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LIS 861: Information Architecture

Assignment 1: Web site version 2.0; due April 28


Improve your web site from Assignment 1.

Why do we do this?

Iteration is an important part of all software. It's never bug-free the first time -- and even if it were, often you discover important things about what your users need only after you deploy your code.

Plus which, of course, this is a chance for you to practice your skills and improve anything you weren't happy with the first time, or have reconsidered in light of what you've learned since.


  1. Your HTML file (one page is sufficient);
  2. Your custom stylesheet(s);
  3. Any images, scripts, or other assets your page needs to work.
  4. Reflective writing (up to 2 pages) discussing changes you made to improve information architecture, usability, or accessibility. What did you change and why?

Turn these in as a zip archive (make sure when I unzip it, the links from your HTML file to your stylesheet and assets will still work!). Turn your zip file in to the appropriate Learn@UW dropbox.

The paragraphs can be in any format I can easily read. Text, PDF, .doc, HTML are all fine.

Grading criteria

Your page must...

Your reflection must...

Your sites are all different, so it's up to you whether you think the highest-priority improvements relate to organization, usability, design, writing for the web, et cetera. I'm looking for you to make logical choices, based in your analysis of concepts we've learned. Particularly strong reflections will ground that analysis in specific examples from our readings.

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