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LIS 861: Information Architecture

Assignment 1: Web site version 1.0; due February 23


Write a Project One-Pager covering your plan for the final project.

Why do we do this?

The one-pager is a tool used in the real world for project management. It's easily the most approachable, concise, yet useful format I've found for getting projects started. It helps you brainstorm what you'll need to do, clarify your expectations, and ensure that everyone is on the same page before work gets underway, avoiding costly misunderstandings.


Due March 30.

A project one-pager. You may provide this in whatever textual format you like (PDF, Word doc, google doc, web page). Submit the document or a link to where I can find it, as applicable.

Grading criteria

I will assume that your one-pager divides the labor in a way that seems fair to you, taking into account everyone's strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals.

I will not require that your final project exactly matches what you say in this one-pager. As you go along you may discover reasons to change your plan, and that's fine. Having a plan will make your work better; slavishly following it will not.

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