected to Council, I will continue this targeted work on these critical issues. However, I will not just focus exclusively on issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion, but will instead look at all resolutions and matters of discussion before Council through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. I want to ensure that all voices within ALA are represented, heard, valued and respected. 2011 OR
Tyler Dzuba Head, Physics-Optics-Astronomy Library; Interim Program Coordinator, Carlson Student Research Space, University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries, Rochester, NY Academic University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MSLS, 2011 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BS Mathematics and Linguistics, 2009 ACRL, LLAMA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), New Members Round Table (NMRT) No Yes ALA Election Process Task Force, member, 2016–present ALA Resolutions Committee, member, 2014–present LLAMA Reorganization Task Force, member, 2015–present LLAMA Executive Committee, Section Representative, 2015-present LLAMA New Professionals Section, chair, 2014–2015 (past chair, 2015–present) LLAMA Membership Committee, member, 2013–2015 LLAMA Emerging Leaders project team, member, 2013 ACRL New Members Discussion Group, co-convener, 2012–present ACRL Science and Technology Section, newsletter co-editor, 2013–2016 ACRL Science and Technology Section, Publications Committee, member, 2012–2014 RUSA President's Program Committee, member, 2014–2015 Rochester Early Career Information Professionals (RECIP), Conference Planning Committee, member, 2015–present RECIP, Organizing Committee, member, 2013–present RECIP, Leadership Summit Planning Committee, treasurer, 2013–2014 ALA Emerging Leader, 2013 Carolina Academic Library Associate, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2009–2011 Phi Beta Kappa, 2008 Founded the New Professionals Section of the Library Leadership and Management Association in 2013, reaching over 400 members within 2 years and establishing a new model for project teams within LLAMA. Over the last four years, I have become deeply involved throughout ALA. Also, I have observed and frequently live-tweeted Council, Council Forum, and Executive Board meetings throughout the last eight conferences. This experience has put me in touch with a wide range of ALA members and ex-members who bravely ask how they can help. As Councilor-at-Large, I will continue to advocate for inclusivity in participation: new and seasoned professionals; those attending physically and those leading virtually; those already participating and those experiencing barriers. The charge of Council is not limited to the inner workings of the Association: it extends to the myriad ways in which we as library workers and affiliates operate among each other and among our communities. ALA enables libraries to transform; Council develops and champions the structure for that transformation. For these reasons, I ask for your vote. Thank you for your consideration! 2012 NY
Joseph M. Eagan Library Manager (Retired), Montgomery County Public Libraries, Rockville, Maryland Public Library Manager, Montgomery County Public Libraries, Rockville, MD, 2006-2015 Branch and Department Manager, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD, 1985-2006 Librarian, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD 1981-1985 The Johns Hopkins University, MLA, 1986; Simmons College, MLS, 1977; Boston College, BA History, 1976 PLA Exhibits Round Table (ERT), Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), Retired Members Round Table (RMRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT), Staff Organizations (SORT) No No ALA Executive Board, At-Large Member, 2008-11; ALA Council, member, 2002-2011; ALA Council Orientation Comm., Chair, 2014-16, 2005-2008, member, 2004-05; American Libraries Advisory Comm., member, 2015-17; ALA Excellence in Library Programming Award Jury, member, 2015-16; Joseph W. Lippincott Award Jury, Co-Chair, 2013-14; ALA Chapter Relations Comm., Chair, 2012-13, member 2013-14, Exec. Bd. liaison, 2008-11; ALA Comm. on Organization, member, 2011-13; ALA Budget Analysis & Review Comm., Exec. Bd. member, 2008-10; ALA Comm. on Committees, member, 2004-05, 2007-08; ALA Conference Comm., Chair, 2004-05, member 2003-04; PLA Services to Multicultural Populations Comm., Chair, 2000-02, member 1998-2000; PLA Monographs Subcomm., chair, 1999-2000, member, 1997-99; PLA Allie Beth Martin Award Jury, member, 1997-98; PLA IF Comm., member, 1993-1997; ALA Exhibits RT (ERT) Exec. Bd., Librarian Vice-Chair, 2015-16, member, 2011-17; ALA Ex. Bd. liaison, 2008-11; ERT Education Comm., member, 2014-2017; ALA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender RT (GLBTRT), member, 1989-2016; GLBTRT Book Award Breakfast Comm., Chair, 1997-1999; GLBTRT Book Awards Comm., member, 1994-96 Maryland Library Assoc. (MLA), member, 1981-2016; MLA Exec. Bd., member, 1998-2008; ALA Chapter Councilor, 2002-08; Intellectual Freedom Officer & Chair, Intellectual Freedom Panel, 1998-2002; MLA Awards Comm., member, 2008-2009; MLA Conference Comm., member, 1998-2000; MLA Legislative Panel, member, 1998-2002. Elected by colleagues to the following positions in ALA: ALA Executive Board., 2008-11; Maryland Chapter Councilor, 2002-2005, 2005-2008; ALA Comm. on Committees, 2004-05, 2007-08; ALA Exhibits Round Table Librarian Vice-Chair, 2015-2016 The primary focus of my ALA activities for the past 14 years has been to ensure that ALA is effectively and efficiently governed by our member leaders. As an ALA Executive Board member from 2008 to 2011, I collaborated with the other Board members to manage the affairs of ALA during a major economic recession. As Chair of the ALA Council Orientation Committee from 2005-08 and 2014-16, I oriented over 150 newly-elected and re-elected Councilors so they had the tools and resources to be effective Councilors. As a librarian member of the ALA Exhibits Round Table Executive Board from 2011-16, I collaborated with other board members to developed the Round Table's first strategic plan and implemented our first educational programs at ALA annual conferences. As a public librarian for 39 years, I provided leadership to diverse library staffs and advocates in three metropolitan jurisdictions. As a retired librarian, I volunteer for Reading Partners, a non-profit organization that provides literacy services and tutoring for Baltimore City students. Contributor, "Gay & Lesbian Biography", edited by Michael J. Tyrkus (Detroit: St. James Press, 1997) Contributor, "Gay and Lesbian Literature, Vol. 2", edited by Tom Pendergast and Sara Pendergast (Detroit: St James Press, 1998) Contributor, "Readers’ Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies", edited by Timothy F. Murphy (Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000) As an At-Large Councilor, I will provide effective leadership to implement ALA's current strategic document and reinforce our commitment to ALA's mission and values. I will focus on our strategic plan's key action areas to effectively address the needs of library workers, advocates and organizations. Fully engaging our members from all types of libraries is critical to ensuring a vital association and profession. Our divisions, round tables, committees, chapters, affiliates and vendors must collaborate with Council and the Executive Board to ensure that our advocacy and legislative efforts succeed at the federal, state and local levels. We must prepare and engage a new generation of diverse library workers and advocates from around the world using innovative technologies and methods. Growth in ALA businesses and endowments are needed to expand member programs and services and fund scholarships and awards. I ask for your vote to accomplish these goals. 1989 MD
Valerie Ann Edwards Educational Outreach & Training Specialist,, Madison, Wisconsin K12 Literacy Resource Vendor IMC Director, Monona Grove High School, 1997-2014 UW-Madison, MLS, Library Science-School Library, 1997; UW-Madison, BS, Elementary Education, 1995; Cornell College, BA, History, 1987; National Board Certification, Library Media/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood, 2006-2016. AASL No No ASL Division Councilor, 2014-2015; AASL Region 3 Director, 2012-2014; AASL Region 3 Director-Elect, 2010-2012; ALA TOLD Committee Member, 2008-2010; AASL Affiliate Assembly - WI (WEMTA) Delegate 2008-2010. Wisconsin Library Association (WLA), Member-Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries Task Force, 2009-2012; Wisconsin Educational Media Association (WEMTA), Board Member At-Large, 2008-2011; WEMTA, AASL Delegate 2004-2008; WEMTA, Board Member-Leadership Chair, 2002-2004; WEMTA Conference Committee Chair, 2006. WEMTA Forward Award, 2013; WEMTA Professional of the Year, 2008; AASL Collaborative Library Media Program, 2005. WI DPI, Adolescent Literacy Task Force Member 2007-2008; Monona (WI) Public Library, Board of Trustees 2008-2014. Edwards, Valerie. "Making an Impact: the Pathway to Evidence," School Library Media Activites Monthly, November 2008. Edwards, Val & Kate Bugher. "Wisconsin Power!: A Parent's Guide to School Libraries." Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2007. Edwards, Valerie. "Formative Assessment in the High School IMC," KnowledgeQuest (AASL), May/June 2007. Having worked in school, public and academic libraries, I understand the value that all types of libraries bring to users of all ages as well as their interdependence. Serving as an ALA Councilor At-Large, I will partner with other Councilors to develop professional resources supporting the delivery of high quality services to all library users. Honoring our professional commitment to the fundamental rights of intellectual freedom and privacy are among the many ethical standards that I feel should guide ALA governance. I would meet the demands on time and attention necessary to listen to all view points and critically consider all action items before ALA Council in order to fulfill the obligations of this office. 1997 WI
Erica Findley Cataloging | Metadata Librarian, Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon Public Board Member and Treasurer, EveryLibrary, November 2012 - Present Digital Resources/Metadata Librarian, Pacific University Library, July 2010 - November 2013 Adjunct Faculty for the MLIS Program, Emporia State University, May 2011 - August 2011 Emporia State University, MLS, Library Science, 2008; University of California at San Diego, Bachelor of Arts, Media: Film 2002. ALCTS Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) No Yes ALA Councilor At-large, July 2014 - July 2016; ALA Nominating Committee for Councilors at Large and President, Member, January 2014 - September 2014; ALA Emerging Leaders Subcommittee, Member, November 2012 - June 2014; ALCTS Leadership Development Committee, Member, July 2015 - June 2017; ALCTS Executive Director Search Committee, Member, April 2014 - December 2014; ALCTS President's Program Planning Committee, Member, July 2013 - June 2014, ALCTS Board of Directors, Intern, July 2012 - June 2013; ALCTS Publications Committee, Member, July 2011 - June 2013; ALCTS Online Newsletter Editor Search Committee, Member, July 2010 - June 2011; ALCTS New Members Interest Group, Vice Chair, July 2010 - June 2011; ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee, Intern, July 2009 - June 2011; ALCTS New Members Interest Group, Secretary & Web Coordinator, July 2009 - June 2010; LITA Instructional Technologies Interest Group, Vice Chair, January 2012 – January 2013; Student Chapter of the American Library Association (SCALA) Emporia Oregon Chapter, President, August 2007 – August 2008. Orbis Cascade Alliance (Academic Library Consortium in the Pacific Northwest) Collaborative Technical Services Team, Member, February 2011 - December 2011; Orbis Cascade Alliance Bibliographic Standards & Best Practices Working Group, Leader, February 2011 - December 2011; Orbis Cascade Alliance Summit Planning and Operations Team, Representative, September 2010 - July 2011; Orbis Cascade Alliance Bibliographic Standards & Best Practices Working Group, Member, August 2010 - October 2010; 2008 Northwest Interlibrary Loan Conference, Session Coordinator, April 2008 – August 2008; Deans Student Advisory Council for Emporia State University, Student Representative, September 2006 – December 2008. American Library Association, Emerging Leader, 2012; American Library Association, Student to Staff Participant, 2008; Beta Phi Mu, Achievement Award for Academic Excellence, Leadership and Professional Promise, 2008. I am passionate about Library advocacy and am on the board of EveryLibrary, the first national PAC for libraries. To date we have helped win 32 campaigns and secured over $70 million in stable funding for libraries. Stable funding is necessary for all of the great work librarians and library workers do and I am proud of the work we have done as EveryLibrary to gain voter support for libraries. In the past 2 years, I have worked directly with 4 library funding campaigns in the state of Oregon. I have provided training on getting out of the library and talking with voters, worked with library staff on information only campaigns, assisted with campaign strategy, and even gone door to door myself as a volunteer. EveryLibrary Facebook The future of our profession and the stability of our institutions is dependent on the youngest professionals with or without degrees who work or want to work in libraries. I am passionate about providing opportunities for young and diverse librarians to grow, connect, and collaborate with other professionals. The Council does most if its activity through drafting and voting on resolutions of relevance to the future of our profession such as accreditation standards, professional competencies, and organizational policy. As a second term councilor I will be more familiar with the governance structure and a stronger advocate for my professional peers. As a board member of EveryLibrary, I am current on the challenges our public institutions face. I will make sure that the ongoing struggle with securing local funding is heard and discussed by the leaders within ALA. 2007 OR
Mario M. Gonzalez Director, Passaic Public Library, Passaic, NJ Public Harvard Business School, Executive Education Program; Columbia University, Teachers College, M.Ed., Adult Education (in progress); Pratt Institute, Graduate School of Library & Information Science, M.L.I.S.; City College of New York, B.A., Spanish & Psychology; Florida Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering Program. AASL, ACRL, ALCTS, ALSC, UNITED, ASCLA, LITA, LLAMA, PLA, RUSA, YALSA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange RT (EMIERT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), International Relations (IRRT), Library History (LHRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) AILA, APALA, BCALA, CALA, REFORMA No No Treasurer of ALA, 2013-2016, Executive Board, 2006-2009, 2013-2016; Chair Finance & Audit Committee, 2013-2016; Trustee of ALA Long Term(Foundation) Investment, 2013-2016 Councilor-At-Large, 1996-present; Chair of Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC), 2010-2011; Member of Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC), 2006-2012; Finance & Audit Committee, 2010-2011; ALA Finances 101 (a.k.a. Financial Planning Seminar) 2006-2012; Planning & Budget Assembly (PBA), 1997-1999 and 2006-2016; President's Steering Committee, 2009-2011; ALA President's Task Force on Elections, 2008-2011; ALA Campaign for America's Libraries, 2009-present; ALA International Relations Committee (IRC), 2004-2006; ALA Nominating Committee, 2003-2004; ALA Committee on Committees, 2002-2003; ALA Chapter Relations Committee, 2001-2003; ALA World Book/Gale Award Committee, 2001; ALA Literacy Assembly, 1998-1999; Public Library Association (PLA) Board of Directors, 2004-2007; PLA Leadership Committee, 2007-2012; PLA Nominating Committee, 2006; RUSA Executive Board, 1992-1995; ASCLA Board, 2000-2003; EMIERT President, Executive Board, Committees and member,1998-present; ALA Committee on Pay Equity, 1993-1995; Member of Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), Social Responsibility Roundtable (SRRT), Intellectual Freedom Roundtable (IFRT), and the Freedom to Read Foundation. New Jersey Library Association (NJLA), member; Chinese-American Library Association (CALA), Life Member; Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA), member; REFORMA National Association, Life Member, President, 1991-1992; Executive Board, 1986-1994; Chair, Exhibits Committee, First National Conference, 1995-1997; Northeast Chapter (NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT) Founding Member; President, 1998-1990; Treasurer, 2001-2008; Co-Founder REFORMA Puerto Rico Chapter; Passaic/Essex County NJ Area Library Consortium (PALS Plus), Treasurer and President, 2009-present; Rotary Club International - Passaic NJ Chapter, Treasurer and President, 2009-present; Fairfield CT Library Directors Group (FLAG), Scholarship Committee and Life Member; Greenwich Alliance for Education, Board of Directors; Greenwich Hospital, Community Advisory Board Member. Appreciation Award, ALA Executive Board, 2006-2009; Recognition Award, Mayor, City of Passaic, NJ, 2009; Connecticut Award for Excellence in Public Library Architecture, 2005; Connecticut Library Association Excellence in Public Relations Award, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008; Town of Greenwich Team of the Year Award - Greenwich Library, 2002; Brooklyn Borough President Award for Serving People with Disabilities; REFORMA Librarian of the Year Award, 1994; Pura Belpre Award at the United Nations for Outstanding Service to the Spanish Speaking in the Northeastern U.S., 1993; Eleanor Roosevelt Community Service Award for Service to the Homeless, 1989. Library Trustee, President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Orangeburg Library, Orangeburg, New York; Team Leader and Panel Reviewer of several Government Grants, NEH, IMLS and U.S. Dept. of Education; Guest Speaker on Library Services, Finances and Budgets at Universities in Mexico (in Spanish), Costa Rica (in Spanish) and Kosovo, invited by the U.S. Dept. of State; Adjunct Professor, Long Island (NY) University, Palmer School of Library and Information Science; Faculty Advisor, Empire State (NY) College; Advisory Board Member, Facts-on-File Publications, Advisory Board Member, New York City Mayor's Office for Persons with Disabilities; Chair, New York City Literacy Alliance Staff Development on Disabilities Committee; Consultant, ESOL Programs & Services, World Language Collection Development in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Texas; interviewed for documentary film, "A Gift of Joy-Serving the Aging" (1999) to record my work with older adults and libraries in Brooklyn, NY. "Looking at a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Developing Gift Policies for Public Libraries", Association of Connecticut Library Boards, 2003. Como Interesar a Sus Hijos en Leer" (How to Interest Your Child in Reading), La Familia de Hoy, 11/1990. "Latin American, Latino (U.S.), Spain and Portugal", Magazines for Libraries, R.R. Bowker, 1992. I have been working in public libraries for more than half of my life providing services and outreach to all; children, young adults, people with disabilities and especially to the traditionally underserved. I have taught library science programs. As a paraprofessional, faculty, trustee and administrator, I have consistently advocated for the importance of libraries as the informational and cultural center of the community, whether that community is a school, university, business or neighborhood. I am successful in bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and interests to improve library and information services. As a member of the ALA Council, I will continue to work hard for you by keeping ALA responsive to the needs and concerns of all its members; assuring a balance between functions of the ALA offices and membership units; keeping ALA focused on member-driven priorities; and strengthening the voice of the Association in national and international forums. 1985 NJ
Mel Gooch Learning and Instruction Coordinator, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA Public Librarian II - Branch Manager. San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA Librarian II - Branch Librarian. Richmond Public Library, Richmond, CA Supervising Librarian II - Adult Cluster Specialist. Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Master of Library and Information Science, 2002 New York University, New York, NY Bachelor of Arts, 1996 LITA, LLAMA, RUSA, GameRT, GLBTRT, LearnRT, LIRT, No No 2013-2016 American Library Association Councilor-At-Large 2013-2015 Library and Information Technology Association Program Committee Member 2013-2015 Library Leadership and Management Association Program Committee Member 2014-2015 Reference and User Services Association President’s Program Committee Member I have worked in large urban public library systems for thirteen years and have been a supervising manager for ten years. In addition to serving on several ALA committees and serving as a Councilor-At-Large (2014-2016), I also serve on the Board of EveryLibrary, the first political action committee for libraries. Over the past few years I have become more involved with ALA and would like to continue to help shape ALA's future. My professional concerns are primarily centered on library advocacy, information access, staff training and library instruction. I would like the opportunity to serve on ALA Council for a 2nd term to work towards more meaningful and substantive Council actions for all ALA Members. 2002 CA
Terri Grief High School Librarian, McCracken County High School, Paducah, KY School School librarian, Reidland High School, 2002-2013 School librarian, Heath High School, 1991-2002 School librarian, Lone Oak High School, 1988-1991 Murray State University, MA Educational Administration, 2000; Murray State University, MA History, 1994; Western Kentucky University, BA, Library Science and History, 1979. AASL, YALSA Games & Gaming (GAMERT) No No ALA Council, Kentucky Chapter Councilor, 2010-2013; ALA Executive Board Member, 2005-2009, ALA Council, Division Councilor, 2003-2005; ALA Conference Committee, ALA Board liaison, 2007-2009; ALA Membership Meetings, ALA Board liaison, 2007-2009; ALA Publishing Committee, ALA Board liaison, 2005-2009; ALA Website Advisory, ALA Board liaison, 2006-2009; NMRT, ALA Board liaison, 2007-2008; ALA Board Effectiveness Committee, member, 2006-2008; ALA Board Partnerships and Sponsorships Committee, member, 2007-2008; ALA Literacy Committee, member, 2009-2013; ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, member, 2009-2010; ALA Nominations Committee, member, 2012-2013, ALA TOLD Committee, chair, 2013; ALA Planning and Budget Assembly, member, 2011-2013; ALA Committee on Appointments, member, 2013-2014; ALA Committee on Committees, member, 2012-2013; ALA Literacy Assembly, chair, 2011-2013; AASL President, 2014-2015; AASL National Conference, co-chair, 2011-2013; AASL National Conference, Exploratorium and Pre-conference, chair, 2007-2009; AASL National Conference, Program Review Subcommittee, co-chair, 2005-2007; AASL National Conference Committee, Concurrent Sessions, co-chair, 2001-2003; AASL Awards, National School Library Program of the Year Subcommittee, chair, 2009-2010; AASL Affiliate Assembly, chair, 1999-2000. Kentucky Library Association, President, 2001-2002; Kentucky Association of School Librarians, President, 1997-1998; KLA, Conference Planning Committee, chair, 2000-2001; KLA Chapter Councilor, 2010-2013; KLA Fundraising Committee, Chair, 2014-present, KASL, Conference Planning Committee, chair, 2003-2004; KASL Eleanor Simmons Grant Committee, chair; KASL Technology Committee, chair; KASL Public Relations Committee, chair; KASL Publications Committee, chair; KASL Webmaster. I am not sure of the specific dates but have been an active member on the KASL board since 1998. Kentucky Library Association, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015; Kentucky Association of School Librarians, Barby Hardy Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013; KASL Outstanding School Librarian, 2001, McCracken County Teacher of the Year, 2002 My major accomplishment is my leadership at the state level which allowed me to become a leader in AASL and in ALA. I was fortunate to be selected as the state president for KASL and then KLA which gave me a wide view of the issues in our state. I have served as both a chapter and division councilor which has helped me understand council issues in greater depth. My time on the Executive Board of ALA gives me a unique perspective of the association. My term as president of AASL allowed me to travel to many state associations and to one international conference to present and meet librarians nation and worldwide. This world view is a strength that I have that has increased my knowledge of librarianship. My major take away from this is that we are more alike than different and are much more powerful speaking with one voice. Author. "Planning+Mission=A Focused Association." Knowledge Quest, Volume 43, Number 2, 2014. Contributing Author. "Big Games at Reidland High School." Teen Games Rule!: A Librarian's Guide to Platforms and Programs. Santa Barbara: Libraries Unlimited, 2014. 55-61. Author. "Experience Education Evolution." Knowledge Quest, Volume 43, Number 4, 2015. ALA showed incredible solidarity in the effort to pass the Every Student Succeeds Act. This was so crucial for students in K-12 and it would not have been successful if only school librarians contacted their legislators. ALA needs representatives from all library types and school libraries are notoriously underrepresented. I would be a strong voice for all library types but will keep school libraries at the forefront. I know that we are stronger when we speak with one voice. The real winners are our students who receive lifelong learning skills in their school library. These same students move on the academic world better prepared for their college experience. They grow up to be public library users and bring their children to story hour to start the cycle again. 1997 KY
Clem Guthro Director of Libraries, Colby College, Waterville, ME Academic Team Leader for Collection Management, Macalester College, 10/1999-6/2003 Library Manager, Chippewa Valley Technical College, 7/1998-9/1999 Information Technologies Librarian, Northwestern College, 11/1995-6/1999 Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D. 2004, Higher Education Leadership ACRL Harvard Leadership, 2001 University of Western Ontario, MLS, 1985, Library Science Point Loma Nazarene University, MA, 1979, Christian Theology University of Manitoba, BA, 1977, Religious Studies ACRL, LLAMA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), International Relations (IRRT) No No ACRL College Library Section, Professional Development Committee (Chair), 2009-2013 ALA. Intellectual Freedom Committee, 2014 - Maine InfoNet (Vice Chair), 2006-present Maine InfoNet Library Directors Forum, Chair, Planning Committee, 2010-present Maine Academic Libraries Day, Founder and Convener, 2009-present NExpress Consortium, Coordinator of Library Director's Group, 2008-present Hathi Trust Print Monograph Archive Task Force, 2013-2015 Eastern Academic Scholars Trust. Steering Committee, 2014-2015 Maine Shared Collections Cooperative. Executive Committee. Chair, 2014- Marquis' Who's Who, 2009 Colby College: Construction of 500,000 volume library storage facility, $9 million renovation of Miller Library, complete staffing reorganization. Co-founder of NExpress Consortium Guthro, Clem. "Digital Public Library of America" Maine Policy Review. Special Issue on Libraries. Spring 2013 Personal blog: pasting ALA is uniquely positioned to provide advocacy and leadership for libraries. If elected I would focus my attention on strengthening ALA's voice and for helping librarians become leaders in their own libraries and community 2004 ME
Rochelle Hartman Adult Services Manager, La Crosse Public Library, La Crosse, Wisconsin Public Reference Librarian, Bloomington (IL) Public Library, 1995-2006 Coordinator for Special Projects, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 1987-1989 Midwest Archaeological Research Center, Normal, IL, Archaeological Assistant, 1987 University of Illinois, MSLIS, 1998 Illinois State University, BS Anthropology, 1987 PLA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No ALA Councilor at Large, 2004-2008 Public and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee, 2005-2008 Emcee, LIVE! Author Reading Stage, 2006-2007 Council Orientation Committee, 2005-2007 Freedman Better Salaries Task Force, 2003 Contributor and Editor, Cognotes, 2000-2004 Illinois Library and Information Science Training Grant, 1996-98 Because of chronic migraines (an improving situation), there is a gap in my professional development activity. Despite this challenge, I have remained highly connected online and am ready to jump back in without loss of continuity. At work, my proudest accomplishment has been to foster a safer environment for staff and patrons. I worked with team members to regain control of our environment and lobbied for a security presence. I created documentation for behavioral expectations for patrons that has been adapted by other libraries, and work closely with security personnel to maintain a library that is safe, open, and inviting. In the absence of staff with web expertise, I managed the completion and launch of a Drupal website, with tremendous help from LISHost. It’s not award-winning but people find what they’re looking for. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to. What keeps me engaged, buoyed, and passionate though, are the dozens of small things we do every day to help improve lives. "Excuse Me Miss, Your Roots Are Showing: An Apologia for Working in One's Hometown Library," Public libraries. 41, no. 2, (2002): 91 "I'm Afraid of Librarians": An Interview with Andrei Codrescu (Book Talk) 2002(J/F):36–37 LinkedIn profile: I’ve served on Council before and am acutely aware of the limitations of such a large professional organization to enact rapid, or even moderate, change. Part of my reason for stepping down from Council when I did, was frustration. I questioned ALA’s relevance and found professional community elsewhere while keeping ALA in the periphery. After a few years away, and reflection about what ALA is, what it means to librarianship, and what it meant to me early in my career, I’m ready to return. I’m ready to recommit myself to the organization and view service to ALA and ALA-APA Council as sort of an ambassadorship. If elected, I will be honored to help keep ALA relevant and moving forward. Also, I like watching how the sausage is made. 2000 WI
April Michelle Hathcock Scholarly Communications Librarian, New York University Libraries, New York, New York Academic Reference Librarian, University of South Carolina Law School, 2013-2014 Academic Support Specialist, St. Petersburg College, 2012-2013 Reference Assistant, Orange County Library System, 2011-2012 University of South Florida, MLIS, 2013 Duke University School of Law, JD, LLM in International and Comparative Law, 2007 Agnes Scott College, BA French and Psychology, 2004 ACRL, RUSA Yes No Copyright Subcommittee of the ALA Committee on Legislation, Member, 2015-2016 Black Caucus of the American Association of Law Libraries, Chair, Marketing and Publicity Committee, 2013-present Library Pipeline Professional Development Committee, Co-Chair, 2015-2016 American Association of Law Libraries, Member, Nominating Committee, 2013-2014 New York University Libraries Grievance Committee, Member, 2014-present Phi Beta Mu, 2013 Spectrum Scholar, 2012 Before entering librarianship, I practiced securities, antitrust, and intellectual property litigation for a global law firm in California. I continue to be a member of the California Bar. “Likely Lessons in Unlikely Places: Comparative Review of Legal Education Policy Between the United States and East Germany,” Peking University Transnational Law Review, Vol. 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2014). “Augmenting Reality in the Law Library at the University of South Carolina,” American Association of Law Librarians, Academic Law Library-Special Interest Section Newsletter, Vol. 33, Issue 2 (Winter 2014). "White Librarianship in Blackface: Diversity Initiatives in LIS," In The Library With The Lead Pipe, October 7, 2015. I'm proud to be a member of ALA. My goal as an ALA Councilor-at-Large is to make our professional organization as inclusive as possible so all other librarians can be proud to be members, as well. Advocacy stands at the very heart of our profession, and I'd like to see ALA take a more concentrated stance on issues affecting our communities and patrons, including privacy, intellectual and academic freedom, and societal inclusivity. As such a large organization with so many member voices, we have the ability to promote big change in the library world and our surrounding communities. I want to work with members from all levels of the profession to make sure those voices are heard and adequately represented. 2012 NY
Pat Hawthorne Associate Dean for Research & Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Libraries, Las Vegas, NV Academic Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Emory University Libraries, 2012 - 2013 Director of Research & Learning Services, Texas State University - San Marcos, 2010 - 2011 Director of Library Human Resources, UCLA Library, 2002 - 2010 University of Texas at San Antonio, MA, Adult & Higher Education, 1997; University of Kentucky, MSLS, 1985; University of Southwestern Louisiana, BA, English-Journalism, 1982. ACRL, LLAMA No No ALA COUNCIL: None. ALA COMMITTEES: 2015 Selection Committee for Leading to the Future Institute; ALA Publishing Committee, 2014–present; Office of Human Resource Development and Recruitment Advisory Committee, 2010–2012; Recruitment Assembly, 2010–2012. ACRL DIVISION: Screening and Appointment of Academic Librarians Guidelines Revision Task Force, 2015-present; ACRL Personnel Administrators & Staff Development Officers Discussion Group, 2008–2009 and 2001–2002; Ad Hoc Task Force on Recruitment & Retention of Academic Librarians, 2001–2002; Editor, ACRL/LA Newsletter, Association of College & Research Libraries/Louisiana Chapter, 1990. LLAMA DIVISION: LLAMA Career Institute Planning Committee, 2013–present ; LLAMA Nominating Committee, 2015; LLAMA President, 2012–2013; Chair, Human Resources Section, 2006–2007; LAMA Publications Committee, 1995 – 1997; LAMA Occasional Paper Series Editor, 1995–1997, AND Assistant Editor, 1993–1995. RUSA DIVISION: Member, Notable Books Council, 1997–1999; Member/MARS Representative, Publications Committee, 1993–1995; Publications Committee, Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS), 1991–1995. MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: Member, 2012 Symposium Planning Committee for “Managing & Revitalizing Your Career as a Medical Librarian” Preconference at 2012 MLA National Conference, 2010–2012; Member, Local Arrangements Committee & Publicity Subcommittee, South Central Chapter, 1990–1991. TEXAS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: Chair, District 10, Texas Library Association, 1997; Secretary-Treasurer, TALL Texans Leadership Interest Group, Texas Library Association, 1994–1997.LOUISIANA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: Member/Subject Specialists Representative, Editorial Board, LLA Bulletin, 1989–1990; Editor, LA DOCS [Louisiana Documents] Newsletter, Government Documents Round Table, 1988–1990; Member, Program Subcommittee, 1989 Conference Committee, 1988–1989. UCLA Senior Fellows 2001 Program, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, 2001. William D. Postell, Sr. Professional Development Award, South Central Chapter, Medical Library Association, Fall 1996. TALL (Texas Accelerated Library Leaders) Texans Leadership Development Institute, Texas Library Association, 1994. Beta Phi Mu (International Library Science Honor Society), 1985. Active member of the American Library Association (ALA), the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), and the Library Leadership Administration & Management Association (LLAMA) since 1998. Served as LLAMA President for 2012 – 2013. Selected for 1994 TALL (Texas Accelerated Library Leaders) Texans Leadership Development Institute. Selected for 2001 UCLA Senior Fellows Program. Certified by the Society of Human Resource Management as a Senior Professional since 2003. Hawthorne, Pat. Succession Planning & Management: A Key Leadership Responsibility Emerges. Texas Library Journal, 87 (1) Spring 2011:8 – 12. Abramson, Jenifer, Pat Hawthorne, Joan Kaplowitz, and Leslie McMichael. Voices of the Future: Next Generation Professionals Speak. In College & Research Libraries News, 69 (5) May 2008: 262 – 263. Ad Hoc Task Force on Recruitment & Retention Issues (Pat Hawthorne and George Bynon, Co-Chairs), a subcommittee of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Personnel Administrators & Staff Development Officers Discussion Group. Recruitment, Retention, and Restructuring: Human Resources in Academic Libraries. Chicago: American Library Association, 2002. ALA is the premier library organization for librarians and library staff AND the advocate for libraries of all types. The work of this organization is critically important to our nation and is vital to supporting learning across the lifespan. I have been deeply honored to work alongside many talented professionals in all areas of ALA and have learned so much from these colleagues. I would be honored to serve on the ALA Council. 1985 NV
Holly Hibner Adult Services Coordinator, Plymouth District Library, Plymouth, MI Public Head of Adult Services, Salem-South Lyon District Library, 1996-2009 Wayne State University, MLIS, Reference Services concentration, 1999 Eastern Michigan University, BS, English and American Language and Literature and Elementary Education, 1997 LLAMA, PLA No No Member, LLAMA Competencies Committee, 2013-2015 Michigan Library Association, Member-at-Large, Fantastic Fiction Workgroup, 2009-2010 Michigan Library Association, Chair, iTrends Workgroup, 2008-2009 Michigan Library Association, Member-at-Large, Reference Division, 2006-2008 The Library Network, Chair, Adult Services Committee, 2003-2004, Member 1999-2008 Loleta D. Fyan Award, Michigan Library Association, 2007 -Co-founder, author, and partner of the popular blog “Awful Library Books” -Presented at various national and international conferences on a variety of topics, including collection management and using technology in reference service. -Regular contributor to "What Do I Read Next," published by Gale: Cengage Learning, as well as The Gale Blog. -Regular contributor to the leadership blog "Library Lost and Found" Co-author: "Making a Collection Count: A Holistic Approach to Collection Management," Chandos, 2nd edition 2014. Co-author: “Not Just for the Kids: Promoting Library Services through Adult Summer Reading Programs.” Public Libraries, Jul/Aug 2008 Author: “Reference on the Edge.” Public Libraries, 46:1, 21-22 (2007) As a public librarian, I am interested in the maker movement, access to information through a variety of platforms and devices, and mentoring library and information science students. I am also interested in holistic library service, where all staff and their activities, combined, contribute to library quality. As an ALA Councilor, I will provide an innovative, “big picture” vision of future libraries. I will engage in discussions about how social issues and technology impact libraries of all types. I will champion all libraries in the causes of adequate funding and equal access to information. I will also inspire future library and information professionals to engage with their communities and legislators to further this vision. 1998 MI
Jennifer Rushton Jamison School Library Media Specialist, Atlantic City High School, Atlantic City, NJ School 2012-2013 Pre-K –Eighth Grade, School Library Media Specialist, Pennsylvania Avenue School, Atlantic City, NJ 2008-2012 Pre-K –Eighth Grade, School Library Media Specialist, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School Atlantic City, NJ 2006-2008 K –8 Grade, School Library Media Specialist, Chelsea Heights School, Atlantic City, NJ Rowan University, MLS, 2006 Rowan University, Educational Media Specialist Certificate, 2003 Rowan University, Elementary Education Certification, Rowan University, 1994 Susquehanna University, Bachelor of Arts, Minor Political Science, 1990 AASL, LITA,YALSA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) 2015 Beyond Words Grant Committee Chair, AASL 2009-Present, AASL Member 2010-Present, ALA Member 1996-Present, New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) Member 2012-2014: New Jersey Association of School Librarians, Awards Chair 2012 AASL Member of Repurposing and Managing Brands Task Force 2015: AASL Chair, Beyond Words Grant Committee 2015 Follett Challenge, People’s Choice Winner, Atlantic City High School 2014 Miss Rhumpius Award, New Jersey Center of the Book 2014 Laura Bush Grant Recipient, Atlantic City High School 2013 “I Love My Librarian” Recipient, ALA/Carnegie Education 2013 Awarded the AASL Beyond Words Dollar General Grant: $20,000 2013 Recipient Scholastic Book Donation for 10,000 books to be distributed to Atlantic City Students 2013 Recipient of the AASL National School Library Program of the Year, Pennsylvania Avenue School 2013 Teacher of the Year, Pennsylvania Avenue School, Atlantic City 2013 Awarded Restore our Shore Literacy Grant 2012 Finalist: AASL NSLPY, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School 2013-2015, AASL Conference Presentations: “Bragging Rights and Strategic Spins of Exemplary School Libraries” 2014, New Jersey Library Association, Presentation “We’re all in this Together”, NJLA Conference 2014, Texas Library Association and Massachusetts School Library Association Conference Presentation 2013, District Professional Development Seminars: Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, Elementary School Librarians, Pennsylvania Avenue Faculty, Parent Education Center 2012, NJASL Advocating the School Library to Administrators, New Jersey Association of School Librarians Conference 2012, My Classroom to Yours, Stockton College, Active Reading Project and Classroom Teachers 2011, AASL Active Reading Project to American Association of School Librarians, Minneapolis 2011-2012, District Articulation Workshop: School Library Resources and the classroom, Atlantic City School District 2010-2011, Districted Articulation Workshops School Library Resources and Related Arts (Music, Art, Health), Atlantic City School District 2007-2011, Digital Resources Workshop Presentation to District School Library Media Specialists, Atlantic City School District My primary concerns for the future of our profession lie within the positive relationships that can be built to strengthen the librarian's position in the workplace. Technology is not a replacement for a qualified librarian with a keen desire to serve their patrons, but it is a necessary tool to reach our goals of collaboration, innovation, and extension of library services. Advocating for the library and its services to all of our respective communities in public, academic, school and special libraries, strengthens these partnerships and should be at the center of every librarian's focus. Our world is changing and to keep up with the demands and costs of all libraries we must be "indispensable", to quote Hilda Weisberg, and continue to find creative solutions to show the world how special librarians are! 2010 NJ
Sara Kelly Johns School Library Program Consultant & Presenter, Sara Kelly Johns Consulting, Saranac Lake, NY School/Library Education Instructor, Mansfield University School of Library and Information Technologies, 2008-15 School Librarian, Lake Placid Middle/Senior High School-through 2012 Adjunct Instructor for Bibliographic Instruction-Research Methods through Technology, Feinberg Library, SUNY Plattsburgh, 1990-2007 State University of New York (SUNY), Plattsburgh, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature; SUNY Albany, MLS; SUNY Plattsburgh, Graduate work in English, Education and Educational Administration AASL, ACRL, ALSC, ASCLA, RUSA, YALSA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange RT (EMIERT), Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT), International Relations (IRRT), Learning RT (LearnRT, formerly CLENERT), Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), New Members Round Table (NMRT), Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) REFORMA No No ALA Executive Board, 2013-16; ALA Councilor-At-Large, 2002-04; 2010-present; Julie Todaro's Presidential Initiative School Library Co-Chair 2015-17; ALA-ALISE Accreditation Task Force, 2015-present; ALA Literacy Committee, 2013-15, Chair 2013-14; ALA President Maureen Sullivan’s Kitchen Cabinet, 2012-13; Candidate, ALA President, 2010; ALA Grassroots Advocacy Subcommittee, ALA Committee on Legislation. 2010-13; ALA Advocacy Committee, 2008-2009; Spectrum Scholar Advisory Committee, 2011-13. ALA President Jim Rettig’s Task Force, 2008-09; ALA President Camila Alire’s Initiative REACT Task Force, 2009-10; ALA Task Force on Council Effectiveness, 2010-11, ALA President-elect Molly Raphael’s Advocacy Presidential Initiative, Co-chair, Strategy Toolkit for Engaging the Community in Advocacy, 2011-12, AASL’s Liaison to ALA Education Committee, 2003-05. ALA Public Advocacy Task Force member, 1995-99. AASL: AASL Standards Implementation Task Force, 2015-present; AASL President 2007-08; AASL Division Councilor, 2011-13; AASL Legislative Committee, 2009-13; Learning4Life Coordinator, NYS, 2009-present; Associate Editor, Knowledge Quest, 2003-2010; Region II Director-elect/Director, 2003-07. Member, NSLMPY Committee, 2005-06. School Librarians’ Workshop Award Subcommittee of the Awards Committee, 1992-94. Mentoring TF, 1996-97. Advocacy TF, 1996-97. Membership Committee, 1994-96. NEW YORK LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: NYLA President, Sept. 2013-Nov. 2014; Legislation Committee, Member-at-Large, 2005-09, 2014-15; Member, NYS Delegation for NLLD; Convener, as NYLA President, of 2014 School Library Summit bringing together NYLA, NYLA/SSL, the School Library Systems Association, the State Education Dept. and other stakeholder organizations to focus the work to advance school libraries and librarians in New York State; Executive Council, 1993-94, 2002-05, Nov. 2012-2015; Finance Committee, 2004-05; Awards Committee, 2002-04; Conference Advisory Committee, 1991-93; Local Arrangements Committee, NYLA Conference, 1987 and 1992; Recruitment Ad Hoc Task Force, 1985. Public Awareness Committee, 1995-2000. pasting. Finance Committee, 2004-05; Awards Committee, 2002-04; Conference Advisory Committee, 1991-93; Local Arrangements Committee, NYLA Conference, 1987 and 1992. Recruitment Ad Hoc Task Force, 1985; Public Awareness Committee, 1995-2000; NYLA Membership Committee, 1994-1996, co-chair, 1995-96. NYLA SECTION OF SCHOOL LIBRARIANS (NYLA/SSL): Section of School Librarians Executive Board, 1990-present; Educational Leadership Committee, 1991-present; Co-chair/Program Director, 1994-present; President, 1993-94; Program Co-Chair, Annual Spring Conference, 1988-89. NEW YORK STATE REGENTS ADVISORY COUNCIL ON LIBRARIES: 2008-2015, Vice Chair, 2011-13. Schubert Award Chair, 2011-14. Recipient, Delta Kappa Gamma Society of Key Women Educators, Pi State (New York State) Frederica Hollister Professional Educators Award, 2014. Recipient, New York Library Association Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011. Recipient of the Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award, Plattsburgh State University of New York, 2002. Recipient of the North Country Reference and Research Library Resources Council Excellence in Librarianship Award, 1996. I led a student-centered school library program, taught bibliographic instruction to college students for 16 years, was a trustee for two local libraries, president of the Saranac Lake Board of Trustees, led a capital campaign project to add a children's room, was a candidate for ALA president and taught future librarians in an ALA/AASL accredited program. Collaboration with librarians from all library types is the basis for my work on ALA Executive Board and Council. I introduced the 2010 Value of School Libraries resolution in Council that came from the School Library Task Force with members from all library types--it was passed unanimously. As a school library activist, working with ALA staff, other librarians and library advocates brought success when school library language was included in ESSA. As AASL President, advocacy tools were developed, School Library Month began revitalization and a Diversity TF was established. As NYLA President, I convened the 2014 NYS School Library Summit library at which library and education stakeholder groups focused on steps to advance school libraries. Author: "'Flipping the Switch' for School Library Advocacy, " Creating Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices Ed. by Robert L. Lackie and M. Sandra Wood, (Rowan and Littlefield, 2015). Author: "School Librarians Taking the Leadership Challenge." School Library Monthly, Volume 27, Number 4, 2011. Author: "What can Teacher-Librarians do to Promote their Work and the School Library Media Program? Offensive Formula: P+M=A ," Teacher Librarian Volume 36, Number 2.\, 2008. Advocacy Wiki: Twitter: As libraries and librarians face challenges in today’s fast-moving society, Council must be thoughtful and forward thinking as it sets the policies that direct ALA’s work. The breadth of my library experiences, including as a member of ALA Council and ALA Executive Board, commits me to work to make a difference for all libraries, librarians and library users. I will be an active, engaged member of ALA Council. If I am given the honor of serving on Council, I am committed to work within ALA to: •focus my energy, expertise and experiences to implement ALA’s Strategic Directions; •strengthen diversity initiatives of ALA to further develop a workforce that reflects our communities; • support the principles of intellectual freedom and privacy rights; and •continue ALA’s work to strengthen the role of all school, children’s, youth and academic librarians as part of the continuum of library experiences available to all. 1984 NY
Robin Kear Liaison Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Academic Reference Librarian/Social Sciences Subject Specialist, Nova Southeastern University, 2003-2007 Information Services Intern, United Nations HABITAT, 2003 Library Technician, Monterey Peninsula College, 2001-2003 San Jose State University, MLIS, 2002; Chatham College, BA Global Policy Studies, 1997 ACRL International Relations (IRRT), Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) No Yes (Elected) Chair-Elect 2013-14, Current Chair 2014-15, Past-Chair 2015-16, ALA International Relations Round Table (IRRT). 2014-2015: Member, Diversity Research Grant Committee to decide the Achievement in Diversity Research Award; Member, Scholastic Award Jury to decide the Scholastic Library Publishing Award; Member, Humphry/OCLC/Forest Press Award for International Librarianship. 2012-2013: Co-chair of the ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee. 2011-2013: (Elected) Executive Board Member-At-Large, ALA IRRT; Chair of the ALA IRRT International Posters Committee; Member ALA Library Instruction Roundtable Web Advisory Committee. 2010-2012: Member of the ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee. 2009-2011: Co-chair of the ALA IRRT International Exchanges Committee; Roundtable Representative to the ALA Website Advisory Committee; Member of the ALA Library Instruction Roundtable Web Advisory Committee; Intern for the ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee. 2009-10. 2007-2009: Co-chair of the ALA IRRT International Exchanges Committee; Chair of the Humphry/OCLC/Forest Press Award for International Librarianship; Web Editor for the ALA IRRT; Intern for the ALA Conference Committee; Roundtable Representative to the ALA Website Advisory Committee. 2005-2007: Intern for the ALA Council International Relations Committee; Member of the ALA IRRT International Exchanges Committee; Assistant Web Editor, ALA IRRT. Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia Chapter of ACRL, Member, Program Committee, 2009-11. Library Journal Mover & Shaker, "Global Thinker", 2008; ALA Emerging Leader, 2008, IRRT scholarship recipient; Outstanding Alumna, San Jose State University, 2007, nominated and selected as one of 40 outstanding alumni over 40 years for a celebration of the San Jose State University School of Library & Information Science 40th continuous ALA accreditation anniversary; ACRL Conference Scholarship Recipient, 2005; Jury Member to select programs for the ALA Grassroots Program, part of the ALA Annual Conference 2010. I have served the International Relations Round Table (IRRT) over the last ten years in various roles, including as its current chair. With IRC, we piloted an international mentoring program. I have chaired the Posters Committee, co-chaired the Connections Committee and brought many programs to Annual. In that role, I co-sponsored and planned an ALA annual 2010 program on international librarianship with the IRRT Sister Libraries committee that was broadcast to 41 countries by the U.S. State Department. I have consulted and taught academic library concepts abroad in Vietnam (2008) and Kazakhstan (2012). I represented all round tables on the ALA Website Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2011. I was the principal Web Editor for IRRT from 2007-2009. I served a half-year as an information services intern for the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya in 2003. I enjoy publishing, presenting, being involved in ALA, and contributing to international librarianship. I was named an ALA Emerging Leader for 2008 with IRRT sponsorship and named a 2008 Library Journal Mover and Shaker for having a global focus. Co-Author: "New Librarians Worldwide: Mapping Out the Future." Peer-reviewed paper accepted for presentation at the World Library and Information Congress: 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, 11-17 August 2012, Helsinki, Finland. Co-Author: "Worldwide Perceptions of New Librarians." Peer-reviewed paper accepted for presentation. In: Wolf-Fritz Riekert and Ingeborg Simon: “Information in e-motion”. Proceedings BOBCATSSS 2012 – 20th International Conference on Information Science. Amsterdam, 23-25 January 2012. Bock+Herchen Verlag, Bad Honnef, Germany, 121-24. Co-Author: "Citation Searching and Bibliometric Measures: Resources for Ranking and Tracking." College & Research Libraries News, 72(8), 470-474, 2011. (Full CV) (IFLA Conference Paper) (C&RL News Article) We need a strong, vibrant, and diverse ALA to respond to the continually changing landscape of information, privacy, copyright, and technology that we all live with on a daily basis. In our personal and professional lives, we all connect how these forces influence our cultural library tradition. Our core library values are vital to preserve a knowledge culture. I believe in ALA and the flexibility of the organization to shape this landscape. We are the organization and I want to contribute through the Council to represent you. I am very familiar with the larger structure of ALA as well, its divisions, its round tables, its committees, and activities through my IRRT work, the Website Advisory Committee, and my internships with the International Relations Committee and Conference Committee. I would love the chance to use my knowledge of ALA and our professional concerns to contribute to our larger voice in society. 2000 PA
Anita Silvany Kinney Program Analyst, US Access Board, Washington, DC Federal/Records Manager Data Analyst, Prince George's County Memorial Library System, 2014-2015 Archival Science Student Trainee, National Archives and Records Administration, 2014 Librarian, DC Department of Transportation, 2013-2014 Catholic University of America, MSLIS, 2015. Portland State University, BA English, 2013. ALSC, ASCLA, PLA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Government Documents (GODORT) No Yes ALA Emerging Leader 2015 (worked with ALSC's Valuation Task Force) Special Libraries Association, CUA student chapter President Special Libraries Association, Secretary-Elect, Government Information Division Emerging Leader, American Library Association Ruth Fine Memorial Student Loan recipient, DC Library Association Research Experiences for Undergraduates fellowship recipient, National Science Foundation As the first in-house Data Analyst for the Prince George's County Memorial Library System (2014-15), I overhauled reporting procedures at an 18-branch public library system using free online tools and implemented daily collection of library use statistics, significantly increasing our system's numbers through more effective data capture. Prior to library school, I was among the first undergraduate students to be awarded a fellowship for applied social science research by the National Science Foundation. I worked at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland, Oregon to improve the educational experiences of Hispanic and Spanish-speaking museum visitors. This included contributing to the creation of the museum's first Hispanic community advisory panel. My website: Presentations: I'm running for ALA Councilor-at-Large because I'm concerned that my peers are allowing their ALA memberships to lapse after leaving library school. As a library school student, I worked to provide career development opportunities for MLS students interested in "nontraditional" careers, and as a Councilor, I'd work to persuade MLS graduates working in knowledge management, records management, and project management positions that ALA is for them, too. Because I work as a records manager, I'd bring a unique perspective to Council and be well-positioned to advocate for the needs and interests of new graduates and other librarians who need ALA as an institutional home where we can continue to refine our skills and professional identities. This is especially urgent in light of the challenges faced by the Special Libraries Association, where I serve as Secretary of the Government Information Division. 2014 DC
Karen E. Kiorpes Head, Alice Hastings Murphy Preservation Department, University at Albany, SUNY, Albany, NY Academic Field Service Representative, NEDCC, April 1997-June 2001 Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, MLIS 1997 Queens University, Kingston, ON, Master of Art Conservation 1990 The Cooper Union, NY, Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts 1983 ALCTS Library Research (LRRT) No No Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Member 2002 - 2009 Rare Book and Manuscript Section Member (RBMS) University Libraries Section Member (ULS)Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), Member 1998 – LRTS Editorial Board, 2013-2017 ALCTS Nominating Committee Member, 2011/2012 Piercy Awards Committee, 2006 Education Committee, 2004-2005Preservation and Reformatting Section Member (PARS), Member 1998 – Program, Planning & Publications Committee, Co-Chair, 2013-2016 Program Chair/Moderator, "Audio Digitization: Starting Out Right," San Francisco, CA (June 2015) Nominating Committee, Chair 2011/2012 Chair (Chair Elect 2008/2009, Chair 2009/2010, Outgoing Chair 2010/2011 ) (Elected) Program Co-Chair/Moderator, with S. Koutsky, for “Digital Assets Management: Implications for Preservation,” Washington, D.C. (June 2007) Member at Large, 2006 – 2008 (Elected) Reformatting Committee Member, 2005 - 2007 Program Chair/Moderator/Panelist for “Hands-on, Over and Across: Preservation Education Abroad,” Toronto, ON, 2003 Education Committee Member 2002-2003; Chair 2003-2005 Preservation Administrators Discussion Group Co-chair 2001 Preservation Instruction, Education and Outreach Discussion Group Co-chair, 1999-2000 American Institute for Conservation, Member 1990 - present; AIC-CERT Member 2008 – present; Hotline December 2010, 2011 Canadian Association of Conservators, Member 1988 to 2010 Canadian Association of Professional Conservators - Accredited 1995; Paper Specialization; Member 1990 to 2012 Eastern New York Chapter, Association of College and Research Libraries , Member 2002 to 2011 State University of New York (SUNY) Librarians Association, Member 2002 to 2010 Selected by the Provost to participate in a one year leadership program, Career, Leadership and University Excellence Seminar “CLUE” (August 2010 to August 2011). President’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship; Chancellors Excellence Award. University at Albany, SUNY, 2008. 2005 Pritchard Award, University Libraries. With Robert Klingenberger and Geoffrey Williams. (April 2005) Esther J. Piercy Award. (June 2003) 2003 Pritchard Award, University Libraries. With Karen E. Grimwood and David Mitchell. (April 2003) Karen E. Kiorpes has been an active member in ALCTS since 1997. She has served as chair of multiple interest groups and committees within ALCTS/PARS and is currently co-chair of the PARS Program, Planning and Publications Committee. She served for two years on the ALCTS Education Committee and is one of the lead instructors of Fundamentals of Preservation, part of the ALCTS Fundamentals Web Course Series. Her dedication to education and outreach is further reflected in the establishment of the New Members Working Group in PARS during her appointment as PARS Chair, focusing on engaging new preservation specialists and encouraging them to become active in the section. Karen has organized and moderated several programs for ALCTS on issues such as international education and digital preservation. She also served on the working group that developed the Definitions of Digital Preservation for ALA in 2007. Karen is currently on the LRTS Editorial Board and is fully engaged with exploring ways to bring new research and ideas to ALCTS members and all library professionals. “Use of General Preservation Assessments: Outputs.” Library Resources & Technical Services 50, no. 1 (January 2006): 58-72. “Use of General Preservation Assessments: Process.” Library Resources & Technical Services 49, no. 2 (May 2005): 90 – 106. Integrating Preservation Activities. With Emily Holmes. ARL SPEC Kit #269. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries/Office of Leadership and Management Services, October 2002. As Preservation Librarian, University at Albany, it is my goal to use the most effective means possible of preserving our collections to help ensure they remain accessible for future generations. This requires long-term thinking, even as we are challenged to manage constant and rapid change in our technology, our economy, and our society. I believe that if we focus on promoting progress in all aspects of our work that libraries, and librarians, can remain a vital part of learning, education, and discovery. I continually strive to advocate for the value of libraries with an eye to the future of the profession with an emphasis on providing educational opportunities at all levels and all stages of our careers. A vital ALCTS depends on an engaged membership where your I needs, and values, become part of our long-term strategic plan. 1997 NY
Kimberly Bray Knight Branch Manager, DC Public Library, Washington, District of Columbia Public Librarian Supervisor/Branch Manager, Arlington County, VA, November 2009 – August 2013 Youth Services Collection Development Librarian, Arlington County, VA, October 2007 – November 2009 Youth Services Supervisor, Librarian II, Prince William County, VA, December 2000 – October 2007 UCLA, Masters of Library & Information Science (MLIS), Information Policy & Management, 1998 University of Virginia, Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts, 1993 LLAMA, PLA BCALA No No ALA Scholarships and Study Grants Committee, Member, 2015-2017. PLA at Annual Conference Planning Sub-Committee, Member, 2015-2016. Public Libraries Online: Writer/Blogger, 2015-Present ALSC Great Websites for Children Committee, 2008-2010 DC Library Association, Director & Committee Chair, Career and Leadership Development, 2015-Present Virginia Library Association: Member, Continuing Education Committee, 2015-2016 Virginia Library Association, Member, Annual Conference Planning Committee, 2016. California Librarians Black Caucus, Co-President 1999 California Librarians Black Caucus Scholarship Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, UCLA Distinguished Graduate, UVA 2015 Graduate of the ALA Library Leadership Institute, Itasca, IL. Author: "Who are the Jon Stewarts of Libraries? Call out our Superbosses!" Public Libraries Online, December 7, 2015. Contributor: “Crowdsourced: What our Readers Are Raving about Right Now,” Public Libraries Magazine, Nov./Dec., 2015. Author: "Creating a Space for Makerspace," Public Libraries Online, November 11, 2015. Please see my Linkedin profile: I am especially concerned with growing professional library leaders who can inspire innovation and continuing education in libraries of all types. I am concerned about libraries and librarians who have turned inward and isolated themselves from the profession--holding fast to trends and expectations from yesterday while firmly closing the door to today's innovation. I want to inspire more widespread engagement with ALA. As a graduate of the 2015 ALA Leadership Institute and a student of Leadership, I want to see all library administrators, librarians, and paraprofessionals ready to meet the traditional and changing needs of library users in the 21st Century. If elected, I want to be a part of ALA's continuing dedication to its work--advocacy, continuing education, accreditation, awarding the best and brightest--while broadening our reach throughout all libraries as the preeminent professional association of all libraries and library professionals. 2000 DC
Binh P. Le Associate Librarian, The Pennsylvania State University, Abington, PA Academic Associate Librarian, The Pennsylvania State University, 1988- Reference and Instruction Librarian, Purdue University, 1987-1988 Wilmington University, Ed.D., 2013; Indiana University, MLS, 1987; Western Michigan University, MA, 1984; Eastern Michigan University, BS, 1981. ACRL No No ALA Committee on Diversity (member, 2014-15); ALA IRC East Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee (chair, 2014-15); ACRL/AAMES Nominating Committee (chair, 2015-16); ACRL/AAMES Member-at-Large (2002-04, 2013-15); ACRL/AAMES (chair, 2006-07, 2011-12); ACRL/AAMES Executive Committee (member, 2005-08, 2010-13); ACRL Community of Practice Implementation Task Force (member, 2011-12); ACRL Sections Council (secretary, 2011-12); ACRL Conference Program Planning Committee (member, 2006-07); ACRL Sections Nominating Committee, (member, 2005-06); ACRL/AAMES 2007 Annual Conference Program (chair, 2007); ACRL/AAMES 2001 Annual Conference Program (co-chair, 2001); LPSS Marta Lange CQ/Press Award Committee (chair, 2004-05, 2005-06); ACRL International Relations Committee (chair, 2011-12); RUSA Liaison with Users Committee (Chair, 1990-91). Member, Board of Directors, The Library and Education Assistance Foundation for Vietnam (LEAF-VN), 2001- present. Member, Board of Trustees, The Upper Moreland Public Library, 1995-97. ACRL/AAMES Special Recognition Award, 2012. LPSS Marta Lange CQ/Press Award, 2007. Distinguished Faculty Service Award, The Pennsylvania State University, Abington College, 2007. Who's Who Among Asian Americans, 1994. Pi Sigma Alpha (The National Political Science Honors Society), 1981. I was awarded tenure by the Pennsylvania State University in 1998. In 2007, I was elected and served as the chair of the faculty senate of the Abington College of the Pennsylvania State University. Also in 2007, I was awarded the LPSS Marta Lange CQ/Press Award. Recently, I was selected as a 2015-16 Administrative Fellow of the Pennsylvania State University, one of the most competitive and prestigious fellowships offered by the Pennsylvania State University. I was also selected as a 2015-16 CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation - a consortium of the Big 10 universities and the University of Chicago) Academic Leadership Fellow. Many of the participants of these leadership development programs have become university presidents, chancellors, deans, etc. Binh P. Le: "Academic Leadership in the Digital Age," Library Management, Volume 35, Number 4/5, 2015. Binh P. Le: "Attainment of Academic Library Leadership by Asian Americans: Challenges and Development," ACRL Conference Proceedings, 2015. Binh P. Le: Asian Americans and American Academic Libraries: Pathways to Leadership. New Castle, DE: Wilmington University, 2013. Asian Americans are disproportionally underrepresented in the library profession. Similarly, Asian Americans are also disproportionally underrepresented in leadership positions in academic, public, school, and special libraries. If elected, I will try to help to increase the number of the people from the underrepresented groups, including Asian Americans, in our profession as well as to find ways to help them attain leadership positions in academic, public, school, and special libraries throughout the country. 1989 PA
Dennis LeLoup School Librarian, Avon Intermediate School East, Avon, IN School Indiana Department of Education, Office of Learning Resources, Indianapolis, IN, December 1989 - August 1995. Vigo County School Corporation, Terre Haute, IN, August 1978 - December 1989. Northern Community Schools of Tipton County, Sharpsville, IN, August 1975 - June 1976. Indiana State University, MS Eductional Media, 1988; Indiana State University, MLS Library Science, 1977; Indiana State University, BA English & School Library Services, 1975. AASL, ALSC No No ALA Council, 2010-2013, 2006-2009, 2002-2005; ALA Resolutions Committee, 2011-2015; ALA Planning & Budget Assembly, 2007-2008; ALA Graduated Dues Study Reactor Panel, 2006-2008; ALA Council Orientation Committee, 2004-2007; ALA National Library Week Committee, 1993-1997, 1999-2000; AASL Awards Subcommittee: Roald Dahl Miss Honey Social Justice Award, 2015-Present; AASL Presidential Initiative Task Force, 2014-2015; AASL External Relations Task Force, 2014-2015; AASL Nominating Committee, 2012-2013, 2001-2002; AASL School Library Media Month Committee, 2011-2014; AASL Parent Outreach Task Force, 2007-2009; AASL Board Liaison to ALA Annual Conference Committee, 2008; AASL Board of Directors, 1997-2001; AASL Legislation Committee, 1999-2006; AASL Recruitment Task Force Committee, 1991-1993; ALSC Oral History Committee, 2015-Present; ALSC Caldecott Committee, 2012-2014; ALSC Liaison With National Organizations Serving Children & Youth, 2007-2010; ALSC Research & Development Committee, 1997-2000; ASCLA Americans With Disabilities Act Assembly, 1998-2002. ALSC Liaisons With National Organizations Serving Children and Youth Co-Chair, 2009-2010; AASL Legislation Committee Co-Chair, 2001-2005; AASL Knowledge Quest Editorial Board, 2000-2003; Indiana Library Federation President, 2012 (President-Elect and Conference Chair, 2011 & Past-President, 2013); Association of Indiana Media Eductors (AIME) [now Association for Indiana School Library Educators (AISLE)] President, 1995-1996 (President-Elect and Conference Chair, 1994-1995 and Past-President, 1996-1997); AIME Vice-President for District Programs, 1988-1990; AIME District 7 Director, 1986-1988; AIME District 7 Membership Chair, 1984-1986. AASL Board Member-at-Large, 2009-2011; AASL Treasurer, 2005-2008; AASL Region 3 Director-Elect/Director, 1997-2001; ALSC Caldecott Committee, 2012-2014; Author and recipient of several grants for funding innovative school library programs, 1997-2001; North Central Association Accreditation Committee, Dale, Indiana, 1997 and Madison, Indiana, 1988; Indiana National Library Week Chair and Promotion of School Library Media Month, 1990-1995; Indiana State University Graduate Assistantships, 1988 and 1976-1977; Indiana State University Academic Scholarships, 1971-1975; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, 1970-1971; Phi Delta Kappa, 1970-1971. Linworth Publishing Company Reviewer, 2008-Present and Advisory Board, 1994-1999; Library Talk Reviewer, 1994-2000; Media & Methods Reviewer, 1999-2002; Indiana Media Journal Advertising Editor, 1996-1998; Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Conference Planning Task Force, 1996; Indiana Department of Education Program Coordinator, Read-Alouds Too Good to Miss and Reading Is Fundamental, 1991-1995; National Association of State Eductional Media Professionals (NASTEMP), 1990-1996; Indiana Media Journal Photographer and Associate Editor, 1989-1994; Developer and organizer for a Curriculum Materials Center within the Education Department of DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, Summer 1987; numerous ALA, AASL, ALSC, and AIME/AISLE committees. Author: "The Many Fibers of Reading!" (Featured Article), Library Media Connection, March/April 2009. Author: "Saddle Up, Race, and Hang Out: Ideas for the Development of a Winning Reading Program," Media Spectrum, official state publication of MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education), April/May 2007. Author: "Information Power in Region 3: Student Achievement is Always the Bottom Line," Knowledge Quest v. 28, #4, March/April 2000. Avon Intermediate School East website: I am very passionate for all types of libraries and am deeply concerned about budget cuts on school and public library programs and staff. In particular, I am concerned about public school budget cuts due to legislative limitations on property tax revenues; within Indiana, charter and private schools can now tap into some of the state money that was once used entirely for public schools. Both of these are areas of tremendous concern. I have been involved with various legislative endeavors and committees for various years. I have also attended National Library Legislative Days in Washington, D.C. many times during the last 20 years. Now, more than ever, it is critical for all librarians to become involved with national and state committees, programs, and activities. We must advocate and work for all libraries. It is important for our children, the leaders and library users of tomorrow! 1989 IN
Lisa L. Longmire Collection Management Specialist, Kitsap Regional Library, Bremerton, Washington Public Acquisitions/Inter-Library Loan Lead Technical Services Specialist Library Assistant MLIS from University of Washington, Bachelor of History from Grand Canyon University, Associate of Arts from Olympic College NMRT, SRRT BCALA Yes No Cynthia Lord Harrison Scholarship 2012 Cynthia Lord Harrison Scholarship 2013 Cynthia Lord Harrison Scholarship 2014 LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship 2013 Spectrum Scholarship (OCLC Scholar) 2013-2014 University of Washington iSchool Scholarship 2013 My professional concerns are for the continued increase in diversity in Librarianship throughout the profession, continued access of information for all, and the digital divide as well as technological impacts on libraries. I have spent nearly twenty-five years in public libraries under various support staff positions and have a real passion for all libraries. I am familiar with many aspects of the ALA and would like to learn more and I believe that I have the time and commitment necessary to fulfill any obligations. I am also committed to ensuring the completion of the goals of the ALA. I am very interested in working with the ALA by advocating for all types of libraries through education, the promotion of libraries and library services, and upholding Intellectual Freedom. I want to help continue to transform libraries so that they may have a lasting impact on the communities that they serve. 2013 WA
Turner Masland Access Services Assistant Manager, Portland State University Library, Portland, Oregon Academic Resource Sharing Supervisor, Portland State University Library, March 2013 – December 2014 Library Technician II, Portland State University Library, October 2012 – February 2013 Assistant Librarian, Birthingway College of Midwifery, June 2012 - October 2012 Emporia State University, Master of Library Science, 2012 St. Lawrence University, Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Sociology, 2006 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), New Members Round Table (NMRT) Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) No No ALA Legislation Committee, member, 2015-2016 Assisted with the Portland State Library migration to the Orbis Cascade Alliance's shared integrated library system. Successfully developed and implemented electronic document delivery and faculty campus delivery services for the Portland State community. Created task analysis tools to better manage student worker budgets. Participated in the Willamette Valley Higher Education Human Resources Management Development Seminars. Working at Pacific University as Assistant Metadata Librarian (2011-2012), pastingI collaborated with Centro Cultural, Latino community organization, selecting and cataloging historic photographs to support multicultural representation in the Washington County Heritage Online collection. Pho, A, & Masland, J. T. The Revolution Will Not Be Stereotyped: Changing Perceptions Through Diversity. In Pagowsky, N. & Rigby, M. (Eds.), The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Presentations and Perceptions of Information Work. Chicago, IL: ACRL press. (2014) Moving Mountains: Migrating a Consortium to a New Integrated Library System,” with Molly Blalock, Bronwyn Dorhofer and Anya Arnold. Access Services Conference, Atlanta, GA, November 14th, 2014 “Digital Natives Discuss the Digital World,” with Serenity Ibsen and Nyssa Walsh, OLA Quarterly, Official Publication of the Oregon Library Association Vol. 16, No. 2, Spring 2010 Supervising a resource sharing department, I experience first hand that we best serve our patrons when collaborating with other libraries. I am approaching my nomination for ALA Council with the same perspective. In order for the ALA to best serve it's community of librarians, and by extension the patrons they serve, members must be engaged, committed and willing to work together. I want to ensure that new members of the association feel that their needs are being met and that members of the association from traditionally underrepresented groups feel a sense of belonging. Above all else, I want to help ALA stay relevant in a world where information searching behavior continues to rapidly change. 2009 OR
Sarah McHone-Chase Head of User Services, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL Academic Information Delivery Services Librarian, Northern Illinois University, 2005-2012 2005 M.S. in Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign2002 M.A., English, Illinois State University 2000 B.A., English and Writing, Illinois State University LLAMA, RUSA No Yes ALA Committee on Legislation (2012-2014), COL Subcommittee on Copyright (2012-2015, Chair, 2014-2015) 2005 IL
Chulin Meng Director of Library Technology, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA Academic Head of Library Systems, Loyola University Chicago, 2006 – 2013. Peking University, MS in Library and Information Science (2000), BS in Library and Information Science (1997). LITA No No LITA International Relations Committee, 2007-2011; LITA Membership Development Committee, 2015-2017 PALCI Technology Strategy and Infrastructure Task Force, 2015-2017, Kuali OLE Functional Council, 2013-Present, ELUNA Voyager Product Working Group Leaders, 2012-2013. My work at both Lehigh University and Loyola University Chicago has provided me with extensive experience with selection and deployment of library systems, implementation of new technology infrastructure and applications, and developing technology strategy and support plans. In 2014, I directed the implementation of Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) at Lehigh, the first university in the nation to implement the open-source, community-based library management system. Migration to Kuali Open Library Environment: An Early Adopter’s Experience, presented at LITA Forum in Albuquerque, 2014 An Executable Big Data Storage Strategy, presented at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Orlando, 2014 Just as libraries are striving to make library services engaging to patrons, ALA is in a period of transition to redefine its relevance and engage library professionals. To promote membership in ALA and attract new members, it is important to make it easier for members, particularly early-career librarians and MLIS students, to participate in ALA governance and activities. If elected, I will work with my colleagues to ensure that the association develops programs and services that focus on helping library professionals to broaden knowledge, stay connected in the profession, and reach their professional goals. I think ALA should continue its effort to use information technology to make its services, such as committee meetings, conference events, and other career development programs, more accessible. 2006 PA
Julia Mielish Dean of Library Services, Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, NC Academic Instruction Librarian, Wake Technical Community College July 2010-March 2015 Librarian, Craven Community College Feb 2005-May 2010 Librarian, County of Los Angeles Public Library July 2001-August 2004 San Jose State University, MLIS, 2001; Cal State University San Bernardino, English 1998 ACRL No No ACRL Assessment in Action, Cohort 2 2014-2015;ACRL CJCLS Membership Committee, Member 2014-2016; ACRL CJCLS Awards Committee Co-Chair 2015-2016;ACRL CJCLS Awards Committee, Member 2014-2015 Community college libraries are transformational spaces that support a wide range of users and needs. I am excited to run for ALA Council to represent community colleges and the work they do to support students in academic and workforce training programs. Community colleges are seeing a decrease in the value of the MLS and administrations are seeking to manage their libraries with non-librarians. This issue concerns me and I wish to represent the needs of these librarians and all community college libraries through the ALA Council. 2006 NC
Kathryn Miller Director of Libraries, Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeland, Florida Academic Assistant Vice President Academic Resources, Argosy University, 2009-2014 Associate Professor (Library), National-Louis University, 2000-2009 Librarian, West Bloomfield Public Library, 1998-2000 National-Louis University, EdD, Adult Education, 2009 National-Louis University, MAT, Secondary Education, 2003 Kent State University, MLS, 1996 University of Akron, JD, 1996 University of Illinois at Urbana, BA, English Literature, 1993 Oakton Community College, AA, 1991 ACRL, LITA, LLAMA Sustainability (SustainRT) No No "Greening Your Library: Save Money and the Environment". ALA TechSource workshop presentation, 2012. Florida Virtual Campus, Members Council Executive Committee, Secretary, 2015-present Florida Library Association, Scholarship Committee, 2014-present Florida Association of College and Research Libraries, Conference Planning Committee, 2014 National-Louis University, Conference Founder and Coordinator, "The Modern Role of the Library in Adult Education", 2008 CARLI (Illinois) Electronic Resources Advisory Group, 2005-2007 North Suburban Library System (Illinois) Board of Directors, 2005-2006 Illinois OCLC Users Group, Annual Meeting Coordinator, 2004 Illinois OCLC Users Group, President, 2003-2005 Florida Polytechnic University Faculty Assembly, Staff Appreciation Award Winner, 2015 Invited Speaker, United States Embassy Sofia IRC, 2012 Executive Development Program Team Member, Education Management Corporation, 2012 Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians participant, 2007 National -Louis University Faculty Promotion to Associate Professor, 2005 Synergy: The Illinois Library Leadership Initiative, Inaugural class member, 2002-2003 Gates Foundation Technical Training participant, 1998 Dr. Kathryn Miller has led the development of Florida Polytechnic University's all-digital library. Following a wholly electronic approach for this brand-new STEM institution, she is on the forefront of exploring innovative ways to connect users with information. Education, marketing, and library advocacy are large parts of Miller’s role as Director of Libraries. In 2011, Miller began running—running for health and sanity. In 2015 she helped organize the first annual Poly-Pi Run where the Florida Poly community ran 3.14 miles and had a piece of pie after each mile. It was a fun way to focus the community on the Library, Pi-Day and running. Miller, K.M. (2010). Public libraries going green. American Library Association. Chicago. Miller, K. M. (2008). Copyright in a social world. MutliMedia & Internet @ Schools. 15(3), 14-16. Miller, K. M. (2003). Behind every great virtual library stand many great licenses. Library Journal netConnect, 128(1), 20-23. While the traditional library brand is books, information is the core of our business. As libraries evolve in the twenty-first century, we will continue to explore how to bring information and the element of discovery to our communities. Libraries are adapting to the usage of digital information and we must continue to connect our resources and services with community relevance and needs. An important part of embracing digital books and articles is education—teaching readers how to effectively navigate, read and store information in the digital environment. Print books will remain vital in many types of libraries, however the effective adoption and integration of digital books is an essential next step for libraries. As an ALA Councilor-at-Large, I will focus on promoting libraries as both a location for intellectual discovery and as a central community resource that is a leader in technological progress. 1998 FL
Rebecca K. Miller Head, Library Learning Services, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Academic Assistant Director, Learning Services, Virginia Tech, July 2014-September 2015 Librarian for Science, Life Sciences, and Engineering & Information Literacy Coordinator, Virginia Tech, May 2010-July 2014 Digital Technologies & Information Literacy Librarian, Louisiana State University, July 2008-May 2010 Virginia Tech, MA Instructional Design & Technology, 2014; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MSLS, 2007; College of William & Mary, BA English & Religion, 2004. ACRL, LLAMA No Yes ALA Council (Virginia chapter councilor), 2015; ACRL New Publications Advisory Board (member), 2013-present; ALA NMRT Resume Review Service reviewer, 2012-present; ACRL 2013 National Conference Coordinating Committee (member), 2011-2013; ACRL 2013 Panel Session Committee (co-chair), 2011-2013; ACRL Instruction Section Research & Scholarship Committee (member), 2013-2015; ACRL Instruction Section Communication Committee (member), 2009-2013; ACRL Science & Technology Section Information Literacy Committee (member), 2011-2015; ACRL Science & Technology Section Continuing Education Committee (member), 2010-2012; ACRL Science & Technology Section Virtual Participation Task Force (member), 2010-2011; ACRL Women's & Gender Studies Section Electronic Resources & Access Committee (member), 2009-2011; ALA New Members Round Table Executive Board (secretary), 2011-2012; ALA New Members Round Table Handbook Committee (chair), 2010-2011, (member), 2009-2010; ALA New Members Round Table Liaison to the Virginia Library Association, 2010-2012. Pennsylvania Library Association College & Research Libraries Division Board (member-at-large), 2016-present; Virginia Library Association Executive Committee (ALA Councilor), 2015; Virginia Library Association College & Research Libraries Forum (co-chair/chair), 2013-2015; Virginia Library Association Membership Committee (chair), 2011-2015; Virginia Library Association 2013 Conference Committee (co-chair), 2012-2013; Virginia Library Association 2012 Conference Committee (member), 2011-2012; Virginia Library Association 2011 Conference Committee (publicity co-chair), 2010-2011; Virginia Library Association New Member Round Table Forum (co-founder and member), 2011-2015; Louisiana Library Association 2010 Conference Committee (publicity chair), 2009-2010, Louisiana Library Association New Members Round Table (co-founder and coordinator), 2009-2010. Virginia Library Association Presidential Citation, 2012; ALA Bogle Pratt International Library Travel Award, 2012; Virginia Tech Instructional Enhancement, Innovation, and Exploration Grant, 2011; ACRL 2011 Immersion Program Scholarship, 2011; Louisiana State University Teaching Enhancement Fund Grant, 2009; ACRL 2009 National Conference Librarian Scholarship, 2009; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library Award of Excellence, 2008. Co-founded and co-chaired thriving new members groups for the Louisiana and Virginia Library Associations in successful efforts to recruit and retain new and emerging library professionals, 2009 and 2011; co-founded and co-chaired The Innovative Library Classroom conference, an ongoing teaching and learning conference that was awarded the 2016 Beta Phi Mu Conference Support Grant, 2014-2015; co-founded and co-led the Virginia Library Association Presentation Academy, 2015; co-edited the first peer reviewed issue of Virginia Libraries in order to provide a successful proof of concept for a new editorial model for the Virginia Library Association's professional journal, 2015; served as the Virginia Tech Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer, 2014-2015; served on the Virginia Tech Women Connect Advisory Group, 2012-2015; completed the Virginia Tech Women's Leadership and Mentoring program, a program for which the Virginia Tech Women's Center won the 2015 American Council on Education Women's Network Leadership Award, 2015; served as the President of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Blacksburg-Virginia Tech branch, 2011-2012. Miller, R. K. & Pressley, L.: "Evolution of Library Liaisons," SPEC Kit (Association of Research Libraries), Number 349, 2015. Miller, R. K., Moorefield-Lang, H., & Meier, C. (Eds): Tablet Computers in the Academic Library (ALA Editions), 2014. Miller, R. K.: "Social Media, Authentic Learning, and Embedded Librarianship: A Case Study of Dietetics Students," Journal of Information Literacy (CILIP), Volume 6, Number 2, 2012. During my first conference as the ALA Chapter Councilor for Virginia, Council members participated in a strategic planning forum focused on three priority areas for ALA over the next 3-5 years: advocacy, information policy, and professional and leadership development. Although I stepped down from my Chapter Councilor role when I accepted a new position out of state in fall 2015, this strategic planning discussion stuck with me. I am committed to serving ALA as a Councilor-at-Large because I feel strongly that these three priority areas can be achieved through two specific efforts: engaging new and emerging professionals and engaging members at the state and regional levels. As a Councilor-at-Large, I will bring transparency to the work of the ALA Council, which can seem complex and confusing, by communicating with new members and working on national issues and initiatives at the state level. 2006 PA
Kari R. Mitchell Adult Librarian, District of Columbia Public Library, Washington, DC Public Adult and Teen Services Reference Assistant Intern, Monroe County Public Library, Summer 2013 Coder, The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project - Indiana University, 2012-2013 English as a Second Language Instructor, English Language Services, 2008-2010 University of North Dakota, BA English, 2003 University of North Dakota, BA History, 2003 University of North Dakota, Post-Graduate Studies - English, 2003-2008 Indiana University, MILS, 2013 PLA Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT); International Relations (IRRT) No No ALA Committee on Legislation 2014-2016 ALA Committee on Legislation - LSTA Subcommittee, 2014-2015 ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee - Privacy Subcommittee COL Liaison, 2014-2015 ALA Committee on Legislation - Copyright Subcommittee, 2015-2016 ALA Rural, Native, and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds Committee - COL Liaison, 2015-2016 PLA Intellectual Freedom Committee, 2015-2017 2006 Presentation Grant for Elizabeth Barrett Browning Conference 2006 UND RC&D Travel Award for Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning Project Research 2006 UND Graduate School Conference Presentation Travel Award 2006 UND Composition Department Conference Presentation Travel Award 2006 UND VPAA Conference Presentation Travel Award 2005 UND Graduate School Conference Presentation Travel Award 2005 UND Composition Department Conference Presentation Travel Award 2005 UND VPAA Conference Presentation Travel Award 2005 UND Graduate School Scholarly Forum Outstanding Presentation Award Research Assistant to Dr. Sandra Donaldson in her National Endowment for the Humanities funded project "The Collected Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning". This project resulted in the 5 volume scholarly edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's work. (The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Ed. Sandra Donaldson et al. 5 vols. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2010.) Project Lead for the University of North Dakota's Digital Humanities Project "The Nuremberg Trial Hostage Case: Norwegian Occupation". The participants in this project were honored by the Norwegian Ambassador, United States Ambassador to Norway, as well as Gunnar Fridtjof Thurmann Sønsteby - the honored Hero of the Norwegian Resistance - at the University of North Dakota the day the project went public "The Nuremberg Trial Hostage Case: Norwegian Occupation." University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library Special Collections and Department of Genocide and Human Rights (2008). "University of North Dakota Board of Regents Minutes." University of North Dakota Office of the President and Chester Fritz Library Special Collections (2007). Author. "Gang of One: Memoirs of a Red Guard by Fan Shen. HighPlains Reader. Fargo, North Dakota (March 2006). Born and raised in rural North Dakota, I know firsthand what it is like to have little access to public libraries, and the libraries that were accessible were so underfunded that many of them do not exist today. Now, as a librarian in a large urban public library, I have learned what public libraries in that setting face on a daily basis. What I have learned most is that public libraries need strong leaders to help them survive and evolve as times - and cultures - change. Since starting my work with ALA, first on the Committee on Legislation, I have made the concerns of all public libraries, the rural and urban - a priority in my work with ALA. As a Councilor-at-Large, I will continue to work for the public libraries in all settings to ensure they have the tools and support they need to continue to evolve. 2013 DC
Marilee Lynne Moon Department Manager, Salt Lake City Public Library, Salt Lake City, Utah Public Springville Public Library, Youth Services and Teen Manager, from 2008-2014, Assistant to director from 2006-2008, Library Associate from 2003-2006 Grant Elementary School, Librarian, 2004-2006 University of North Texas, MSLIS, 2013; University of North Texas, Advanced Management Certificate; Brigham Young University, BS Elementary Education, 2007. ALSC, PLA, YALSA No No Children's Literature Association, Board Member, 2013 - present. I was a part of the Bond Committee, which was passed for the new Springville Public Library during the economic recession of 2008 when no other bonds for public libraries in Utah passed. I was on the Architect Committee for the new Springville Public Library which was finished in 2011. This committee met weekly with architects, designers, City Councilman, and members of the community to design and complete all plans for the new library. I am currently a member of the CLAU (Childen's Literature Association of Utah) Board. As a professional librarian, and member of ALA, I am committed to continually working towards transforming the lives of not only people within communities, but also of those within the library profession itself. This is a process which requires continual change, re-evaluation, vision, and creativity. It is a process which requires out of the box thinking, and a firm commitment to library values and ethics. Librarians in all types of communities and libraries need equal opportunities to serve, and to be informed of best library practices and services. Community members deserve equal access to information, technology, and services. They deserve libraries which are not afraid to reach out, and to help them reach their long term goals. These aspirations can only occur as librarians band together with a larger vision than just that of each individual library system. When this happens, true transformation will occur. 2011 UT
Louis Muñoz Jr. Reference, ILL, and Outreach Librarian, Morristown and Morris Township Public Library, Morristown, NJ Public Reference and Instruction Librarian, City University of New York, March 2014-June2015 Reference Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library, August 2006-March 2014 Pratt Institute, MSLIS, 2012; Excelsior College, BS, History, 2006; Essex County College, AA, Early Childhood and Elementary Education ACRL, PLA Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange RT (EMIERT), Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), International Relations (IRRT) REFORMA No No ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Member, 2014-2015;REFORMA, National Secretary, 2012-2016;REFORMA, Co-Chair, Recruitment and Mentoring Committee, 2011-2012;GLBTRT, Juror, Over the Rainbow Book List Committee, 2013-2014;Diversity Council, Representative, 2013-2015;IRRT/International Exchanges Subcommittee, 2014-2016;Chapter Relations Committee, Member, 2014-2015 REFORMA Northeast, Secretary, 2007-2008, Vice-President/President-Elect, 2008-2009, and President/Immediate Past-President, 2009-2011; NYLA/Ethnic Studies Roundtable, Secretary, 2008-2010; New York Library Club, Secretary, 2013-2015 Full tuition scholarship: IMLS-PULSE (Public Urban Library Service Education) at Pratt, 2006;Scholarship winner, JCLC II (Joint Conference of Librarians of Color), 2012 One of the things of which I'm most proud is being able to help establish a scholarship award as my President's Initiative in REFORMA Northeast, to help encourage library school students to promote and provide services to Spanish-speaking populations, who are historically underserved. I felt this was a win-win-win situation, for students, for REFORMA, and most of all, for our Hispanic/Latino patrons, past, present, and potential. I was fortunate that one of the first things recommended to me when I started library school was to join ALA, and I was also led to join REFORMA at that time. My work has been important and fruitful and fulfilling. Because I have reaped so much from my time serving in these and other regional and national library association, I am hoping to "pay it forward" even more substantially, if I should become a Councilor-at-Large, and look forward to representing the many diverse and important voices of those in our profession. 2007 IL
Dr. Muzhgan Israfil Nazarova Catalog Librarian for Slavic and Eurasian Languages, Duke University Library, Durham, NC Academic Researcher/Instructor Graduate School of Library and Information Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library Program Coordinator Mortenson Center for International Librarianship /Slavic Cataloger, UIUC Google Digitization Project University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, Content Access Management (CAM) Department 2009-1011 Director Information Resource Center US State Department Public Affairs Office (PAO) The United States Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan 1993-1998 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D. in Library and Information Science, 2007 Dissertation Title: Service Learning and Career Development: A Case Study in Library and Information Science. Dissertation Director: Linda Smith Dissertation Committee: Ann Bishop, Bertram Bruce, Leigh Estabrook University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MSLIS, 1998 Thesis Title: What journals do scholars involved in population studies need? Citation analysis based on the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). Thesis Director: Evelyn Daniel Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK, Postgraduate Certificate in Management, 1993 Azerbaijan State University of Foreign Languages, Diploma in Teaching English and German, 1984 ACRL International Relations (IRRT) No No Chair, IRRT Pre-Conference committee • 2015-2016 External Panelist, ALA Accreditation Committee • 2012-till present, appointment 2015 Chair of IRRT International Connections Committee • 2013-2015 Member of IRC Europe Committee • 2012-2016 Chair of IRC Eurasia and Central Asia Committee • 2000-2002 ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) Chair of Slavic and Eastern European Section (SEES) Automated Bibliographic Control (ABC) Committee • 2013-2015 Chair of Descriptive Cataloging Section of Slavic Cataloging Manual Task Force ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) • Chair of Slavic and Eastern European Section (SEES) Automated Bibliographic Control (ABC) Committee •2013-2015 ALISE (Association of Library and Information Science Education) • 2000-2008 IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) • 2000-2012 Illinois Library Association, 2000-2007 Beta Phi Mu –International LIS Honor Society Initiate 2008 Peggy Harris Service Award, GSLIS, UIUC 2008 Mothers’ Association at the UIUC Distinguished Service Award 2007 The Maria Pia Gratton International Award at the UIUC 2002 1st Annual 21st Century Librarian Award Nominee 2001 Distinguished Alumna Award, US Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association 1999 US Embassy Baku Best Employee Award 1995 Duke University Member, Working Group on Eurasia (WGE) 2014-present UIUC Member Cataloging Working Group 2009 - 2011 Member Speakers Bureau for Specialists of Islamic Culture in Russian, East European and Eurasian (REEEC) countries 2008 - 2009 Member GSLIS Curriculum Committee 2008 Dr. Muzhgan Nazarova’s career as a seasoned international library and information science professional/educator spans more than three decades, including foreign service with the US State Department at the US Embassy in Baku, research/teaching at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) and Mortenson Center for International Librarianship at UIUC. She has held professional library positions at Walter Davis Academic Library at UNC Chapel Hill, Main Library at UIUC, Cleveland Public Library, and most recently at Duke University Libraries. Muzhgan is an active leader in the library profession with a long record of supporting advocacy and international librarianship through her involvement with ALA as a member and chair of a number of IRC and IRRT committees. While she had an opportunity to work with the library professionals and educators from more than 40 countries at Mortenson Center and GSLIS, through her research on community informatics and social justice she also worked locally with the people from different walks of life including impoverished communities in EastSt. Louis and Paseo Boricua community in Chicago. Nazarova, Muzhgan: "Service learning and career development: A case study in library and information science" Nazarova, M., Bishop, A., Bruce, B. Inquiry-Based Learning in LIS Education: Enacting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). Presented at ALISE Conference, San Antonio, TX, January 19th. Published in DLIST (March, 2006) Nazarova, M. Libraries, National Security, Freedom of Information Laws and Social Responsibilities. IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2005. IFLA Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression publication. Contributed a chapter on Azerbaijan. For a detailed resume of Dr. Muzhgan Nazarova please visit INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS 3rd Regional Workshop “The Role of Libraries in a Civil Society”, Yerevan, Armenia Sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of NY, September 26-30, 2002 2nd RW “Strengthening Library Associations in the S Caucasus” Tbilisi, Georgia. Sponsored by ACTR, IREX, US State Department, May 5-8, 2001 3rd RW “Cooperation for Library Development: On Library Associations, Consortia”. Baku, Azerbaijan. Sponsored by USIA, SOROS Foundation, IREX. 1999 Symons, A., Scepanski, J., Wells, L. (1999). A First Time for Everything in Azerbaijan. American Libraries, 30 (10) (Nov), 26. It has been a privilege to be a part of this vital profession and a member of ALA for several decades. I believe as library professionals we have a responsibility to TRANSFORM our communities, our country and the world for the better. In the face of increasing acts of violence nationally and internationally including mass shootings at home and recent Paris terror attacks, I believe we can be that CHANGE by raising our voices and continuing to educate, provide information and increase the awareness. As ALA Councilor-at-Large I would like to use my longstanding experience in international librarianship to PROMOTE the broader concerns of intellectual freedom, information privacy, and social justice. As academic librarian I would also like to FOCUS on the changing roles and responsibilities of library professionals, and a set of unique competencies and special skills they bring to their institutions in the changing landscape of American libraries. 1997 NC
Denise D. Novak Acquisitions Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Academic Head of Acquisitions/Collection Development Librarian, University of Evansville, 1988-1991 Acquisitions Manager, Fort Worth Public Library, 1985-1988 Children's Librarian, Southwest Branch, Fort Worth Public Library, 1980-1985 Texas Woman's University, MLS, 1979 Augustana College, BA English, 1978 ACRL, ALCTS No No ALA ALCTS CRS Acquisitions Committee, 2010-2011. ALCTS CRS Nominating Committee, Chair, 2010. ALCTS Nominating Committee, member, 2010. Intellectual Freedom Round Table, member, 1985-1993. Immroth Memorial Award Committee, member, 1989-1991. ALCTS Representative to the Recruitment Assembly, member, 2011-2013, 2014-2016. ACRL, member, 1994-. NASIG, 1993-. NASIG Vice President/President-elect, 2005-2006; President, 2006-2007; Past President, 2007-2008. NASIG Membership Development Committee, 2012-, Vice-Chair, 2013-2014, Chair, 2014-2015. NASIG Treasurer, 2001-2003, Re-elected to a second term, 2003-2005. NASIG Financial Development Committee, 2008-2009, Chair, 2008-2009. NASIG Conference Planning Committee, 2004, Co-Chair, 2003-2004. Conference Site Selection Team, 2002-2008. NASIG Online Registration Implementation Liaison, 2002-2004. NASIG Continuing Education Subcommittee, 1993-1999. NASIG Mentor Program, 1998, Co-Chair, 1998. NASIG Conference Planning Committee, 1998-1999, Chair, 1998-1999. Fort Worth Librarians Association, Vice-President/President-elect, 1983-1984; President, 1984-1985. Responsible for the opening day collection of the Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar Library in 2004. In 2007, I became the first librarian to be elected vice-chair/chair of the Carnegie Mellon University Faculty Senate. Member of the 2008 class of the Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians Denise Novak, Afeworki Paulos, Gloriana St. Clair. 2011. “Data-driven Budget Reductions: A Case Study.” Bottom Line 24 (1): 24-34. Bright, Alice, Susan Collins, Linda Dujmic, Kristin Heath, Terry Hurlbert, Denise Novak. 2011. “Minding our Ps and Qs: An Adventure in Reclassification.” Technical Services Quarterly 27 (4): 41-54. Nardini, Bob, Denise Novak. 2001. “Issues in Vendor Library Relations: The Sales Call.” Against The Grain 13 (3): 88-89. I became a librarian because I wanted to share my love of reading with children and give them the keys to lifelong learning through books. Moving forward, I still share my love of reading with others through the acquisition of books, eBooks, and other electronic resources for my user community. Libraries are important and the American Library Association can use its voice to make sure government and those who govern understand that. I want to be a part of that voice and I will advocate for promoting lifelong learning, equity of access, diversity, sustainability and freedom of information. 1978 PA
Juliana Nykolaiszyn Associate Professor/Librarian, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK Academic Assistant Professor/Librarian, Oklahoma State University, 2010-2014 Visiting Assistant Professor/Librarian, Oklahoma State University, 2007-2010 Librarian, Lincoln College of Technology/Florida Culinary Institute, 2006-2007 Oklahoma State University, MS Mass Communications, 2013 ; Florida State University, MSLIS, 2005; Florida State University, BA Communication, 1998. ACRL, LLAMA No No Video Round Table Program Committee, Member, 2009-2011 ; New Members Round Table Marshall Cavendish Committee, Member, 2009 Oral History Association, Chair, Martha Ross Teaching Award Committee, 2015 ; Oral History Association, Chair - Workshops, Annual Meeting Program Committee, 2014-2015 ; Oral History Association, Member, Postsecondary Teaching Award Committee, 2012-2014 ; Amigos Library Services, Chair, Fellowship and Opportunity Award Selection Committee, 2012-2013 ; Amigos Library Services, Member, Fellowship and Opportunity Award Selection Committee, 2011-2012 Oral History Association Elizabeth Mason Project Award, 2013 ; Oklahoma State University Library Faculty Award for Notable Achievement, 2012 Over the years, I have been able to record, preserve, and make accessible a large body of oral history interviews documenting the rich history and culture of Oklahoma. My work has led to many amazing opportunities, from producing public radio segments to speaking at national and international conferences. Nykolaiszyn, J. & Finchum, T. (2013). D.R. Miller: A man who brought the circus to town. The Chronicles of Oklahoma, 91(4), 388-403. Nykolaiszyn, J. (2012). Oral history and social networks: from promotion to relationship building. In D. Boyd, S. Cohen, B. Rakerd, & D. Rehberger (Eds.), Oral history in the digital age. Institute of Library and Museum Services. Retrieved from Nykolaiszyn, J. (2012). Preserving born-digital oral histories. In C. Smallwood & E. Williams (Eds.), Preserving Local Writers, Genealogy, Photographs, Newspapers and Related Materials. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press. As the library landscape continues to change, so does the way we translate our value. Being thoughtful about the many ways we are able to frame messages and connect with constituencies beyond the physical building are just some of my areas of interest. If elected to Council, I hope to work with others in developing strategies which help libraries better communicate impact at the local, state, and national levels thus building increased public awareness. This is also applicable to ALA in a time when communicating the association’s value, in addition to retaining and attracting new membership is vital. 2007 OK
Floyd Clark Pentlin Adjunct, Library Science and Information Services, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri Academic Librarian, Lee's Summit North High School, 1995-2005 Librarian, Lee's Summit High School, 1979-2005 Teacher, Clinton High School, 1974-1979 Ed.S-Learning Resources, 1982; Central Missouri State University M.A.-History, 1974; Central Missouri State University B.A.-German, 1968; Bethany College AASL No No 2014-2015 Member, ALA Filtering Interpretation Committee2014-2015 Chair, AASL ABC/CLIO Leadership Grant 2014-2016 Member, AASL Banned Websites Awareness Day Committee 2014-2017 Member, AASL Essential Links Editorial Board 2008-2011 Treasurer, AASL 2007-2008 Member-At-Large to AASL Board 2006-2007 AASL Strategic Plan Review Committee Task Force 2006-2007 AASL Annual Conference Committee 2007, Co-Chair 2005-2007 AASL Membership Committee Review Task Force 2005-2007 AASL Region III Director 2001-2004 AASL Appointed 11th National Conference Co-Chair 1995-1996 AASL Chair of the Affiliate Assembly 1991-1993 AASL Region III Coordinator Missouri Association of School Librarians: 1998-2002 MASL Task Force for the Implementation of the National Standards 1996-1997 MASL Spring Conference Chair 1993-1996 Parliamentarian, MASL Board of Directors 1991-1993 Chair, KC ShareNet Telecommunications Blue Ribbon Library Committee 1986-1993 Co-Editor, Media Horizons, Journal of the Missouri Association of School Librarians 1989-1990 MASL President 1989-1990 MASL Vice President/President-Elect 1987-1988 Awards Committee, Educational Media Services, Kansas City 1986-1987 Awards Chair, Educational Media Services, Kansas City 1985-1986 MASL Spring Conference Committee 1984-1986 Editor, Media Horizons, Journal of the Missouri Association of School Librarians 1983-1984 Spring Conference Chair, Missouri Association of School Librarians 1982-1984 President, Educational Media Services, Kansas City 1980-1982 Reporter, Educational Media Services, Kansa City 1977-1978 Vice-President, Central Missouri Social Studies Association 2011 – Excellence in Teaching Award, ELHD, University of Central Missouri 2011 – Excellence in Teaching Award, CoE, University of Central Missouri 2002 – Progressive School Library Award, Missouri Association of School Librarians 2000 – Outstanding Media Program Award, Lee’s Summit North High School, 1996 – Silver Shoe Award, Lee’s Summit North HS 1991 – Soar the Summit Award, Lee’s Summit HS 1990 – Eli M. Oboler Award, ALA’s Intellectual Freedom Roundtable for publication of “scholarly thought-provoking articles [that form] a significant contribution to intellectual freedom literature.” 1989 – Reaching the Mark Award, Lee’s Summit R-7 School District I have been a lead school librarian in two different high schools and in both of those schools the programs were recognized at both the local and state levels with the highest awards the groups could give. Each program was recognized "for an exemplary library media program that supports the total education environment of the school." I have been active in local, state, and national library associations advocating for students to have access to high quality material and dynamic school librarians. Through my editing of my state profession's newsletter and journal I have been able to incorporate the voices of our profession as part of the mentoring of new librarians to the profession. Connections" newsletter of the Missouri Association of School Librarians, editor, 1998-2002 "Media Horizons, Journal of the Missouri Association of School Librarians," co-editor 1986-1993 "Media Horizons," editor 1984-1986 "Missouri Meme: School Librarianship in Missouri" "School Librarian as Building Leader" School libraries are facing a variety of crises right now. Budgets are slashed or are non-existent; librarians must cover more than one school if they want to keep their job as a librarian or libraries are being run by non-professionals in order to make up for the loss of certified staff; librarians are entering the field with no library coursework through the process of taking a test, and "poof" they are a librarian; etc. ALA has done a wonderful job of stepping up to support school libraries because as we all know students having little or no library services at the school level means that the entire public as well as our profession is ultimately negatively affected. If elected, I will continue my job as town crier for students to have access to great school libraries and reminding all librarians of the importance of dynamic school libraries. 1981 MO
Scott Piepenburg Head of Cataloging, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA Academic Coordinator of Cataloging -- University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point, August 2011-January 2014 Library System Administrator, Dallas Independent School District, February 2007 to July 2011 Assistant Director of Technical Services, Hampton University, January 2003-January 2007 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, MLIS, 1986, University of Wisconsin-Milwauke, MA American History 1986, Concordia College-Wisconsin, BA Theological Languages, December 1983. ALCTS, LITA No No ALA Next Generation Catalog Interest Group 2012-2013 ALA FRBR Interest Group Chair elect/Chair 2013-2015 ALA Authority Control Interest Group chair elect/chair 2014-2016 Wisconsin Library Association, Chair, salary evaluation study, 1996 Member, OLAC DVD and Blu-ray Best practices group Member, Texas Library Association Local Arrangements Committee 4 times Author, Easy Marc, 5th edtion, January 2008 Author, MARC authority records made easy, 2000 Author, Digitizing audiovisual and nonprint materials, September 2015 My goal is to ensure that all members have a voice in ALA and that all groups are represented, particularly those group which constitute a minority in the organization or have viewpoints that may not always be consistent with the leadership or the majority of the organization. We are an organization that needs to represent the viewpoints of all members, even if those viewpoints may not be popular. 1988 GA
Lauren Pressley Director/Associate Dean, UW Tacoma/University of Washington Libraries, Tacoma/Seattle, WA Academic Director for Learning Environments, Virginia Tech, 7/14-8/15 Associate Director, Learning and Outreach, Virginia Tech, 2/13-6/14 Head of Instruction, Wake Forest University, 7/11-2/13 University of North Carolina-Greensboro, MLIS, 2007; North Carolina State University, BA Philosophy, 2003; North Carolina State University, BA Communication, 2002. ACRL, LITA, LLAMA Library History (LHRT), Library Support Staff Interests (LSSIRT) No Yes Council, 2010-present; Resolutions Committee, 2013-present; Juror, Peter Lyman Memorial / SAGE Scholarship in New Media, 2008-2011; Emerging Leaders Subcommittee, 2009-2010; Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, 2005-2009; LITA Committee Chairs Coordinator, 2014-present; LITA Director-at-Large, 2011-2014; LITA Executive Committee, 2012-2013, LITA Mentor, Emerging Leaders Project I, 2013; LITA Web Coordinating Committee, 2009-2011; LITA Mentor, Emerging Leaders Project P, 2010; LITA Chair, Distance Learning Interest Group, 2008-2010; LITA Change Task Force, 2009; LITA Electronic Participation Implementation Task Force, 2009; LITA Co-Chair, Distance Learning Interest Group, 2007-2008; ACRL Program Planning Committee, Distance Learning Section, 2011-2012; ACRL Cyber Zed Shed Selection Committee, 2009-2011; ACRL Women’s Studies Section, Instruction Committee, 2005-2009; ACRL Women’s Studies Section, Core Books Editor, Feminist Pedagogy, 2007-2008 NCLA Mentor, 2009; NCLA Technology and Trends Round Table, Secretary/Treasurer, 2008-2009; NC-Library Instructional Technology Group (NC-LITE) Co-founder Distinguished Alumni Early Career Award, UNC Greensboro, School of Education, 2011; Best Book in Library Literature Award, Greenwood Publishing Group, for the “The Tech Set,” which included Wikis for Libraries, 2011; Inducted into Beta Phi Mu, 2010; Acceptance, Toolkit, Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online, 2009; Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers, 2009; National Conference Librarian Scholarship, Association of College and Research Libraries, 2009; Sponsorship, ALA Emerging Leaders Program, Library and Information Technology Association, 2008; “Tigger” Award Winner, North Carolina Library Association Leadership Institute, 2008; Velma Jeremiah Scholarship, National Mensa Scholarship, 2006–2007; Helen Thayer Bowing Scholarship, UNC-G LIS Scholarship, 2005–2006 I believe in libraries as institutions and that the world is a better place because of them. I work to help libraries, and those that work in them, adapt to new and emerging needs of our patrons. I strive to ensure that future generations will continue to see their library as a cultural cornerstone that provides information, resources, expertise, and spaces for local communities. I do this by: integrating the library into formal and informal learning, demonstrating how design can make libraries better, exploring and explaining how the evolving information environment changes our users' expectations and experience of the library, coaching organizational change, and using this skill set to help shape the future of libraries. Specifically, I have done this at work through facilitating strategic planning processes and organizational change, innovative pilot projects, and extensive experience in teaching students. I have presented and published regularly in these areas in order to share my findings with the profession and to engage in professional dialogue about our work and what it looks like in a changing information environment. Miller, R. and L. Pressley. (2015) Evolution of Liaison Librarians. SPEC Kit. ARL. Pressley, L., J. Dale, and L. Kellam. (2014) “At the Corner of Personality and Competencies: Exploring Professional Personas for Libraries.” In Nicole Pagowsky and Miriam Rigby, eds., The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions and Presentations of Information Work. Chicago, ACRL Press. Pressley, L. (2014) “Feminism and Intellectual Freedom,” in Mark Al?no and Laura Koltutsky, eds., Handbook of Intellectual Freedom: Concepts, Cases, and Theories. Duluth, MN, Library Juice Press. twitter: @laurenpressley The ALA has provided me with many opportunities since joining the field, and I seek re-election as a council member to give back to the organization. I have worked with several groups within the association. My introduction to the ALA was the Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, which introduced me to how ALA governance functions. My work with LITA and ACRL has given me practical experience and taught me how to make things happen within the organization. I also have working perspectives which will help me represent different viewpoints: I started as a support staff member, worked through library school, have worked as a front-line academic librarian, and am now a library director. With a rapidly changing information environment, ALA must adapt and change to meet new needs and expectations. My goal is to help with this however possible. Thank you for your consideration. 2004 WA
Colby Mariva Riggs Project Coordinator - Systems Librarian, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, California Academic Head, Catalog Maintenance Section, UC Irvine Libraries, 1990-1991 Catalog Librarian, Special Projects, UC Irvine Libraries, 1989 Head, DLC Copy Cataloging Unit, Louisiana State University, 1987-1989 Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, 2007– Present Certificate in Project Management, University of California, Irvine, 2005–2007 University of Arizona, M.L.S., Library Science, 1985–1986 Arizona State University, B.A., Latin American History, 1978–1981 LITA No No Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), 50th Anniversary Task Force, Member, 2014-2016 American Library Association (ALA), Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP), America's Libraries in the 21st Century, Member 2014-2015 LITA, LSSI and OCLC Minority Scholarships Committee, Member, 2014-2015 LITA, Christian Larew Scholarship Committee, Chair, 2013-2014, Past Chair, 2014-2015 American Library Association (ALA), Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP) and LITA, Cutting Edge in Technology Services Award Committee, Member, 2012-2014 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA), LITA, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award Committee, Member 2012-2016 American Library Association (ALA), Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP), LITA Liaison, 2008-2012 LITA, Director at Large, 2010-2011 LITA, Division Councilor, 2007-2010 LITA, Nominating Committee, Chair, 2006-2007 LITA, Vice-President, 2003-2004, President, 2004-2005, Past-President, 2005-2006; American Library Association (ALA) 2010 Strategic Plan Committee, Member, 2004-2005 LITA, Board of Directors, Director at Large, 2001-2003 American Library Association (ALA) Conference Program Coordinating, Member, LITA Division Representative, 2001-2002 LITA, Program Planning Committee, Chair, 1999-2001 LITA National Forum 2000 Committee, Member, 1999-2000 LITA Regional Institutes Committee, Member, 1999-2000 LITA, Nominating Committee, Chair, 1998-1999 LITA, Program Planning Committee, Member, 1996-1998 LITA, Interest Group Coordinator, 1993-1996 UC Libraries Advisory Structure (UCLAS),Strategic Action Group 1 ("SAG1"): Scholarly Research and Communication, Portfolio Manager, 2014- UCLAS, Project Management Common Knowledge Group, Member, 2013-2015 UCLAS - Strategic Action Group 3 (“SAG3”): Collection Building and Management, Project Analyst, Electronic Resources Project, 2013-2014 University of California (UC) Libraries, Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG), Next Generation Technical Services (NGTS), Pilot 5, Project Analyst, 2013-2013 UC Libraries, SOPAG, Project Analyst Working Group, Member, 2013 UC Libraries, SOPAG, Project Management Working Group, Member, 2011-2013 UC Libraries, SOPAG, NGTS, Power of Three (POT) 1, Project Manager, 2011-2012 UC Libraries, SOPAG, Ad Hoc Digital Library Services Task Force 2, Member, 2010-2011 UC Libraries, SOPAG, Ad Hoc Digital Library Services Task Force, Member, 2009-2010 Innovative Users Group (IUG), Program Committee, Member, 2014-2015 Southern California Innovative Users Group (SCIUG), Treasurer, Steering Committee Member, 2014-2016; SCIUG, Co-Chair, Steering Committee, 2013-2014; SCIUG, Chair, Steering Committee, 2010-2012 Project Management Institute (PMI), Orange County Chapter, Milestones, Editor, 2010-2012 PMI, Orange County Chapter, Member Marketing Team, 2006-2009 Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Literati Club Award for Excellence, Leading Editor Award Winner, 2003 Throughout my career, I have always had a strong commitment to library professional associations and organizations where I have worked. In each position and role, I have assumed additional responsibility and successfully risen to the challenges and opportunities. I strive to be inspirational to the individuals and teams I work with by bringing a positive attitude and excitement of our work and accomplishments. Library Hi Tech News, Co-Editor, MCB/Emerald Press, December 2000–2007, Contributing Editor, 2007–2009 My ALA membership and service has played a significant role in my development as a successful library professional. The leadership opportunities and collaborations with others have been invaluable. But as our library environments are changing, I believe ALA needs to change too. The way we are currently organized does not necessarily lend itself to optimized collaboration among the many chapters, divisions and round tables. I will strive to facilitate improved communication and participation to make sure ALA is more strategic, nimble and innovative. It’s imperative that as we move into the future, we provide meaningful value to our members and the profession. As a contributing member of the ALA Council, and based on my previous experience on ALA Council, as the LITA Division Councilor, I will work to encourage greater collaboration by identifying and concentrating on common opportunities and strategies to create an organization-wide approach to shared needs and challenges. 1986 CA
Rachel G. Rubin Library Director, Bexley Public Library, Bexley, Ohio Public Library Manager, Worthington (OH) Libraries, 2008-2010 Assistant Manager, Columbus (OH) Metropolitan Library, 2006-2008 Adult Services Librarian, Worthington (OH) Libraries, 2005-2006 Simmons College, Ph.D.: Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions, 2013; Kent State University, MLIS, 2005; Carleton College, BA: English, 2003 LLAMA, PLA No Yes ALA Councilor-at-Large 2013-2016 ALA Nominating Committee Member 2016 ALA-APA Standing Committee on the Salaries and Status of Library Workers Member (2013-2016) ALA Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship Member (2013-2015) ALA Council Committee on Organization Intern (2007-2009) Ohio Library Council (OLC): Government Relations Committee (2013-present) Legislative Network (2013-present) Widen the Lens: Conference and Project Development Co-Chair (2011-present) Annual Conference Program Committee (2011) Outreach and Special Services Division Action Council (2007-2009) Adult Services Conference Planning Committee (2007-2008) Diversity Resources and Awareness Committee (2006-2009) State Library of Ohio Steering Committee Member, Public Library Representative, & Instructor Corps Member for iLead USA Ohio Leadership Training Program (2012-2013;2014-2015) OCLC Webjunction Spanish Language Outreach Program Statewide Trainer (2006-2007) Leadership Programs • Graduate, Leadership Worthington (2009) • Graduate, Library Leadership Ohio (LLO) (2008) • ALA Emerging Leaders Program (2006-2007) I am most proud of working with my team to turn a library that was not a good community partner into a valued and respected one. We did this by fostering a supportive, positive work environment, listening to our patrons, being responsive to their needs, and letting the creative drive of our staff members move us forward. Chadwick, C., Pilato, R., Conge, M., Rubin, R., & Shaffer, G. (2012). The Future of the FDLP in Public Libraries. Public Libraries, 52(4), 40-46. Rubin, R. & Rubin, R.E. (2012). Justifying professional education in a self-service world. In Bill Crowley (Ed.), Defending professionalism: A resource for librarians, information specialists, knowledge managers, and archivists (pp. 22-30). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. Chadwick, C., DiPilato, R., le Conge, M., & Rubin, R. (2010). Student scenario plans: Four futures for children’s programming, Anytown Public Library. In Peter Hernon (Ed.), Shaping the future: Advancing the understanding of leadership (pp. 187-199). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. LinkedIn: I love being a librarian. The work that we do not only changes the lives of individuals, it changes the discourse in our neighborhoods and in our country. As a Councilor-at-Large and an active member of ALA for the last 9 years, it has become even more clear to me that our impact as a profession is great, but could be much greater. ALA could work more effectively and efficiently as an advocate for those we serve and for library workers. We need to maintain our commitment to the principles of equity, access, diversity, privacy, intellectual freedom, and education as we continuously re-position ourselves in our communities and institutions. ALA can help us be more powerful in these roles - as a profession and as individuals - but we must start by examining ALA itself and making sure that it has the capacity to effectively represent, support, and advocate. 2003 OH
David C. Saia Librarian, Heim Middle School - Williamsville Central Schools, Williamsville, NY School University of Illinois, MSLIS, Library & Information Science, 1995; SUNY Buffalo, EdM, Elementary Education, 1989; The American University, BA, Anthropology & Environmental Studies, 1986 AASL, ALSC, YALSA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No AASL/ALSC/YALSA School/Public Library Cooperation Committee (Interdivisional), 2014 - present; ALSC School Age Programs and Service Committee, 2015 - present Western New York Gay & Lesbian Youth Services School Ally Award (2008); Western New York Gay & Lesbian Youth Services Robert Uplinger Award (2006); New York Library Association Dewey Fellow (1998); School District Library Team leader for thirteen school librarians (2011 - present); Volunteer consulting librarian to Western New York Gay & Lesbian Youth Services (2005 - present) Saia, David. "What the School Librarian Wishes the Public Librarian Knew," Children & Libraries (American Library Association), Volume 13, Number 4, Winter 2015. I have always been deeply impressed by the hard work undertaken by the ALA membership and the association to keep our profession at the forefront of societal and technological changes. As I start my third decade of librarianship, I would be honored and humbled to help continue this work as a member of the ALA Council. I place great value on the culture of respect and inclusiveness that is at the core of our organization, and will strive to further the mission of the council and give serious consideration to the issues brought before it. 2013 NY
Edward L. Sanchez Head, Library Information Technology, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI Academic Head, Desktop & Network Support, University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000-2007 Systems Librarian, Poynter Library, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, 1995-2000 Library Associate, Pius XII Memorial Library, Saint Louis University, 1987-1995 University of Missouri, MLS, 1997; Saint Louis University, BA European History, 1982. LITA No No Member, ALA Council, 2013- Member, ALA Resolutions Committee, 2015- Member, LITA By-Laws and Organization Committee, 2014- Member, LITA Hi-Tech Award Committee, 2014. Member, LITA Education Committee, 2012-2014. Vice Chair/Chair, LITA Heads of Library Technology Interest Group, 2009-2011. Member, Fred Kilgour Research Award Nominating Committee, 2008. Vice Chair, Automated Resources Interest Group, Florida Library Association, 1999. Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians, 2009. ARL Leadership and Career Development Program, 2003/04. Employee of the Year, University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2002. Researched, designed, and installed technology infrastructure in new Library building at USF - St. Petersburg. Migrated Novell network in University Libraries to new Windows Active Directory network at UNC - Chapel Hill. Implemented cutting edge Library services platform and next generation catalog at Marquette University. Edward Sanchez: "Report on the Heads of Library Technology Interest Group Panel Presentation: Emerging Technologies: Virtualization in Libraries, American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC, June 2010," Technical Services Quarterly 28.2 (2011): 193-200. “Managing Expectations: Breaking ground for a new e-learning librarian position,” Julie O’Keeffe, Edward Sanchez, Proceedings of the 36th Annual LOEX Conference, 2008. Edward Sanchez: "Building a Virtual Library," co-authors: Monica Metz-Wiseman, Tina Neville, Ardis Hanson, Kim Grohs, Susan Silver, Margaret Doherty, College & Research Libraries News, April, 1999. Dear Membership, I have served ALA Council for over two years now and have accepted nominations to run for Planning and Budget Assembly (PBA) and the Committee on Committees (COC) and have lost both races by 4 and 2 votes respectively. I have also accepted a nomination for and now serve on the ALA Resolutions Committee where I help write and edit resolutions that come before Council. During my term I have also kept Council informed about the issue of online piracy as it affects libraries and I have an article soon to be published in C&RL News on the subject. I have also gathered knowledge on improving accessibility to electronic information which the courts have been strongly supporting. I think these issues will greatly affect libraries over the next 3 years and would like to continue serving you and Council as we address them. Please vote for Ed Sanchez! 2003 WI
John C. Sandstrom Associate Professor/Head of Acquisitions, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico Academic Head of Technical Services and Branch Manager, El Paso Public Library, 2004 - 2011 Consultant, LSSI, 2001 - 2003 Baker & Taylor, Sr. Collection Development Librarian, 1998 - 2001 Unew Mexico State University, EdD - Educational Leadership and Adminsitration (Higher Ed), in process; University of Texas - El Paso, MPA, 2010; University of Oklahoma, MLIS, 1987; University of Tulsa, BA-Hist, 1984 ACRL, ALCTS Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), International Relations (IRRT) REFORMA No No ALA Council 2012 - 2015; GLBTRT Councilor 2007 - 2010; ALA Committee on Committees, 2008; OLOS Advisory 2011 - 2015 (Chair 2011 and 2015); American Libraries Advisory 2010 - 2011 (Chair 2010); ALA Publishing, 2004 - 2006; ALA-APA Publications, 2004 - 2010; Presidential Task Force on Electronic Communication for the ALA Council, 2013-2014, Chair New Mexico Library Association, Co-chair, Site Selection Committee 2012 - 2013 Border Regional Library Association, President, 2014 Border Regional Library Association, Board, 2010 - 2015 REFORMA - RNCIII, Chair Exhibits, 2008 NMSU, Library Faculty Award, 2011 Border Regional Library Association, Librarian of the Year, 2005 Society for Creative Anachronisms, National Service Award, 2012 El Paso Public Library, Managed Jose Cisneros - Cielo Vista Branch Library building project New Mexico State University Library - Redesigned Materials Budget fund accounting system New Mexico State University Library - Received $3000 grant for materials in Native American Education Book reviewer for Library Journal I have three major areas of concern for ALA. The first is the financial viability of the organization. We need to work to control expenses through various means while increasing membership. These are both challenges that we, as an organization have been working on, but more needs to be done. Second is address the diversity, equity and inclusion of the institution. As many libraries and librarians are leaders in diversity equity and inclusion in their communities, it behooves ALA to set an example by rigorously working toward these core values of the association. My third concern regards the alignment of the association and insuring that ALA and libraries remain relevant and engaged in modern culture. 2002 NM
Lindsay C. Sarin MLS Program Manager iSchool MLS Program Coordinator, University of Maryland, College Park, 2012-2015 Research Fellow, Information Policy and Access Center, University of Maryland College Park, 2012-Present E-Reference Librarian, University of the District of Columbia, 2011-2012 University of Maryland, College Park, MLS, 2011; Eastern Michigan University, BS English & History, 2008. ACRL No No Chair, Membership Coordinating Committee, ACRL, 2013-2014 Member, University Libraries Section, Future of Academic Libraries Committee, ACRL, 2012-2013 Vice-Chair, Membership Coordinating Committee, ACRL 2012-2013 Co-Leader, New Members Discussion Group, ACRL, 2011-2012 Ex-Officio Member, Membership Coordinating Committee, 2011-2012 Co-Chair, Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee, NMRT, 2011-2012 Member, Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee, NMRT, 2010-2011 Maryland Library Association, Advisor, Maryland Library Leadership Institute (MiLLI) Task Force, 2015-2017 Maryland Library Association, Member, Professional Development Panel, 2015-2016 Maryland Library Association, Chair, New Members Interest Group, 2013-2015 Maryland Library Association, Member, Conference Committee, 2012-present Maryland Library Association, Advisor, Strategic Planning Taskforce, 2013-2014 Maryland Library Association, Assistant Conference Director, 2013 Maryland Library Association, Chair-Elect, New Members Interest Group, 2012-2013 William G. Wilson Staff Excellence Award, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland College Park, 2015 Inducted, Beta Phi Mu Iota Chapter (International Honor Society for Library & Information Science), 2012 Eastern Michigan University Gold Medallion Winner for Outstanding Student Awareness Programs, 2006 Eastern Michigan University Honors College Senior Thesis Award, 2008 Organizer and strategic planner for “Re-Envisioning the MLS” initiative at University of Maryland. Advisor and mentor to LIS students and new librarians. Multiple national-publications including the book: Public Libraries, Public Policies, and Political Processes: Serving and Transforming Communities in Times of Economic and Political Constraint. Editor, The Political Librarian. Reviews Editor, The Library Quarterly. Reviews Editor, International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion. Served on the Board of Directors for EveryLibrary. Multiple national and state-level conference presentations on library, marketing, advocacy, diversity, and new librarian issues. Bertot, J.C., & Sarin, L.C. (2015). The future of the MLS. American Libraries, 46(3/4), 40-42. Jaeger, P.T., Gorham-Oscilowski, U., Bertot, J.C., & Sarin, L.C. (2014). Public Libraries, Public Policies, and Political Processes: Serving and Transforming Communities in Times of Economic and Political Constraint. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham: MD. Bertot, J.C., Jaeger, P.T., & Sarin, L.C. (2012). Forbes folly: Demonstrating the real net worth of a library degree. American Libraries, 43(9/10), 30. Website: Twitter: @lcsarin Facebook: As the manager of an MLS Program, I have the opportunity to work with and mentor the future of the profession. I seek membership on the ALA Council to set an example for my students and to bring issues of LIS education, inclusion, and the future of the profession to the forefront. LIS education must be re-envisioned so that it reflects the ever-changing nature of the role of libraries and librarians. As a profession we must work harder to ensure that new librarians, from all backgrounds are mentored and supported throughout their careers. As a member of ALA Council I will seek to bring these issues to the table and take action, not just bring discussion. 2008 MD
Jamillah Scott-Branch Head Reference Librarian, North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina Academic Technology & Media Services Librarian, Elizabeth City State University MLS, North Carolina Central University BA, Fisk University North Carolina Public Librarian Certification •2014 Participant, Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute, Chapel Hill, NC •2013 Participant, Triangle Research Libraries Network Management Academy: The Business of Libraries, Chapel Hill, NC RUSA Yes No Posters presented at ALA conferences Title: Seeking to Know Sikhs| June 2015 Conference: American Library Association 34th Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA Presenters: Sean Colbert-Lewis, Danielle Colbert-Lewis, Jamillah Scott-Branch, Hafsa Murad, Karen Grimwood, Matthew Cook Title: Technology Transforms Communities: ALA Spectrum Scholars working together to make a difference in people’s lives |June 2012 Conference: American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA June 2012 Presenters and featured scholars: Benda Linares, Jamillah Scott-Branch, Raymundo Andradre, Angela Nolet, Hannah Lee, Maria Casado and Christina Thompson 2007-2008 Recipient, National Library of Medicine Student Scholarship 2006-2007 Spectrum Scholar, American Library Association Inductee, Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society, Gold Key Chapter (1999) Inductee, Lambda Iota Tau, International Honor Society (1999) For many years, I have advocated for diversity and have been involved in projects that provide a voice for underrepresented groups. For that past two years, my colleagues and I have worked to educate the library community and the general public about Sikhism and about Libraries as SAFE ZONES. Sikh Americans have been harassed and called terrorist based upon the lack of knowledge about their religion. Moreover, SAFE ZONES are areas within a workplace, school or in our case a library where you have culturally competent and supportive allies to the LGBTQ community. My major accomplishment is working to ensure that libraries are safe havens for all users. Colbert-Lewis, Danielle, and Jamillah Scott-Branch. (2015) "Necessities of Librarianship: Competencies for a New Generation." Rethinking Reference for Academic Libraries: Innovative Developments and Future Trends. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 185-200. Scott-Branch, Jamillah. (2015) "Black Studies in Video" Reference Reviews, Vol. 29 Iss: 2, pp.45 - 46 As a Councilor-at-Large, I want to work collaboratively with other library professionals to address issues effecting underrepresented groups, technology training for staff, and progressive library business models. Libraries have always been near and dear to my heart because they have provided me with a safe haven for knowledge transfer and exploration. Therefore, libraries should have staff preparation reflective of community interests and engagement, adequate technology support for diverse users, and new methods, policy and mechanisms to develop revenue generation capacity for library operations as traditional library budgets become challenged. 2006 NC
Jennifer Suzanne Seebauer School Librarian, Teays Valley School District, Ashville, Ohio School Ohio Master Teacher, 2012 Kent State University, MLIS, 2009 Bowling Green State University, BS Communication Education, 1996 AASL No No YALSA Mentoring Program, 2010 - 2011 AASL Innovative Reading Grant Committee Member, 2013 - 2014 AASL Distinguished School Administrators Award Committee Member, 2015 Ohio Schools To Watch Application Reviewer, 2013 - 2014 OEA Delegate, 2013 - 2015 Master Teacher Scoring Committee, March 2014 Ben’s Guide to the U.S Government, volunteer reviewer, 2014 OETC 2015 Session Proposal Reviewer, 2015 Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government lesson plan contributor, 2015 (lesson found at Web page: My focus as a middle school librarian is to help increase student reading. By increasing student reading, students have an increased sense of overall success in both academic and personal lives. Studies have shown that those who identify as readers are not only more successful in careers (more likely to be recognized and promoted) but to be more involved civicly. I hope to continue this promotion of reading as I serve ALA. 2007 OH
Shawn L. Shaffer Executive Director, Winter Park Public Library, Winter Park, Florida Public Director, Elmwood Park Public Library 2002-2013 Dean of Infomration Services, Lindenwood University 1999-2001 Various positions St. Louis Community College 1988-1999 Illinois State University BS Library Science 1976 University of Illinois MSLS 1986 PLA No No Committee on Legislation 2010-2013 Chair of Government Information Services of COL 2012-2016 I have had some "major" accomplishments (well major to me anyway) over a varied library career. At a hospital library in the late 1970's, I worked with the Director of the library to be present at nurses shift change meetings to be a resource for them (an early embedded librarian??) In the 1980s, my library was using the NOTIS ILS. We became early adopters of their serial checkin module, I worked with them to trouble shoot their product. I developed a book delivery model based on Netflix for public library patrons. Books were mailed to homes, one at a time, they could keep them as long as they wanted and there was a return mailer included to send the material back to the library at no charge to the patron. Being a part of the Committee on Legislation, I have had the opportunity to be a part of resolutions that went to Congress and the President! I have wanted to be a librarian since I was 8 years old. I have never regretted that decision. This career has been varied, amazing, rewarding, challenging and always interesting. I have seen so many changes. However, our core values haven't changed. We help people, we educate people, we change lives. I am concerned about our current marginalization. I want our organization to support librarians in our current struggles. Every day I encounter people who do not know the resources, staff and services libraries offer. I also want to build community within our organization, I have witnessed many times where we are fractured. I want to promote and find the Unity in commUNITY. Thank you! 2003 FL
Jules Shore Systems Librarian, Bethesda, MD Special Systems Librarian for MEDLINE, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, Oct 2001 - Serials Librarian, Tampa - Hillsborough County Public Library System, Tampa, FL, Jul 2000 - Oct 2001. Weather Forecaster, US Air Force, Oct 1985 - Oct 1997. University of South Florida, MSLIS, 2000; Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ, BS Marine Sciences, 1984. LITA Federal and Armed Forces Libraries (FAFLRT) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No Resolutions committee, member, 2014 - . Presentations: 2012 Indexer Orientation. - Viewable at My presentation portion is from 12:15 to 37:40. Computers in Libraries 2012. - E204 – Google Plus? Or Minus? (Thursday, March 22, 2012, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM) Presentation slides are posted at and a blog post about it is at 2014 Indexer Orientation. – Viewable at My presentation portion is from 45:25 to 1:01:00. Shore J. MEDLINE® Character Set Expansion. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 Jul-Aug;(375):e13. Federal Ethics rules require me to list my current position in biographical info. This is not an official duty. I do not represent my employer; I represent you. For two years in a row, I've been the #6 non-elected candidate; missing by < 75 votes. More than 2000 of you believe I can represent you, but I've no idea what will attract the rest. As a thought leader in the Facebook group 'ALA Think Tank', I believe I have the pulse of the people. I can be your voice on ALA Council. My interests include: • Bettering communication among library staff, veterans and rookies, via social media. • Improving digital services and access to technology. • Providing ready access to health information especially in times of widespread emergencies, whether natural or man-made. Please vote for me. 2000 MD
Steven Escar Smith Dean, University of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, TN Academic Exectuive Associate Dean, Texas A&M University Libraries, 2010-2011 Associate Dean, Texas A&M University Libraries, 2001-2010 Librarian, Texas A&M University LIbraries, 1990-2001 University of South Carolina, BA, English,1987University of South Carolina, MA, English, 1990University of South Carolina, ML, Librarianship, 1990Texas A&M University, PhD, English, 2001 ACRL, ALCTS Library History (LHRT) No No Chair, Chief Collection Development Officers Interest Group, ALCTS, ALA, 2010-2011Chair-elect, Chief Collection Development Officers Interest Group, ALCTS, ALA, 2009Member, Chief Collection Development Officers Interest Group, 2007-2011Chair, 2011 Rare Book and Manuscript Section Pre-conference program, American Library Association, Baton Rouge, LA, 2009-2011.Editorial Board, Libraries and the Cultural Record, 2004-2014. Sponsor and Mentor, Leadership and Career Development Program, ALA/ARL, 2012- Board of Directors, Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 2013-2015Member, Advocacy and Policy Group, Association of Research Libraries, 2015-Member, Transforming Special Collections in the Digital Age Working Group, Association of Research Libraries, 2012-2015Member, review panel, Institute of Museum and Library Services review panel, Laura Bush 21st Century Library Leadership Grant Program, 2010 and 2012.Member, Board of Directors, Antiquarian Book Seminar Foundation, 2009- Chair, 2009 Annual Program of the Rare Book and Manuscript Section, American Library Association, 2007-2009.Member, Board of Trustees, American Printing History Association, 2006-2009. Board Member and Secretary, Tenn-Share, Tennessee Information resource-Sharing Consortium, 2015-Board Member, Tennessee Advisory Council on Libraries, 2012- Board of Directors, Texas Digital Library, 2010-2011. Texas A&M University Distinguished Faculty Lecture ("The Book, Google, and the Future of the Research Library"), 7 February 2007ARL Research Library Leadership Fellow, 2004-2006Philosophical Society of Texas, elected 2004Grolier Club Library Research Fellowship, 2004Texas A&M Diversity Award, 2001/2002 C. Clifford Wendler Professor in Library Administration, 2000-2011 Big XII Faculty Fellowship, 1999/2000Distinguished Librarianship Award, Association of Former Students, TAMU, 1997Whitney-Carnegie Award, American Library Association, 1991Kenneth E. Toombs Fellowship in Library Science, 1989/90Baker and Taylor/Junior Members of the South Carolina Library Association Round Table Grassroots Award, 1989. I currently serve as dean of libraries at the University of Tennessee’s flagship campus in Knoxville. I was formerly associate dean for collections, services, and advancement at Texas A&M University. I have led and implemented projects and activities that have enhanced collections, facilities, and diversity in all areas of the universities I have represented and the organizations with which I have been affiliated. At TAMU, I oversaw fundraising initiatives of more than $19 million in cash and gifts in addition to securing the two largest outright gifts in the library’s history. I have have led numerous library renovation and construction projects, led the implementation and integration of numerous library services, and built collections of international standing. “Thoughts on the AHA Statement on Embargoes and Dissertations,” Against the Grain, December 2013/January 2014, vol. 25, #6, 52. “Avoiding the Path to Obsolescence: Riches-to-Rags Tales in the Retail Business Hold Lessons for Libraries,” American Libraries, September/October 2011, 40-43. With Carmelita Pickett. “It’s the Content, Stupid: Peer Review, Validation, and Scholarly Publication in the Digital Age.” American Libraries (January/February 2010) 48-51. With Holly Mercer. If elected I will make three areas the focus of my concern: 1) I will support and strengthen ALA's broad and deep commitment to diversity in its programs, membership, and activities; 2) I will work to continue ALA's commitment to Open Access initiatives to remove barriers to all types of information for all people; 3) I will seek and create new partnerships with organizations and individuals of all kinds for the advancement of the association and the causes it exists to advance. 1990 TN
Catherine Soehner Associate Dean for Research and User Services, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT Academic Director, Science and Engineering Libraries, University of Michigan, 2006 - 2011 Head, Science and Engineering Library, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1995 - 2006 Grateful Med Coordinator, National Library of Medicine, 1988 - 1994 Indiana University, Master of Library Science, 1988Mount St. Joseph University, Bachelor of Science, Nursing, 1987 ACRL, LLAMA No No Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) Mentoring Committee, Mentor, 2011 – present.LLAMA Mentoring Committee, Member, 2015 – 2017.LLAMA New Professionals Section, Buddy Program, Co-Chair, 2014 – 2016.Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Government Relations Committee, Member, 2012 – 2014, Vice-Chair/Chair, 2014-2016.ACRL/Science and Technology Section (STS) Research Committee, Member, 2010 – 2012.ACRL/STS Vice-Chair/Chair/Past Chair, 2005 – 2008.ACRL/STS Nominating Committee, 2010.ACRL/STS Nominating Committee, Chair, 2008.ACRL/STS Secretary/Publicity Officer, 2002 – 2004.ACRL/STS Program Planning Committee, Member, 2001 – 2003, 1995 – 1997.ACRL/STS Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group, Co-Chair, 1999 – 2002.ACRL/STS Comparison of Science and Technology Libraries Committee, Member, 1997 – 1999. Association of Research Libraries (ARL) SHARE Communications Working Group, 2013 – 2014.ARL Research Library Leadership Fellows Program. Selected for a nationally competitive executive leadership training program. 2009 – 2010. NIH Merit Award, May, 1994; Outstanding Service Award, November, 1993; Harold B. Shays Award (Special Librarianship), 1988; Sr. DeChantel Nursing Award (Outstanding Senior Nursing Student), 1987; Alpha Chi Honor Society, 1987. Led development of a Diversity Residency Program that provides a new library school graduate from an underrepresented group opportunities for career development to diversify and enrich library faculty. Working with another faculty colleague, developed a LLAMA webinar to teach skills for holding difficult conversations enabling others to hold employees accountable and encourage performance improvements. With a team of six, ushered in campus change successfully adjusting the distribution of student computing fees to better meet student need. Since 2011 mentored six librarians through LLAMA and NMRT mentoring programs resulting in their acquisition of new skills and my development of long-lasting collegial relationships. With a team of four, developed a statewide workshop for librarians regarding data management concepts facilitating collaborations among the three major research libraries in Utah. Guided the Director of the Mountain West Digital Library to successfully create a new funding and governance model resulting in a sustainable model for a significant digital library. With a team, conceptually designed and developed the campus’ first Family Reading Room for students with children, contributing to student success. Soehner, C.: "Leading Change in Libraries: A case study." Library Leadership and Management. Volume 29, Number 2, 2015. Godfrey, I., Bigler, S., and Soehner, C: "Bed Bugs and Other Bad News: An opportunity for media and public relations." Association of College and Research Libraries National Conference. March 25-28, 2015. Portland, Oregon. Soehner, C., Steeves, C., Ward, J.: "E-Science and Data Support Services: A Survey of ARL Member Institutions." Special Paper published by the Association of Research Libraries. August 12, 2010. My first professional position at the National Library of Medicine gave me an opportunity to work at a national and international level to solve problems and improve access to information. Now, as a recipient of the many benefits of ALA membership, I would like the opportunity to give back to others through this role of ALA’s Councilor-at-Large.While all the Key Action Areas from ALA’s Strategic Directions are compelling, I find the topics of diversity, equitable access, organizational excellence, and transforming libraries especially exciting. While I am quite familiar with two ALA divisions, I am interested in learning about the broader organization and helping to use ALA’s strategies and goals as meaningful tools to create change and support librarians and libraries throughout the country. My practical experience in budgeting and strategic planning combined with my enthusiasm for libraries will make me a productive and engaged Councilor-at-Large. 1995 UT
Rosalind Tedford Director for Research and Instruction Services, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, North Carolina Academic Assistant Director for Research and Instruction - Wake Forest University Library (2008-2011) Information Literacy Librarian - Wake Forest University Library (2004-2008) Head of Information Technology Center - Wake Forest University Library - (1999-2004) University of North Carolina - Greensboro, MLIS, 1998; Wake Forest University, MA English Literature, 1994; Wake Forest University, BA English and Psychology, 1991. ACRL, RUSA No No Cyber Zed Shed Committee for 2013 ACRL National Conference ACRL Law and Political Science Section, Member Vice-Chair/Chair Elect (2014-2016)Program Planning Committee Member (2013-2014)Instruction Committee Member (2010-2014) ACRL/LPSS Marta Lange/CQ Press Award Committee (2011-2013) Chair 2012-2013Library Instruction Round Table, Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee Member (2009-2011) Excellence in Academic Advising Award, Wake Forest University, 2012 Co-Author: “"The View from Below: How Excellence in Leadership Translates to Excellence in Academic Libraries" with Mary Beth Lock and Lauren Corbett. In Workplace Culture in Academic Libraries: The Early Twenty-First Century. Eds Kelly Blessinger and Paul Hrycaj. Chandos Press. 2013 Co-Author: “Administrative Support for Librarians Teaching For-Credit Information Literacy” with Lauren Pressley in Hollister, Christopher Best Practices for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2010. Author: "Never Waste a Good Crisis, Leadership is not Supervision and More Lessons from the Career of a Reluctant Leader" in Bell, Steven (Ed.) "Crucible Moments: Inspiring Library Leadership" Boston: Mission Bell Media, 2015 I am interested in how we can demonstrate the value of libraries to our institutions and our communities. I feel strongly that there is a paradigm shift coming to higher education in the next decade and that academic libraries are uniquely suited to help guide and advise our institutions through this change. Outside of higher education libraries are more critical to the success of our communities than ever. We have, after all, had our own paradigm shift in the last 15 years and we have emerged stronger than ever. Organizations like ALA and ACRL have a real opportunity to help our libraries and librarians help their institutions in these transitions and I would love to be a part of that by bringing that perspective to ALA Council. 1998 NC
James K. Teliha Director of the Library & Learning Commons, Utica College, Utica, New York Academic Senior Consultant, Clairmaxine Group, 2012-2015. Associate University Librarian for Public Services, Idaho State University, 2008-2011. University of Rhode Island, Access Services Librarian, 2000-2007. University of Oklahoma, MLIS, 1997; University of Colorado, MA History, 1993; University of Colorado, BA History & Political Science, 1982. ACRL, LLAMA Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT), Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) No No Committee on Legislation (member) 2015-2017, COL Telecommunications Subcommittee (member) 2015-2017, Membership Committee (member) 2011-2015, Membership Promotion Task Force (member) 2011-2015, American Libraries Advisory Committee (member) 2009-2011, Intellectual Freedom Committee (member) 2005-2009, Intellectual Freedom Committee Privacy Subcommittee (member) 2007-2012, Intellectual Freedom Committee Impact of Media Concentration on Libraries Subcommittee (member) 2006-2007, ACRL Committee on Professional Values member 2015-2015, ACRL Liaison to OIF 2013-2015, ACRL Committee on the Status of Librarians (member) 2005-2009, LLAMA liaison to OIF 2009-2013, IFRT Director at Large 2012-2014, IFRT Eli M. Oboler Award Committee (Chair) 2010-2012, IFRT Program Committee (member) 2002-2007, ProQuest/SIRS State and Local Intellectual Freedom Award Committee (member) 2003-2004, IFRT John Phillip Imroth Memorial Award Committee (member) 2002-2004, IFRT Publications Committee (member) 1999-2001, Freedom to Read Foundation (sponsoring member) 2004-present, FTRF Judith M Krug Fund Grant Committee (member) 2013 - 2014. Idaho State Intellectual Freedom Chair 2009-2011. member Phi Alpha Theta I have presented nationally, “The Current Surveillance State: Reprecussions to Academic Librarianship.” Association of College & Research Libraries Committee on Professional Values program, American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV June 29, 2014, and internationally as an invited speaker, “Western Trends in Academic Library Reference: Valuable Services for Students, Faculty, and Researchers.” International Round Table: Current Trends in University Libraries Development – Experience, Problems, and Perspectives. Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of L. Gumilev. Eurasia National University, Astana, Kazakhstan, April 27, 2012. “Librarians’ Response to Technological Change: Keep Calm and Carry On”, Library Leadership & Management, v. 27, no.3, May 2013. Fighting for, defending, preserving, and promoting Intellectual Freedom is the main reason I've worked in libraries for over 30 years as both a paraprofessional and professional. It is the main reason I became a librarian. I believe that Intellectual Freedom is THE core value of our profession. As a Councilor-at-Large, I will work tirelessly to promote our profession's ideals, and make sure our Association's voice is heard by all. 1997 NY
Annie Wu Head of Metadata and Digitization Services, University of Houston Libraries, Houston, Texas Academic Head of Metadata and Digitization Services, University of Houston Libraries, 2012- Interim Head of Cataloging, University of Houston Libraries, 2011-2012 Cataloging Coordinator, University of Houston Libraries, 2008-2011 University of Wisconsin – Madison, M.L.S. 2004; China University of Science and Technology, M.A. Diploma Applied Linguistics, 1989; China Hunan Normal University, B.A. English, 1984 ALCTS CALA ALA ALCTS Program Committee, member, 2013-2015; ALA ALCTS President's Program Committee, member,2011-2012; ALA ALCTS CaMMS Technical Services Managers Interest Group for Academic Libraries, Member, Chair 2008-2011; ALA ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Management Interest Group, Member, Vice-Chair, Chair, 2009-2011; ALA International Relations Round Table, International Exchange Committee, Member, 2009-2011; Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum Program Committee, 2014; Texas Library Association, Scholarship and Research Committee, 2012- 2014; Texas Library Association, Diversity Task Force, 2012-2013; Texas Library Association Conference Program Committee, 2011; Texas Library Association Conference Planning Committee, Transportation Subcommittee, Co-Chair, 2009; Special Libraries Association International Relations Committee, 2005-2008; North Carolina Library Association Round Table for Ethnic and Minority Concerns, Secretary and Treasurer, 2001-2003; North Carolina Library Association Scholarship Committee, 1999-2000; North Carolina Biennial Conference Registration Committee, 1999-2000; North Carolina Library Association New Member Round Table, Students to NCLA Committee, Chair, 1998-2000 McGovern Outstanding Librarian, UH Libraries, 2013 Outstanding Group Award: RDA Implementation Task Force, UH Libraries, 2013 Fellow of ARL Leadership and Career Development Program, 2011-2012 Group Trailblazer Award for Leading Organizational Change, UH Libraries, 2010 Performance Excellence Plaque, Corning Inc., 2007 Performance Excellence Plaque, Corning Inc. 2005 As Head of Metadata and Digitization Department, I have successfully led transition and change in my department. I led the UH System Libraries RDA Implementation Task Force in a successful RDA conversion of our legacy data. This helped place UH Libraries at the front in implementing the new standard and ensured data consistency for efficient information retrieval and data migration. I also led a complete revitalization on the Libraries training and orientation program to make training opportunities readily visible and available to staff members. I have participated in significant UH Libraries committee and task force work such as Strategic Directions Committee (member), Librarian Promotion Committee (chair), Training Committee (chair), Digital Asset Management Implementation Task Force (chair), and Digital Preservation Task Force (vice-chair). I have actively contributed to librarianship through scholarly publication and professional involvement. I was honored to be a Fellow of ARL Leadership and Career Development Program (LCDP), an 18-month program to prepare mid-career librarians from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups to take on increasingly demanding leadership roles in ARL libraries. Co-Author: “Metadata Overhaul: Upgrading Metadata in the University of Houston Digital Library”, Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 2, no.2, 2013. Co_Author: “Agile Cataloging: Staffing and Skills for Bibliographic Future”, Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, vol. 48, no. 6-7, 2010. Co-Author: “Mass Management of E-book Catalog Records: Approaches, Challenges, and Solutions”, Library Resources & Technical Service, vol. 54, no. 3, 2010. Librarians’ roles are changing as we found ourselves in the new mainstream of digital world with e-publishing, web discovery platforms, digital and digital scholarship initiatives etc. Education and continuing education are essential in preparing librarians and future librarians with skills and competences to carry out our changing roles. As Counselor-at-Large, I will dedicate my efforts in librarianship advancement through technology, education and continuing education. I hope to serve on the ALA Council Committee of Education to help with association policies and recommendations related to the full spectrum of education and continuing education for librarians and information studies students. I hope to collaborate with other committees and units to identify education initiatives at national and international level to help equip current and future library professionals with tools and resources to be successful in this changing environment. 1998-2000; 2008-Present TX
Sherry Jean Wyman School Library/Technology Integration Coordinator, State of Maine Department of Education, Augusta, Maine State of Maine School Library Liaison Library Information Integrator, South Portland School Department, September 2009-June 2013 Library Media Specialist, Windham School Department, September 1998-July 2009 Library Media Specialist, MSAD 61, September 1992-June 1998 Clarion University of Pennsylvania, MLS, 1991; University of Maine-Farmington, BS Secondary Language Arts Education, 1986 AASL No No Maine Association of School Libraries, State Liaison, 2013-present. 1992 Received $10,000 Stephen King school library grant 1992 Featured in August, 1992 School Library Journal 2003-2009 Selected as Teacher Leader for Maine Learning Technology Initiative 2007 Southern Maine Library District Reference Committee for Digital Resources (Contributor) 2012-2013 K-12 Standards Based Assessment and Reporting System for Information Literacy-South Portland School Department (Contributor) 2013-Present Hired as State Library Liaison for Maine Department of Education 2014-2015 Appointed by Education Commissioner to be Acting Policy Director for Maine’s Learning Through Technology Team at Maine Department of Education 2014-2015 Selected as a Maine delegate to attend 2014 and 2015 National Library Legislative Day Great libraries are thriving energetic hubs and are central to a community, campus, or at the heart of a school. Great libraries are synonymous to active engagement. Opportunities to discover, make, create, share, connect, and read are cultivated in funded, supported, nourished, and valued libraries. In these spaces, some of the best stories come to life. Without great libraries/librarians, we are at risk. How can we empower and inspire library boards, school administrators, decision-makers, and users to transform today’s libraries? Expanding programs and access, offering innovative opportunities, creating partnerships with businesses and industry, rebranding our mission, and rejuvenating our vision will not happen without an impetus. The printed word has brought many through the doors of our libraries. The spoken word, our uplifting stories, must be that which transforms and reinvigorates our libraries. We must not tire of sharing the stories of how and why libraries and librarians matter. 1997 ME
Jingfeng Xia Associate Professor, Department of Library & Information Science, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana Department of Library & Information Science Reference and Instruction Librarian, Rutgers University Digital Metadata Projects Librarian, University of Florida Student Assistant, University of Arizona Libraries PhD, MLS ACRL No No Served on various ACRL committees including the Asian, African, and Middle-Eastern Section and the Anthropology and Sociology Section Chair of Indiana Chapter, ASIS&T, 2013-14 Received several prestigious fellowships, including the Wenner-Gren Anthropological Fellowship for three years in a row. Published more than forty peer-reviewed journal articles focusing on open access and academic librarianship, in addition to some books and book chapters. Jingfeng Xia, et al. (2015), “Who publishes in 'predatory' journals?” Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Volume 66, Issue 7, pp. 1406–1417. Jingfeng Xia and Minglu Wang (2014), “Competences and responsibilities of social science data librarians: An analysis of job descriptions,” College & Research Libraries, Volume 75, Issue 3, pp. 362–388. Jingfeng Xia (2012), “Positioning open access journals in a LIS journal ranking,” College & Research Libraries, Volume 73, Issue 2, pp. 134-145. I have been teaching as Associate Professor in the Department of Library & Information Science, Indiana University, for about eight years and have trained many MLS students who are now working in different types of libraries across the country. In the past year I served as Chair of an ACRL’s section and worked hard with the executive board members to start transitioning from a section to an interest group. Before taking the professorship position, I worked in several academic libraries at Rutgers University, the University of Florida, and the University of Arizona, working on various capabilities such as reference, instruction, metadata, digital libraries, etc. From October 2015, I will be the library director of a community college in the State University of New York system. I believe my diverse background will help me serve the library community and the American Library Association. 2004 IN
Jessica Zaker Central Branch Manager, Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA Public Branch Supervisor, Sacramento Public Library, 2008-current Youth Services Librarian, Las Vegas Clark County Library District, 2005-2008 University of North Texas, MLIS, 2008; University of California: San Diego, BA Psychology, 2001. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) No No 2015 ALA Movers and Shakers award,2014 Sacramento PRIDE award,2011 Sacramento News and Review "Best Librarian to Bring the Pain" Co-creator of the alt+library program that began in 2009 and continues to present, offering unusual programming for adults in Sacramento. Won ALA/Scholastic National Library Week grant in 2012 for "You Belong @ Your Library" campaign to serve GLBTQIA patrons. Managed the Library Unexpected project with the "Library of Things" at the Arcade branch of the Sacramento Public Library., As a library manager during this time of incredible development in the services, materials, and programming offered by public libraries, my priority is to ensure that we remain able to meet the information needs of our communities. I believe this is something that can be accomplished by shifting our service model to be more rewarding for the staff and more appealing for the public by creating human connections based on mutual interests in addition to continuing to provide equitable access to all types of information. We are becoming ever more responsive to what the community requires instead of worrying about maintaining an image or tradition, remaining a vibrant and necessary resource. 2008 CA